Ninneko Breeding - NFT game that combines Idle RPG gameplay and Breeding

DateDate02 Jun 2022

Ninneko is an engaging NFT role-playing game on the Binance Smart Chain, wherein players earn by fostering Ninneko and constructing lineups to overcome enemies in PvP/PvE fights and campaigns. Furthermore, Ninneko is a Play to Earn NFT strategy game that is located in wide deep woods with different communities to defend. The purpose is to assist the Ninneko in conquering the forest, establishing new settlements, and establishing a powerful empire.


Ninneko is a one-of-a-kind NFT creature with a unique mix of hair, ears, tail, eyes, hand, and mouth. Their genetic code determines their characteristics. Ninneko is a significant character in the game; each Ninneko has unique stats such as heal, attack, armor, and speed, and its hand defines its category: Warrior, Mage, Support, Ranger, and Assassin.

Ninneko is a free-to-play and play-to-earn game where players may earn MATA tokens through collecting, breeding, battling, and other methods. MATA is both an economy-based cryptocurrency and in-game cash. Having said that, the Ninneko team stated that they are committed to giving a fair and safe environment for players, as well as inflation control and cheat detection within the game.

Ninneko created a token economy model based on blockchain technology to supplement the game, In addition, the Breeding system enables fellow members to play this game with a great range of characters.

Ninneko’s surroundings accommodate an interactive setup where players are free to engage with one other and have fun in order to make the game as interesting as possible.


Ninneko may be purchased through the market or by breeding; however, producing a Ninneko can benefit the player because it has a special arrangement and body parts that can be controlled. Furthermore, because these body parts have a greater contribution to victory, they are an important aspect of Ninneko’s battle gameplay.

Before jumping off to the body parts and breeding, players have to classify their Ninneko first. Ninnekos are separated into six factions:

  1. Fire

  2. Water

  3. Thunder

  4. Wind

  5. Earth

  6. Yin Yang

The Ninnekos live in different groups, and each group has its own colour and designated logo.

Ninneko Breeding 2

On the other hand, Ninnekos are classified into five categories:

  1. Warrior

  2. Mage

  3. Support

  4. Ranger

  5. Assassin

Ninneko Breeding 3


Each Ninneko is unique in terms of look and features. However, every Ninnekos is equipped with the basic stats such as

  1. Heal

  2. Attack

  3. Armor

  4. Speed 

Each Ninneko is a different NFT cat with a rare combination of cattributes including the mouth, eyes, hair, hand, ears, and tail.

Ninneko Breeding 4

Breeding a Ninneko contains 3 stages with specific stages, these are the GenesBreeding, and the Breeding fee


The position of genes in the Ninneko’s genome sequence determines whether they are main or secondary.

A Ninneko has three genes for each cattribute. The apparent feature is the principal gene (P), whereas Ninneko’s concealed traits are the final two genes (H1, H2). The main gene has a strong potential of being handed down to Ninneko kids than the hidden gene.

The cat’s look is determined by its major genes. Ninneko’s secret features aren’t obvious in her look, but they may be passed down to her kids.


Players can choose two Ninneko to partner up with at random Ninneko. However, players should keep in mind that Ninnekos cannot breed with their siblings, and parents cannot breed with their children.

Ninneko Breeding 5

Ninnekos only have one trait, which might be any of their parents. As a result, it has a 50/50 chance of acquiring one of the two types. Faction mutations are impossible, since offspring cannot be born with different factions than their parents. If both parents belong to a certain faction, their children will be born into that as well.

Additional note: Ninnekos do not produce eggs.

The picture above shows the genetical probabilities

Ninneko Breeding 6

Through this, It is possible to predict the possibilities of mating two Ninneko by utilizing the Breeding Simulator by breaking down a Ninneko’s genetic code.

Breeding fee

Each Ninneko may only be bred six times. The cost of breeding a Ninneko varies based on how often times the Ninneko has been bred.

Ninneko Breeding 7

Team and Partnerships

Dang Nguyen, the CEO is a project manager of GrepGame for almost 6 years, Ha Nguyen, the CTO, on the other hand, is a Senior Software Engineer at Grepgame with almost 10 years of experience at that, and one 1-year experience in Information Technology team leader. 

Ninneko Breeding 8

Their partners include some familiar names in the industry, as shown below.

Ninneko Breeding 9

Assets & Ecosystem


The Matatabi Token (MATA) is a BEP-20 token that serves as an in-game currency in Ninneko Game. MATA is a Game System-created uncapped utility token whose supply rises as more people participate in the game.

Ninneko Breeding 10

Furthermore, MATA is a Game Framework token that players may acquire by playing the game and winning PvP fights.

The game’s design is dependent on the ratio between MATA’s manufacturing and utilization. MATA tokens will be recovered (and burned) using a 2% marketplace fee. Moreover, MATA may be used to enhance Ninneko in addition to breeding; having this burning process may raise the demand for MATA. 

Ninneko Breeding 11

The Ninneko Token (NINO) is a BEP-20 utility/administration token for the Ninneko Game. The establishment of the NINO token aims to provide a straightforward payment method and resolution amongst participants in the Ninneko Game ecosystem. Ninneko breeding fees are paid with NINO Tokens. 

Ninneko Breeding 12

NINO tokens enable holders to submit and vote on governance ideas to establish Ninneko Game features and/or parameters, promoting decentralized community governance. 

Ninneko Breeding 13

Token Metric

NINO has a total supply of 200,000,000. The first systemic circulation quantity is 15,000,000 NINO, which represents 7.5% of the overall supply.

The market fee of 50% can be utilized to purchase back/add liquidity to the NINO/MATA coin.

Ninneko Breeding 14

Token Distribution

Ninneko Breeding 15


Ninneko Breeding 16

How to get started

To play Ninneko, follow the instructions below for the details.

Step 1: Click here to go to their website.

Step 2: Click the “Get Started”.

Ninneko Breeding 18

Step 3: Click the “Get Started”

Ninneko Breeding 19

Step 4: Your screen should be able to display the screen below.

Ninneko Breeding 20

Step 5: Click the Connect MetaMask to Binance Smart Chain (BSC). It should redirect you to an in-depth explanation on how you will be able to connect your MetaMask to the Binance Smart Chain. 

Ninneko Breeding 21

Step 6: Click Next.

Ninneko Breeding 22

Step 7: Follow the given instructions.

Ninneko Breeding 23

Step 8: Click the given link for the downloading of Ninneko.

Ninneko Breeding 24

Step 9: After downloading the game, you can now mint your NFT Ninnekos by clicking the link below.

Finally, we’re done!

Ninneko Breeding 25


Ninneko, like all the other NFT games, has its own system and gameplay. We may acquaint ourselves by studying and noting all of the crucial clues about the game, how to manage our accounts, and how to generate money or assets by playing the game and putting in an effort. Ninneko  offers several possibilities, as the battle is not the only method of gaining tokens. Breeding can be managed by computing its genes, and it may be utilized to give players the ability to determine their own fate.