Path of Survival - RPG adventure in a post-apocalyptic universe

GameGamePath of Survival
DateDate05 May 2022

Path of Survival will be a Play-to-Earn MMORPG and is being developed on Binance Smart Chain. It will feature a variety of PvP as well as PvE modes. Majority of the game’s content is planned to be off-chain, meaning there will be little to no transaction fees during gameplay! Their main token is called SRV, or the survival token.


Since the inception of digital gaming, the variety of game genres has blossomed. Every gamer has a personal favorite they have spent hundreds of hours on, from the intense 1v1 purely skill based combat of Fighting games, to relaxing puzzles, in this day and age there is truly a game for everyone. 

Despite the staggering variety of different genres however, there is one that is notorious for being the most time consuming and addictive: Role Playing Games (RPGs). The ageless genre that surpasses even video games themselves, going back to the inception of Dungeons and Dragons, one of the most popular tabletop RPGs in the world. 

Early RPGs such as Diablo, Everquest and World of Warcraft, are some of the fondest memories older gamers will have. No other genre can quite replicate the experience of being lost and adventuring in an unfamiliar world, with fantastical environments to explore and countless secrets to discover. This is the feeling Path of Survival strives to create, but with the benefits of modern technology, combining the beloved aspects of the RPG genre with Play-to-Earn mechanics made possible with Blockchain. Imagine if the hundreds to thousands of hours put into your favorite RPG could make you money! Today that’s a very real possibility. 

Path of Survival 1


The game was originally envisioned to launch on Ethereum but due to the exorbitant gas fees, the community voted instead for BSC. At the same time, to preserve the flexibility and openness to other networks, the team decided to deploy 20% of the SRV supply on Cronos. The Early Access NFTs were listed on Opensea as their in-house Marketplace is not live yet. Opensea supports ETH and Polygon, but once again due to the high ETH fees, we decided to mint the NFTs on Polygon.

The End Goal

Ultimately, establishing a DAO should be considered the pinnacle of the game’s evolution, but, as opposed to other platforms, PoS’s DAO will be established as the game progresses, and not from the very beginning. We want to make sure that we have an established and engaged community before we proceed with decentralizing the power and giving it to the community.



The most interesting aspect of this game is that its combat system draws inspiration from classic RPGs, being turn-based and using a resource called ‘Action Points’ (AP) to determine the moves a player can make within that turn. Anyone who has played games like Dungeons and Dragons or Divinity: Original Sin will be familiar with this system, but this is one of the first instances of this system being implemented in an MMORPG so we’re all curious to see how this feels in a PvP setting.

Players have 2 Action Points per round, some actions only require 1 point, whereas more powerful spells and attacks may cost up to 2 points.

Path of Survival 2


Each character has General skills and Class skills.

General skills are common skills that every character shares, such as Defensive Stance, which lasts the entire round and reduces damage taken from all attacks during that round. 

Class skills are unique to their class, and can be unlocked and upgraded by leveling up. 

Players will be able to upgrade or add 1 skill point per level. Class skills will require a small amount of SRV to unlock or upgrade, but General skills are free to unlock or upgrade.

Path of Survival 3


There are 5 main attributes that each character can choose to improve when they level up, leveling up gives you 3 points to allocate into stats of your choice.

Strength: Increases the damage done by the character 

  • 1% damage, 0.5% crit damage (per point)

Agility: Increases the chance to dodge an enemy hit

  • 1% dodge rate, 0.1% crit rate (per point)

Intuition: Increases Critical Hit rate and damage

  • 0.2% crit rate, 2.5% crit damage (per point)

Stamina: Increases the HP and Protection of the character

  • 10 HP, 0.5% physical resistance (per point)

Intelligence: Increases the power of magic

  • 0.5% magic damage, 10 mana, 0.5% magic resistance (per point)

Path of Survival 4

Character Classes

As of now, there are 5 classes that players can choose from.

Assassins - Specializes in stealth, deception and thieving. Their main stat is Intuition, which adds bonuses to their critical hits and critical damage.

