Mobox - Gaming, yield farming and farming NFTs in a F2P and P2E ecosystem

DateDate16 Apr 2022

As indicated on their whitepaper, MOBOX is a Free-to-Play, Play-to-Earn cross platform gaming metaverse that combines automated optimized DeFi yield farming and a variety of gaming NFTs to create a GameFi Metaverse. Do you like our content? Join our Discord community to get the latest updates and releases of the most exciting Play-to-Earn games! Participate in events and contests to win amazing rewards and become part of the largest community of gamers, developers, and investors!



The MOBOX platform is a Free-to-Play GameFi ecosystem on Binance Smart Chain where players can mint and mine NFTs by staking cryptocurrencies and use them to play and earn across a variety of games on the platform. By doing so, players can be rewarded by the game's token($MBOX). In addition, MOBOX includes Yield Farming, NFT Marketplace, and NFT Staking. Moreover, the platform has already launched tons of games in their ecosystem which also caters for crypto enthusiasts and traditional gamers.

The game has a very high potential in the future with their game uniqueness and function, making it one of the highly anticipated contenders into the mainstream of NFT games. Moreover, MOBOX is another blockchain game released by the same team that developed EtherOnline, WINk, and ChainZ Arena. Also, Mobox is governed by a decentralized autonomous organization (DAO) that allows MBOX token holders to vote on proposed changes which helps decide the future of the game since MOBOX is a community-driven type of NFT.



Now let’s talk about the gameplay. The Mobox platform is home to a growing ecosystem of crypto games. They started off with only three games back in their first release in April 2021 but now they’re expanding and new games are being introduced throughout the ecosystem. Players can create content or enjoy others’ creations on any device. The MOBOX team has created a unique ecosystem for developers, players, and NFT collectors that allows them to be rewarded for sharing and enjoyment. Lots of amazing features will be seen throughout the game and the chances of gaining opportunity in every side of the MOBOX are endless!

Moreover, MOBOX is creating a gaming Metaverse with a rich economy which enables gamers to earn passive income by just completing quests and tasks on whatever games you choose to play on their ecosystem throughout the platform.


Users can also participate in liquidity mining using MBOX to earn a variety of rewards. On top of that, you can also collect NFTs called MOMOs which can increase your earning potential. On the other hand, players have a hash power score that determines the speed on which they can accumulate more rewards by holding a specific group of MOMO NFTs that can help them optimize their earnings.


Going towards the world of MOBOX itself, the gameplay features plenty of ways to enjoy and at the same time earn. The MOBOX Platform caters to the ecosystem in which users may access the game for free and they may also earn rewards as long as they are being active.

To understand the game further, the infrastructure of it comes from the components from play-to-earn gaming, which is why the decentralized finance’s yield farming comes along with the NFTs.


Speaking of NFTs, we all know that NFTs in MOBOX are known as MOMOs and can be gained from mystery boxes. These NFTs can then be traded or staked, using them as a guarantee or collateral for other purposes may be possible as well!

On the other hand, MBOX Tokens are the in-game coins of the MOBOX and you can earn these by yielding the farm.


Taking place on the leaderboard also gives you perks as players get to earn more MBOX Tokens without spending any money!

Now that we are familiarized with each and every special mechanic that we have to consider, let’s move on to MOBOX’s Platform Games. However, take note that The Trade Action was down for maintenance until further notice but we will still discuss it. 

Currently MOBOX contains five simulation games: 

-The Trade Action 


-The Block Brawler 

-Moland Defense 

-Token Master

The Trade Action


The Trade Action comprises three trading simulation games which are the following:

SimpleTrade - SimpleTrade caters to a mode wherein a set of tokens will change every week to become their simulation tool to basically trade. The leaderboard, as mentioned earlier, gives its perks to the players.

Bull vs Bear - The thought of having a versus gives off a vibe like a tug of war and it actually is! 120 seconds are given for players to guess whether the bitcoin will go UP or DOWN. Rewards will vary if the players got their guesses correct.

