Pegaxy - Racing game with futuristic mythological styling

DateDate05 Jun 2022

Featuring a futuristic mythical theme, Pegaxy (Pegasus Galaxy) is a horse racing game in the metaverse where players can win actual money by winning races as the game is play-to-earn. The majestic horses known as Pega are descended from the mighty Pegasus. 

One of Pegaxy's strengths is its innovative use of trustless rental systems, chain technology, and well-balanced economy. This game's popularity is also attributed to its gameplay, team transparency, and community participation during development. It is playable on PC, mobile Android, and iOS through apps and browsers.


In Pegaxy, users battle against 14 other racers in a PVP style horse racing game, in which they compete for a place in the top three. Wind, water, fire, speed, and other elements are randomly assigned to each race. Players must place in the top three using tactical upgrades, food, and skill to win the platform's utility token, VIS (Vigorus).

VIS-tokens can be earned through racing Pega and engaging in various game mechanics such as breeding, merging, renting, and selling. The long-term economic strategy of an NFT blockchain game is based on this structure. It lets teams set up guilds and scholarship programs and lets individual players earn in-game tokens by racing every day.


The minimum requirement to participate in a race is at least have one Pega. For now, as based on the road map, the Pegas are automatically raced against other Pegas. After the race, the top 3 players are rewarded according to their places.

Pegaxy 3

Moreover, there is also a breeding ground for Pegas that lets them have another Pega that increases the VIS cost of the bred Pega. Players can also get higher VIS rewards by merging their Pega. The "fusing" burning mechanism developed by Pegaxy makes all of this achievable. A Pega with a higher rarity is created when two Pegas of the same breed type are fused together. Participating in races with higher rewards is preferred by Pega of high rarity.

Pegaxy 4

To earn money while playing Pegaxy, all you have to do is compete in races and win. The rewards will vary depending on your Pega rarity, as shown in the table above. Play-to-earn games with a dual token economy have never had a trustless rental system before Pegaxy. Pegaxy also offers its own in-game marketplace for buying and selling goods and services. 

Pegaxy 4b


Pegaxy provides a well-thought-out and comprehensive roadmap. As of this writing, they are currently in the second quarter of 2022 and have already released their 3D gameplay on mobile. Moreover, it can be seen that Pegaxy has accomplished much and fulfilled some of their plans, exemplifying the game's potential. Thus, we'll go into further additional details on pegaxy.

Pegaxy 5

Team and Partnerships


The developers of Pegaxy are the Mirai Labs team, which has over 90 full-time staff. It is led by Ken Pham, the CEO of Mirai Labs. He has a master's degree in international business and is known for being good at bringing people together to work on a project.

Steve Nguyen, the CTO, is also the Chief Technology Officer (CTO) of Appota Group, an innovative company that is building a network of products and services for more than 55 million customers.

Lastly, Corey Wilton, the CMO. He has a well-documented history in blockchain and adds a broad spectrum of gaming and digital marketing skills to the team, having provided assistance to over 20 cryptocurrency projects since 2018.

Their team specializes in Web3 game development and has members that are located all over the world. 

Pegaxy 6


Even though the game is currently in beta testing, as of this writing, a number of well-known investors and partnerships have already recognized its potential., Kyber Ventures, Good Games, Open Guild, and Real Deal Guild are just a few of them. Moreover, the fact that they have so many large investors demonstrates that there is something to this game. 

Pegaxy 7

Assets & Ecosystem

Pegaxy has two tokenomic models. The PGX is a governance token with a maximum total supply of 1 billion. On the other hand, the VIS provides functionality to the game.

Pegaxy 8

Vigorus (VIS)

Within the Pegaxy ecosystem, Vigorus (VIS) is the main "earning" and "spending" token. This token is just for breeding and fusing. Fusing is already upgrading. This token can't be used to buy a Pega.

There was no IDO for VIS, and no VIS was ever "pre-minted." VIS is minted (produced) by players who finish in the top three when racing. As detailed in their whitepaper, VIS is burnt (destroyed) through the breeding model (and possibly additional VIS sources in the future).

Pegaxy 9

Pegaxy Stones (PGX)

Pegaxy Stones (PGX) are a governance token produced by the Pegaxy Metaverse and are found on the Polygon Layer 2 chain. There will initially be very few opportunities to gain PGX through gameplay. Players will be able to acquire PGX in the future through large-scale tournaments and other events. However, this will ultimately change with the implementation of community treasury staking. 

Pegaxy 10

Fabled Tokens

On the Polygon Chain, Fabled Tokens are an ERC20 token. Those who are fortunate enough to hold fabled tokens are in possession of a highly powerful instrument. With their help, gamers can transform their ordinary Pega into a Crowned Pega.

In order to obtain them, players had to refer someone to the Pegaxy platform and get them to buy at least one Pega. Once a Fabled Token is used and burned (destroyed) or sold on the community marketplace, it will never expire or disappear from the player's wallet. At any moment in time, players can try to evolve a Pega.

Pegaxy 11

How to get started

All you need to get started with this game is a wallet, and there are various wallets to choose from. 

Pegaxy 12
Pegaxy 13

If you don't already have one of these wallets, here are some links to instructions on how to make some of their primary wallets.

To make a coinbase wallet, click here.

To make a metamask wallet, click here.

After creating a wallet, the Polygon network where Pegaxy was developed and can be played must be added. View the images below for instructions on how to add a new network.

Pegaxy 14
Pegaxy 15
Pegaxy 16

Fill in the details with the following parameters:

Network Name: Polygon Mainnet


ChainID: 137

Symbol: MATIC

Block Explorer URL: 

Afterwards, go to their official website and click the "play now" button. Then, you will be redirected to their marketplace. 

Pegaxy 17

On the marketplace website, you can find the connect button; clicking it will connect your wallet. Following the connection of your wallet, you will need a Pega in order to play the game. Pegas are only available for rental or purchase via their marketplace. 

Pegaxy 18

And if you already have a Pega, you can race to your heart's content by going to their Racing tab.

Moreover, you can also follow this guide from their twitter to play the 3D mobile version of Pegaxy.

Pegaxy 19

With all of this knowledge, you are now completely prepared.

Pegaxy 20


Pegaxy is a new PvP horse racing game to be released in the metaverse. This game, in contrast to other blockchain games, is not complicated. It is not like those other boring play-to-earn games with a long storyline or just pure breeding, because this game will rush your thrill sensations and adrenaline in every race without requiring you to learn intricate strategies. So, to learn more about this game, follow them on all of their social media platforms and visit their website.

Pegaxy 21