Sharpshooters - Ranged offense specialists, with daggers for close combat. Their main stat is Agility, increasing dodge chance and attack speed.

Tanks/Artificers - Smithing experts, capable of crafting heavy weapons and armor. Specialize in survivability. Their main stat is Stamina, giving them high health and defensive capabilities.

Mages - The quintessential mage class, deals damage and supports allies with a variety of spells. Their main attribute is Intelligence, which adds bonuses to their magic damage.

Paladins - Using both sword and holy powers to smite their enemies, the Paladins main stat is Strength, bolstering their physical damage.

Path of Survival 5


There are 4 factions in Path of Survival, each with their own backstory, lore and in-game bonuses. 

The Golden Heart - A noble society ruled by the value of money and power. They focus on building a strong nation by following strict laws. Being part of this clan increases max HP.

The Scintillions - Military Fanatics, spreading anarchy and destruction. They twist the words of religious scripture to manipulate people for their needs and want to see Curas engulfed in flames. Being part of this clan increases physical damage.

Ministry of Mind - Scientifically-oriented society that believes in achieving progress and innovation through technological advancement. Being part of this clan increases max mana.

Keepers of the Flame - Worshipers of the God of the Sacred Flame. They Pray for peace and prosperity and strive to keep the harmony intact. Followers of the sacred flame receive increased damage resistance.


Within these factions, players can create Clans (essentially guilds) and other players can join their clan for benefits. 

To build on the idea of clans, Path of Survival has opted for a ‘Team-to-Earn’ mechanic which will incentivize players to work together with their clan to reap maximum rewards. The more members a clan has, the greater these rewards. 

Weekly Clan Challenges will be held, where clans will compete for SRV rewards and NFTs.

Path of Survival 6


The idea for PoS was established a year ago by the founder, Alexander Tomov, who was managing a community of about 400 people pooling resources together in order to progress in R-Planet – a blockchain game, which was not able to survive the everchanging crypto environment. Seeing the gaps and issues with other games, he decided to create a game of his own, which would be suitable for passionate gamers.

CTO Alexander Nadjarian has over 5 years of professional programming and development experience with HackSoft, a software development team. 

Aside from the CEO and CTO, the team has 13 other members consisting of talented developers and artists who come from reputable companies like Ubisoft and DNADOTA. 

You can take a look at some of the art team’s previous works here at DNADOTA!


Path of Survival 7


SRV (survival) token

  • Network: Binance Smart Chain

  • Total Supply: 1,000,000,000 SRV

  • Distribution:

    • Game Rewards: 45.0%

    • Seed sale 1.0%

    • Private Sale: 12.5%

    • Public sale 4.0%

    • Advisory 5.0 %

    • Partnership: 5.0%

    • Marketing: 7.5%

    • Team: 10%

    • Reserves: 8.0%

The Survival Coin will be a valuable resource for each adventurer trying to survive these desolate lands. SRV will be used to purchase items from the merchants, increasing and resetting basic stats, consumables, clan upgrades and more. Weapon upgrades will require both Survival Coins and upgrade shards, which will be dropped in the Dungeons.

30% of all tax collected from buying and selling will be burned. The Burning mechanism is an important one as it makes the coin deflationary. 

Throughout the process of the development and unfolding of the game, the development team will make any necessary adjustments in the rewards from PVE & PVP as well as add more burning mechanisms whenever appropriate.

Aside from uses in-game, SRV can also be used for staking and farming in the future. 

How to get started

While the chance to get Early Access Passes dropped to your wallet is over, you can still purchase these NFT passes on Opensea to obtain early access! 

For those people who aren’t keen on buying anything yet, according to their Roadmap, the open beta should be coming out sometime between Q2 and Q3 of 2022.


Path of Survival aims to combine old-school classic RPG mechanics with modern day MMORPG and Blockchain technology to create an immersive and fun experience where you can also be rewarded for the hours put into the game! Stay tuned for more updates as things develop.

Also, for more in-depth details on further gameplay, combat and clan related mechanics, check out the Path of Survival whitepaper here!