Nine Chronicles - Play, mine, govern together: this world is yours to keep

GameGameNine Chronicles
DateDate24 May 2022

Nine Chronicles is the first fully open-sourced and fully-decentralized free-to-play idle MMORPG game, developed on the Libplanet blockchain engine and backed by Planetarium and Ubisoft. It is an MMORPG because it has thousands of players online at the same time and features RPG progression. However, it differs from the traditional MMORPG experience in that you do not get to go on raids. 

The game is based on Scandinavian mythology where players join the goddess Freya in her battle against evil torturing her land. Face the enemy throughout the five different worlds in 250 unique stages and win battles to save the world of Nine Chronicles. 

Players receive various in-game assets that they can use to upgrade or trade equipment, food, materials, and costumes. Character progression is a key element in Nine Chronicles: Use information throughout your gameplay, utilize new strategies, and unlock levels to become one of the top players. Watch their official trailer here


The gaming industry is still one of the largest industries worldwide, with nearly 3 billion players annually. Their communities are the engine behind the developments in the gaming landscape. They determine the current ecosystem by making their voices heard. With the development of play-to-earn, all these players can now also earn money while doing what they love the most: playing unique and immersive games. 

The reality is that traditional online games are still managed by a small community of founders and investors. Players are not in charge and therefore have no influence on the future of the game. This is why blockchain technology is becoming increasingly popular. A fully decentralized open-source game where every player is accountable for the future of this game. Thanks to Planetarium’s blockchain technology, the Libplanet engine, anyone can now develop a multiplayer game managed by the community, without the use of a centralized server. 

Nine Chronicles is the first game developed on the Libplanet blockchain engine, powered by the gaming platform Planetarium. Libplanet is a distributed P2P gaming network library, an open-source code available for any developer to create their own blockchain game. Every game can be written in the same language or run on the same blockchain. This allows the game to operate, without being connected to any central server. Want to know more about Libplanet? Read their full manual here

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Provide your character with enough weapons, make sure they have enough food, and send them on a challenging adventure. 

Free to play, play to earn

You do not need $NCG-tokens to start your quest in the world of Nine Chronicles. However, the game is designed so that you need this in-game token to upgrade your avatar in order to increase your chances of winning battles. Players can also stake their $NCG-tokens and earn unique items to accelerate the growth of their character. 

Players can also trade $NCG-tokens on several decentralised exchanges as well as centralised exchanges: 

  • SushiSwap


  • KuCoin

  • MEXC

Nine worlds

Nine Chronicles consist of nine different worlds where you can battle your opponents. Each world contains 50 different stages. In the last stage of each world, you have to fight the “Boss” of that specific world. Prepare your avatar to beat this master and get generous rewards. There are 5 worlds available so far:

  1. Yggdrasil

  2. Alfheim

  3. Svartalfheim

  4. Asgard

  5. Muspelfheim

The remaining four worlds will be determined in the near future. 

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Gameplay modes

Nine Chronicles is a strategy fantasy game in which you need to know what weapons you need in order to win a game. Use a solid strategy to beat your enemy. The game has four different game roles:

  • Adventure: Complete challenges with other players, optimise your weaponry, and find new ways to play.

  • Miners: Stake your gold and receive $NCG-tokens

  • Merchants: Trade exclusive items

  • Politicians: Optimise the world of Nine Chronicles with the player’s support

PvE: The Campaign

The core foundation of Nine Chronicles is The Campaign, in which players compete with various monsters in different worlds to receive unique rewards. The Campaign consists of 250 different stages where players have to fight their competitors in different ways.  Players are rewarded with different materials, which they can use to craft or trade in-game items. 

The stronger the opponent, the more valuable the rewards you receive. These items increase the uniqueness and strength of your own character, which is important in the PvP-mode. 

PvP: The Arena

Players can compete against each other in the Arena. Through their play in PvE- mode, they can upgrade and customise their avatars to become a stronger player. Challenge other players in the arena and conquer the leaderboard. Players with the highest rank receive daily rewards. In order to compete in the arena, you have to pay an entrance fee in the native in-game token $NCG. This entrance fee will be split among the winners on a weekly basis. 

Assets and ecosystem

The in-game token that fuels the complete ecosystem is Nine Chronicles Gold ($NCG). Players earn $NCG through the completion of quests, through sales of their in-game assets, and through participation in digital events. The token is used for trading and/or upgrading in-game assets in order to become a better player:


The in-game economy is created through trading the obtained in-game assets. Every in-game asset is an NFT which can be used to upgrade your player's persona. Spend $NCG to craft powerful items, trade them with other players, and pay an entrance fee to challenge other players in the Arena. You may also choose to trade and sell these unique rewards in exchange for $NCG-tokens. 

$NCG is the in-game reward token, with a max supply of 1 billion tokens. The allocation is as follows:

  • 2% private sales

  • 2% Genesis public sale

  • 3% partners

  • 3% reserve

  • 4% activation

  • 10% ongoing public sale

  • 25% mining reward

  • 25% content reward

  • 35% foundation

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Content Creators Program

Nine Chronicles also has a content creators program where they actively build a community that contributes to the development of their game. You can earn tokens by creating memes, and completing various tasks on social media like sharing their posts. 


Nine Chronicles has its own integrated NFT marketplace. Each in-game asset is an NFT and is therefore tradable. In this NFT-marketplace, players can trade unique in-game assets with each other to make their avatar stronger. They need these to complete levels in PvE mode, but also to defeat other players in the Arena. All assets are traded with the in-game token $NCG. 


Nine Chronicles is developed by the gaming platform Planetarium, based in Seoul, Korea: Kijun Seo is the founder of Nine Corporation, an ecosystem for the future of online gaming powered by the community. Studios can use Libplanet technology to create massive, serverless online games. He earlier worked as a software Engineer for Dropbox while running an independent media art studio. 

JC Kim is a serial entrepreneur who creates new and sophisticated user experience designs. In the past, he has provided products and services to over 20 million users. He has been involved in Web3 projects since 2017. 

Swen Mun is the CTO of the gaming platform Planetarium. He is a full-stack developer with experience of over 14-years, such as in the development of database security solutions. As Chief Technology Officer for Planetarium, his mission is to fully decentralize the global gaming industry.


Nine Chronicles is backed by Planetarium and Ubisoft. They have various investment partners, including

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How to get started

Step1: Register - You need to register on their onboarding platform  to receive an invitation code. All you need is a Twitter account to continue.

Step 2: Download the game

Step 3: Invitation Code - Use your unique invitation code to activate the game. 

Step 4: Invite a friend and receive $NCG

Step 5: Start playing


Nine Chronicles is a free-to-play and play-to-earn strategy game where players have various ways to earn in-game assets and $NCG-tokens. Players can compete in nine different worlds, of which five are already revealed. Get rewarded and accelerate the growth of your character in order to dominate the game. 

Is your character strong enough? Challenge other players in the Arena and earn your spot on the leaderboard and get daily rewards. Every in-game asset is an NFT, which creates a global in-game economy where players can trade their valuable assets. Thanks to the development of Planetarium, Nine Chronicles is infinitely customizable and owned by its community.