Myria - Bringing blockchain gaming to the world

DateDate26 Jun 2022

Myria is a decentralized Ethereum Layer 2 platform. It supports digital assets, non-fungible tokens, and blockchain games. It features a blockchain gaming ecosystem with a gaming hub and a metaverse, all powered by Myria blockchain technology.

Company Background

Myria is a blockchain gaming platform that combines all the apps, tools, and scalability infrastructure that are needed to make blockchain gaming a reality. Myria's scaling solution for Ethereum L2 uses ZK-Rollup to scale dApps to an unlimited size with low transaction fees and no loss of security. Developers can create and manage projects easier with their Ethereum L2 scaling solution, which features scalability, security, and reliability.

Myria helps partners to get ready for success. Myria gives developers and publishers an end-to-end solution that helps them reach their full blockchain potential. Myria believes in equal and open access to blockchain and the metaverse, allowing more of us to build, experience, and enjoy their benefits. With their all-in-one platform, they also make digital asset trading and blockchain gaming simple.

Myria 2

The Myria ecosystem is consists of the native governance and utility token $MYRIA. You will be able to purchase, trade, upgrade, vote, and more, all using $MYRIA. NFTs can also be earned through games, as well as $MYRIA-token awards, depending on performance rankings.

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Myria also fills the gap between current blockchain games and the actual entertainment of gameplay. All of their games are made with a "game-first" approach, which means that they value your experience first. You will be able to interact, quest, build up their home base, and construct worlds with their community of other Myrians in their metaverse, called the Myriaverse. Myria's main value is to return control to the players and allow open access to gamers all over the world.


Founded by experienced veterans from the gaming and blockchain industries, Myria was created by a great team of over 100 people who were brought together by a shared goal of using blockchain technology to revolutionize the gaming industry.

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They are led by 11 industry experts, and some of them are:

Jonathan Teoh is one of the company's co-founders and the CEO. He has started more than 15 businesses, including four traditional IT firms backed by venture capital. He is a supporter of Web3 and recently founded, as well as a blockchain SAAS-platform.

Andrew Silber, one of Myria's co-founders and the company's CTO. Activision, Electronic Arts, 2K, Ubisoft, Sony, and Midway are just a few of the companies with whom he has collaborated.

Myria 5

Brendan Duhamel, another of the co-founders and the head of blockchain at Myria. He also set up a crypto ETF on the Ethereum blockchain.

Moonfrog is another co-founder who is in charged of the operations of Myria. A creative, entrepreneurial executive with more than 8 years of experience in management consulting, specializing in organizational changes for multinational firms such as Verizon, Vanguard, Kayo Streaming, and others.

Following that is Ivan Fortunov, who is also a co-founder and the director of gaming at Myria. He was the lead game designer at Gameloft, CrazyLabs, GPG (Ubisoft), Sperasoft, and other companies.

Lastly, Dave Malcom, the Chief Marketing Officer of Myria. He led a startup towards success, and the knowledge he gained from this will help Myria grow and improve.

Games Portfolio

Myria's games aren't restricted to exclusive NFT-communities, nor are they reliant on the purchase of pricey NFTs to get started. Within the Myriaverse, they internally produce free-to-play AAA blockchain-powered games that include a whole ecosystem of interconnected worlds. 

They've also developed the world's first Transformable NFTs (TM), a new interoperable NFT standard. Each NFT can now be used across multiple Myriaverse games, realms, and avatars, giving you complete control over their digital identities. 


Developer: Myria

Platform: Web, IOS, Android

Genre: Obstacle Battle Racer

Status: In Development

A humorous multiplayer game with a charming animation style that will make candy lovers more than excited. In this part of the Myriaverse, you become a Bobble-Heads character. At the start of each match, there are a lot of players, but along the way to the final, they are taken out by a series of obstacles. The remaining players keep fighting in rounds that get harder and harder until only one player remains.

To learn more about this game, click here

Myria 6


Developer: Myria

Platform: Web, IOS, Android

Genre: Kart Racing

Status: In Development

Race to the finish line as we drift around exciting tracks. You can have a lot of fun shooting at their opponents and causing trouble all around to get more points and move up the leaderboards. To claim your proper place among the Myriaverse's racing legends, dive into their different game styles and tracks. 

To learn more about this game, click here

Myria 7

Block Royale

Developer: Myria

Platform: PC, MAC, IOS, Android

Genre: Battle Royale

Status: In Development

In this fast-paced, action-packed survival game, you must eliminate their opponents to win and claim the prize. It's a typical battle royale game, in which you can collect and upgrade the best weapons and armor on the battlefield. Play as a warrior in a team of three, and choose the best warrior class for your play style to deal with your enemies.

To learn more about this game, click here

Myria 8

Starstrike Legends

Developer: Myria

Platform: PC, MAC

Genre: FPS

Status: In Development

Win a series of team battles or other game modes by using your gun play skills in combination with your unique hero abilities and preferred weapons. This game consists of a series of quick combat rounds, in which you compete in a 5 vs. 5 match. At a specific location on the map, the attacking team will set off a bomb. If you are on defense, you must set off the bomb. 

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Myria 9

Moonville Farms

Developer: Leapblock Studios

Platform: Web

Genre: simulation

Status: In Development

This is a competitive tycoon farming simulator where you can play and earn money. In this game, you must choose the appropriate terrain on which to build your factories. The types of resources and production opportunities available to you will be determined by this. In order to improve your score and climb the ranks, you will have to take care of your base. For the sake of fairness, the competition resets after each tournament ends. 

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What we can see in the future

Myria will offer B2B services in the future to allow third-party studios and developers to join the Myria network. Traditional gaming developers who do not have access to blockchain infrastructure will be able to join the Myria network as well.

They're also developing their ownwallet, marketplace, and decentralized exchange for a more seamless gaming and trading experience. In Q2 2022, there will be a Node License sale, NFT drops, and an alpha game release.

Their games will be improved with blockchain technology that will give you a variety of benefits, such as ultra-low-fee transactions, true ownership of in-game assets, and a variety of ways to play and earn

And soon, a new exciting game called Hot Slice Tycoon by Playware Games will join their collection of games.

Note: It's also important to note that, as of this writing, they haven't yet released their roadmap, white paper, or game release dates. The information in this article is based only on the available information on their website and social media updates.


Myria is a blockchain-based gaming platform founded by renowned veterans of the gaming industry. They offer their services to both gamers and developers by combining multiple features. They have their own ecosystem and will soon introduce their own marketplace and wallet. Furthermore, they have also created the world's first transformable NFTs that can cross multiple game worlds within their own realm, the Myriaverse.