Nekoverse - P2E Massive Multiplayer Online Role-playing Game

DateDate30 May 2022

Nekoverse is a play-to-earn MMORPG with a cat theme that is powered by Solana blockchain technology. In this game, players can choose their own ways to explore, connect with other players, fight in PvE and PvP battles, or just explore the world, farming resources and crafting items.

The game's guild structure is built on the DAO Governance concept, providing players with full control over the storyline and progress of the game. It can also be played on Android and iOS.


What is Neko?

Neko, your character in the Nekoverse, is a NFT. Neko's distinctive characteristics are produced at random, so each one is completely original. A player may possess multiple NFTs to construct a team that complements their playstyle. 

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Neko elements have three categories in order to maintain harmony: 

The Origin Quad are the defenders of nature, consisting of fire, nature, earth, and water.

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Void Dyad: Dark and Light. It is considered to be the source of all things. Nekoverse's balance and tranquility will be shattered if the Void Dyad is summoned.

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Spirit, ice, and lightning comprise the Pancha Triad. The Pancha Triad has been chosen to have mysterious powers, many of which are still a mystery.

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A dual-element Nekos can be created by breeding two Nekos together. Players will get eggs by breeding Nekos, which is an NFT that can be exchanged on both in-game and off-game marketplaces. The incubator in Neko Labs can be used to hatch eggs into new Nekos. 

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When entering the Nekoverse, each Neko will begin at Level 1. Nekos' fighting stats improve as they level up, as does their resource-farming efficiency. Level caps and min levels can also be introduced during special events. Participating in the main gameplay allows Neko to acquire experience (in battle, resource farming, and item crafting). Players may use leveling items to level up their Nekos after the experience requirement for each level is reached.

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Nekoverse's well-thought-out phases and plans make it interesting to follow and track. The roadmap contains six phases, of which three are already completed. There are many more exciting ideas in the works. So, let's see what else we can learn about this adorable yet extraordinary blockchain game before finding out more about its next steps.

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Nekoverse's core gameplay involves battles, resource farming, and item crafting.


Real-time Skill-based Fighting is the battle system in Nekoverse, in which players use their learned and acquired talents to defeat all of their opponents' Nekos.

To enhance and broaden the battle experience, Nekoverse will feature a range of battle modes: 

  • 1v1 battles, 2v2 battles

  • tag team battles

  • tournament competitions

  • raid battles

Players earn in-game currency and a chance to acquire dropped items while they battle, and these items may be utilized or sold on the market.

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Exploration and Resource Farming

To satisfy the wanderlust of the players, this mode allows them to discover the hidden treasures of the Nekoverse while maintaining a good balance between peaceful exploration and furious combat. Players can use their Nekos to gather resources. The resources they gather such as water, wood and ore can be used to craft new items. These items or the resources can be sold on the in-game marketplace. 

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Resource Harvesting

Item Crafting

In Nekoverse, items have a broad range of purposes, including advancing the plot, unlocking new features, and improving a player's ability to fight. As a result, the in-game economy will be dominated by items. Only a few products are offered directly to users by Nekoverse, while the majority of the objects in the game are crafted by players. Crafting items is therefore the major element that enables communication and connects the community.

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Nekoverse offers a variety of play-to-earn options owing to its thorough game mechanics and in-game economy:

  • Resource Farming: Resources can be sold for $ASG in the marketplace.

  • Battle: PvE and PvP battles generate $ASG, and dropped goods can be sold to guilds and the marketplace.

  • Crafting: Make goods that can be utilized in the game or sold on the market.

  • Breeding and Summoning: Breed Nekos at Neko Lab and sell them on Marketplace.

  • Establishing a guild and collecting taxes generates passive revenue.

  • Staking tokens in Neko Temple generates passive revenue.

The game economy and mechanisms are purposefully meant to be long-lasting, allowing players to monetize their gameplay time without becoming exhausted due to a decreasing reward curve. The economic paper will give more thorough information on this sustainable play-to-earn economy.

Staking Mechanic

Players can stake and cultivate in Neko Temple, the staking and farming system of the Nekoverse:

  • To receive the governance token ($NVS), players must stake their in-game currency ($ASG).

  • To receive $ASG, they must stake their $NVS.

Neko Temple balances Nekoverse's currency supply and governance. Active players with $ASG can stake it for $NVS to get additional guild voting power. Those with $NVS who desire extra in-game income to boost their combat or resource farming can stake $NVS to obtain $ASG. Token holders can generate passive income by staking their tokens to gain more.

Players can allocate Nekos to the Temple to improve APY. This mechanism rewards community-active gamers. Greater APY may be earned with more Neko leveling. 

Team and Partnerships


Nekoverse's incredible crew comprises ten incredible men, with Leo Nguyen as the game's founder and chief executive officer. And Trinh Anh Duc, who was formerly a co-founder and executive chairman of DTX Asia, is the co-founder.

As it was built by gamers for gamers, they can ensure that Nekoverse is designed not only for crypto fans but also for real gamers. Nekoverse will be unlike any other play-to-earn game players have encountered.

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Nekoverse collaborations include prominent guilds, ventures, and gaming platforms, in addition to being powered by Solana Blockchain. Given the sheer volume of high-profile collaborations, it's clear that this game has more than just potential.

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Assets & Ecosystem

When it comes to the game economy, it's meant to continually generate demand and reinvest that value back into the game in a progressive manner so that the rewards stay desirable for players over time. The economy will actually turn Nekoverse into a lively world of its own, where players can explore, do business with other players, join independent groups, and influence how Nekoverse develops.

Nekoverse ($NVS): Governance Token of Nekoverse

Token Utility:

  • Governance of DAOs in-game: Casting Votes on Guild Decisions

  • Usage in the real world: Voting allows players to be a part of the game development process.

  • Staking pools at Neko Temple provide passive revenue.

  • In-game currency that can be used to purchase essential assets.

Anima Spirit Gem ($ASG): In-game Currency

Token Utility:

  • Most in-game economic actions will be conducted in $ASG. 

  • Staking pools at Neko Temple provide passive revenue.

  • Used to stimulate economic growth in-game by releasing an additional $ASG on a discretionary basis.

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How to get started

Joining their Discord channel, where they develop their own internal economy and create interactive activities for individuals who believe in and embrace the game, is the most vital thing to do in order to start participating in this game.

Then, as usual, the next thing we require is a wallet, which in this game is the Neko wallet, or if you have any Solana wallet, you can use that. Provided below are some links that will assist you in acquiring the Neko wallet.

Neko Wallet on Playstore

Neko Wallet on AppleStore

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After creating a wallet, you may begin purchasing Neko NFTs in the following marketplaces:

After purchasing Nekos, we can now stake it to obtain their discord currency, $ASF. For further details, the following link may redirect you to their discord channel where you can get in-depth information about this. Click here.

Then, $ASF could be converted to $ASG, the Nekoverse in-game currency. For further details, the following link may redirect you to their discord channel, where you can get in-depth information about this. Click here.

For the time being, that's all we know about these insanely cute NFTs, but according to their roadmap, the Alpha Testnet should be available in Q2–Q4 of 2022.

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This game is not just vibrant and will make your eyes sparkle. As colorful as it is, it is also brimming with one-of-a-kind features that will transport you to another world of amusement and wonder. Follow the cute pawprints of these adorable cat-themed NTFs on their website and social media platforms.

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