Nyan Heroes - Control your Guardian Mechs piloted by brave Nyan Heroes

GameGameNyan Heroes
DateDate18 May 2022

Nyan Heroes is a free-to-play P2E third-person shooter game on the Solana blockchain. The team is building an AAA game, where players are not only rewarded thanks to the play-to-earn principle, but players also create an in-game economy that puts player’s experiences and needs first.

Nyan Heroes are 11,111 unique Nyans NFTs, each with their own characteristics. These lovable cats control immersive robots, with which they fight against the ‘Giants’. The Nyans-controlled Guardians have their unique characteristics. Play the game alone or join a strong team.

Thanks to the metaverse element, you can buy land to even make a Guild. These plots are micro-economies where the members of these guilds makes their own decisions. Build stores, malls and trade numerous in-game assets.


With a reference to the current condition of the earth, the story of Nyan Heroes begins. Natural resources are becoming increasingly scarce, and we need to find sustainable ways to solve these problems, but what if it's too late?  

Nyan Heroes is a fast-forward to a world where we are too late. The world is taken over by evil creatures, who destroy everything and everyone.  The last remaining inhabitants of Nekovia face the difficult task of saving their world from all evil. 

Nyan Heroes is free-to-play for everyone. Don't you have a Guardian NFT yourself? Don’t worry, you will be able to defeat your opponent with a “free to mint” basic Guardian. You get less rewards, opposed to buying a Guardian, but this way the team gives everyone access to Nyan Heroes. Wondering how sweet kittens control these robots in their fight against evil? Watch the official trailer with the immersive visuals here.

Nyan Heroes 2

Gameplay Story

Nekovia, once the largest and most peaceful civilization in the Metaverse of Eden. After a harmonious and peaceful world filled with wealth, the tide turned. The Nyans believed themselves to be Gods and decided to shape the world according to their own wishes and needs. Even if these conflicted with the laws of nature.

The Nyans became arrogant and brutal. The progress of their land came at the expense of the sustainability of their civilization. Thereupon, they decided to develop Nyan-made machines that utilize the natural resources of this earth.

Then disaster strikes! All resources have been exhausted and the earth is doomed. The cities are completely destroyed, and the machines that were supposed to provide the solutions? They mutated into deadly weapons that destroy everything. The population thinned out and only 11,1111 Nyans survived. It is up to them to save Nekovia from destruction.

Nyan Heroes 3

P2E Metaverse 

Nyan Heroes' third-person shooter game is part of a metaverse called Eden. Despite the fact that the story takes place in Nekovia, one city in this metaverse, there are other cities. There are colonies that have always lived peacefully side by side in the past, but will this battle also impact their society? The metaverse is divided into several plots. 

Do you own lands in this metaverse? Then you can become a Guild Master and start recruiting Guild Members yourself. Together, they can participate as a team in various PvE-games that are only accessible to a certain colony or guild. 

Nekovia is divided into 5 different categories. The centre of this society is Genesis and extends to the outer regions.  These guilds can share their in-game assets, making them a stronger force against opponents. In addition, they have the freedom to build on their own land. Such as marketplaces and stores. The more interaction you get in the game, the more commission you receive. This allows you to expand your Guild even further and become the largest Guild in Nekovia. 


Free to play, play to earn

New players can mint a free basic Nyan NFT. They will receive a standard soldier Guardian with which they can participate in the PvP Battle Royale. In this way, new players who don’t hold a Genesis Nyan NFT can earn rewards too. However, they do not have the option to upgrade their NFT. Over time, they will be limited in the game.

Players can choose to borrow a Guardian Mech from other players to participate in the full rewards Nyan Heroes has to offer, with the lender receiving a portion of the additional rewards earned. This can provide greater rewards for the F2P player and get them on the road to owning their own Guardian Mech faster.

Nyan Heroes 4

Gameplay Modes

Nyan Heroes is a third-person shooter P2E-game and consists of multiple shooter action games:

PvE: single player mode

PvP Battle Royal: a 60-person Battle Royal with just one winning team

Guild Mode: complete missions, raids and quest 

RPG mode: gameplay based on examples of the real-world economy

Nyan Heroes 5

Guardian Classes

Each Nyan controls its own Guardian, which is divided into 9 different Guardian Classes. Each with their own specifications and differences:

  • Warrior: average speed and health. He goes to war, but also returns in time to recharge his powers.

  • Defender: not the fastest player, but he can survive the strongest attacks and provides cover for the rest of the team.

  • Brawler: challenges the opponent, creates a confrontation and positions your team for a targeted attack.

  • Assassin: he likes to hide and not get involved in the front line. He is effective, but also very fragile.

  • Sniper: he changes positions quickly. This allows the sniper o cause a lot of damage during a firefight.

  • Medic: his goal is to keep all team members alive. He moves at high speed and has a high chance of survival. Essential in a good team. 

  • Scout: He scouts the area and looks for the best places to attack.

  • Mechanic: Slower compared to his fellow fighters, but cannot be missed. He wants to use all his machinery to win this battle.

  • Soldier: With heavy explosives, he goes to war with a mindset of winning. His goal is to disable the senses of the opponent, so he can defeat them. 

Assets and ecosystem

Players contribute to the ecosystem in numerous ways: 

  • Winning battles

  • Completing tasks

  • Progressing in adventure mode

Nyan Heroes has a dual economy consisting of a multifunctional governance token and an in-game reward token.


CTNP is the in-game utility token. Gamers who contribute to the ecosystem receive numerous rewards. Think victories, guild quests and raids. Players who used their own Genesis Guardian will receive an increased amount of rewards. Free players will earn fewer $CTNP-tokens for their contribution. This token can also be used by gamers to upgrade their weapons and equipment. 

There is no fixed supply because the team wants to provide enough rewards for all players. However, the team does guarantee that the yield for these rewards will be generous. The use cases for $CTNP consist of:

  • Level up gear and parts

  • Create consumables from raw materials

  • Purchasing rare cosmetics skins 

  • Required for minting new NTFs, characters and items

You can also stake your Genesis Nyan Heroe NFT. Send your in-game avatar on an expedition for 7, 14 or 30 days and receive $CTNP-tokens as a reward. 


$NYN is the governance token with a fixed supply of tokens that will be unlocked in a vast schedule over a period of 4 years. 

  • DAO Community: 0.5%

  • Liquidity Provision: 4%

  • Public Sale: 5%

  • Ecosystem Fund: 10%

  • Team: 20%

  • Investors: 24.5%

  • Incentives: 30%

Nyan Heroes 6


Max Fu is the founder and head of productions of Nyan Heroes. He has 8 years of experience building different communities and producing media. Max is determined to bridging web2 and web3 gaming experiences. His team consist of 40+ AAA industry veterans. 

Wengie is co-founder and Growth Lead and has 14 years of experience in Digital Marketing & Growth HAcking. She created communities of over 300 millions members. Not surprised their Discord already has 85.000 members on today’s date.

Tore Blystad is the creative director and is an experience game developer with expertise in direction of AAA Action Adventure games. He has 20 year of experience in cinematic and in-game performances. 



Nyan Heroes is the first Battle Royala Shooter Game on Solana's blockchain which stands out with its immersive visuals, its endless possibilities and its unique story. Invest in one of the 11.111 unique Nyans and fight for a better world. This, while earning money in various ways. Join a guild, upgrade your Guardian, send your Nyan on an expedition, or trade your in-game assets on the integrated marketplace. The sky's the limit. And more important: they have partnerships with various animal charities to save real-life kitties, just because life is better with a furry friend!