Ookeenga - Breathtaking graphics, appealing world-building, and addictive gameplay

DateDate29 May 2022

Ookeenga is the Next Generation Real-Time Strategy NFT game built on the Binance Smart Chain. This 3D immersive visual world is all about regaining land and earning money, fame and respect along the way. The once harmonious Ookenga has been hit by The Great Purge. The Sacred Forest of these insect-like creatures, named Heroes, is contaminated and destroyed. Disaster strikes and tribes were exterminated. All that remains are heroes who have to adapt to their new environment, in order to survive. Heroes are fighting for their Sacred Forest and their tribe.

The world of Ookenga consists of 80+ Heroes, all with different physical characteristics. All the in-game items are NFTs and therefore ownable and tradable. Team up, beat your opponent, trade land and reclaim the Sacred Forest. Watch the official trailer here


GameFi and play-to-earn continue to develop at a rapid pace. Where first the play-to-earn principle dominated, we see gaming studios focusing much more on the player's in-game experience along with strong gameplay. No more static games, but elaborate metaverses that are a treat for the player's eye. 

It is important to captivate gamers and actively involve them in the game for the sake of the game’s future, not just for the play-to-earn principle. Thanks to Cross Game Studio, based in Hanoi, Ookenga attracts a wide audience of gamers because of the immersive visuals. 

Ookeenga is a real-time play-to-earn game where strategy is key. Not only are all in-game assets NFTs and therefore freely tradable, but as a player, you must create a strategy to eliminate your enemies. Only then, they will succeed in the game's goal of reclaiming the Sacred Forest.



A poisoned orange smog descends upon the world of Ookeenga, destroying all life. Water and food sources are all contaminated. What follows is mass extinction.

Those who survived mutated gradually, evolving, strengthening their physiques, all in order to adapt and survive in this new environment of the Sacred Forest. New races are formed, weapons are discovered, and non-mutated insects are used as tools or even as riding animals. Five new tribes emerge. But don't these mutations create a superior race that will pose a threat for Ookenga? 

To prevent total destruction, each tribe is led by a council. This consists of three queens, each with their own army. They are ready to go to war and reclaim what belongs to them. Ready for battle? 


Creatures in the world of Ookeenga are based on five different criteria: Races, Classes, Body, Body Parts and Rarity.  As a result, each in-game character is unique with its own powers. Because of this combination, approximately 80 million characters will exist in the world of Ookeenga.


  • The Antuk (Ant)

  • The Montak (Moth)

  • The Mantah (Mantis)

  • The Muu (Beetle)

  • The Krakee (Cricket)

Classes: Each character is different and affects other players differently.

  • Tank: front-line damage absorbers

  • Melee: close-range damage dealers

  • Range: long-range damage dealers

  • Mage: back-line supporter & long-range damage dealer

  • Air: Aerial long-range damage dealer and immune to close-range ground units.

Ookeenga 2

Each Hero from every class comes with a standard weapon. Players can upgrade these weapons by buying or selling them. By using better weapons, they will perform even better in the game.

Body parts & Rarity: Every body type is different and determines what tribe you belong to: Body parts are divided into four rarities:

  • Common

  • Rare

  • Epic

  • Legend

Ookeenga 3

Each body part affects other players differently. They all have different strengths:

  • Head

  • Antennae

  • Eyes

  • Wings

  • Legs

Play modes

During a real-time strategy battle, players are placed in the field to destroy the opponents' towers. Each game lasts up to three minutes and ends when you defeat the opponent's main building. 

PvE mode

Build your team, upgrade your Heroes and battle your opponents to reclaim the Sacred Forest. This play mode is divided into different stages. At the end of every stage, players have to battle against the final boss in order to proceed. Players can compete in up to 20 battles a day. 

PvP mode: 

Show off your skills and challenge the strongest player to earn extra rewards. The player can challenge other players as much as he wants in a day. With every win, the player receives a certain number of PvP-points. This includes tokens, equipment and other resources. 

Assets and ecosystem


Do you own two heroes? Then you can breed them and create a new Hero yourself. To regulate inflation, there is a limit to this breeding process. To breed a new Hero, players pay $KAB-tokens, the in-game token. Note that players can not utilise this new Hero straight away. They have to wait until it matures to participate in battles. 


All the in-game items are NFTs and can be traded on their integrated NFT marketplace. Trade or sell rewards, body parts or even land. The world of Ookeenga is yours to conquer!


Each land the player owns is an in-game NFT item. Villages can be built on the land, designed and decorated with items purchased on the in-game marketplace. Everything is ownable ánd tradable. Players can hereby earn a passive income of resources (tokens, in-game materials).

Ookeenga 4


Ookenga has a dual token system, consisting of $OKG and $KBA:

$OKG: governance token

The in-game governance token has a total supply of 500,000,000 tokens and is mainly used as a payment method for in-game trading, as well as providing players rewards for their activities. In the future, players can stake their $OKG-tokens on the platform. 

$KAB: in-game token

$KAB is the in-game token with no fixed supply. Players use these tokens to upgrade their Hero and their weapons. However, there will be a limited amount of tokens a player can earn on a daily basis to regulate inflation. The more powerful a player gets, the more in-game tokens he has to spend. 

Ookeenga 5


The backbone of Ookenga is CROS Game Studio. The team consists of more than 30 members with more than ten years of experience in developing and outsourcing game products. In 2021, they collectively decided to enter the world of GameFi. They partnered up with Spores, a company with many years of building and developing blockchain ecosystems. 

Tao Tuan Linh is CEO and Game Director and has 15+ years of experience in graphics and design. He also has been producing games with his studio for over 7 years. Nguyen Khanh Duy is CTO and has been active since 2008 for multiple technological ecosystems. He has experience in business strategy, technology research and product development. His vision? To create sustainable solutions while focussing on financial services.

Bach Trong is COO with over 10 years of experience in the IT industry. His job is to make the most effective management plan and bring out the best in everyone, so Ookeenga can thrive.

Nguyen Duc Hoang is Game Designer at CROS Game Studio, and is the backbone of every game. He has a PhD in VR technology and is a lecturer in Game Design & Development. He worked as a Coordinator for big brands such as Samsung, Nokia and Microsoft. His motto? Turn dreams into reality in virtual life.

Ookeenga 6


Ookenga has a lot of partnerships, including: 

Ookeenga 7


Ookenga is a unique play-to-earn 3D Strategy Game with immersive visuals where players have various opportunities to earn while playing. Not only do they stand out for their visuals, but they also have extensive gameplay with numerous in-game assets that players can trade. Thanks to the metaverse of Ookeenga, you can also buy land, trade it, build villages and become the dominant tribe that rules the Sacred Forest.

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