LeverageMania - LeverageMania, on the contrary, is a compelling type of game where players are given tokens and it will be up to them whether to sell it short or buy it long with 100X-1000X leverage, however, keep in mind that leverage will change each round. 

ChainZ Arena


ChainZArena is one of the first cross-blockchain that caters to ETH, TRON and EOS together, a cross-platform idle RPG game! In this game, players battle against each other and the AI, weekly tournaments are placed in the game for the players to get their rewards and to also test their skills in terms of given events of the game.

Block Brawler


Now let’s take a look at the more action oriented games, first we have Block Brawler. The gameplay consists of 6 parts that you need to remember in order to be familiar with the game, first off is the Resource factory, the resource factory is the place where you can gain talents, equipment, and skills. Every MOMOs has a different hash power. 

Next is the Talent Tree, this is where players consume their talent point to light up the tree and gain rewards or special skills! The third one would be the Equipment, to be able to gain special bonus effects, equipment is a must! This includes different gears and sets for the MOMOs. The fourth one will be the Skills, same with the equipment, this will also give additional bonus effects. Moving closer to the last two parts of the gameplay we have the Ladder battle, opponents can be seen through the leaderboard, and watch your way as you climb and win through every battle. Lastly, Season rewards, The Boss kill board and the ladder are part of the Season rewards, this will give various prizes and rewards to the players who will make it to the top.

MOland Defense


The next game is a game that has caused a spike in activity in MOBOX Platform, the MOland Defense! This game is all about defending your base with the help of your respective towers. The only difference is, your heroes serve as your towers. Different heroes are used to defending the base, and players can equip them with different power-ups too.

Token Master


Finally, moving on to the last gaming platform of the MOBOX, we have the Token Master! Token Master features a game where you can rob your friends to collect tokens! Not only can you rob them, but you can also produce your own token as well. You can use your tokens to guess where the “wheel will land” is which you can Gain 2X, 5X, 10X, or even 10000X of tokens in return. Looting with your co-MOMOs is also possible. Form a team of three and you are good to loot tokens from your other friends! Note that the more stars you will get, the more tokens you will loot. As always, leaderboards exist in this game as well and of course, top notchers will get their certain rewards!

Meanwhile, the MOMO Farmer provides a rare infrastructure that constructs the non-stop growth of the DeFi ecosystem and merges it all together with unique NFTs. The game is based on providing liquidity in the pools to receive a different type of NFT, players may save or deposit their liquidity and have the power in choosing their decision wisely.



As for the team, they did not disclose any information regarding the core team of the game but as we do some research, they are the same team who developed other blockchain game like EtherOnline, WINk, and ChainZ Arena and we’ve seen that they have a good diversified set of teams who are diligently working on the development of the game.



Speaking of partnerships, the game does not only have a fully dedicated team, but they also have a set of big names when it comes to partnerships within their ecosystem. Notable names are: Binance, Alliance, DappRadar, Yield Guild Games, CoinGecko, Coin Market Cap, PancakeSwap, Certik and many more! Growing together with these partners will allow both the game and communities to expand more and to be recognized in the gaming metaverse, making the future of the game soar into new heights.

Assets & Ecosystem


Breaking down the MOBOX Tokenomics simply, the MBOX Token serves three distinct purposes: Governance over the platform, Staking, and Gamified Rewards. The total supply of MBOX is a whopping 1 billion. No pre-mint, no seed round, or pre-sale. 

The in-game circulation is divided into 4 parts, the Earning MBOX, the MBOX use-case, the Buyback, and the Burn. Earning MBOX will be used in the airdrops through staking, NFT mining, MOMO lending, selling of Gems, and the rewards for the in-game leaderboards awarded.

The MBOX use-case will be utilized for gem buyings as well, consumption in Token Master, BOX raffle, and staking for the accessibility of veMBOX.

The buyback will maneuver 80% of all profits around the platform and will be governed into the auto buyback and burn pool that comprises BNB.

Lastly, Burning or Burn will employ all in-game usage of MBOX, examples of these are the Gem Lottery, use-cases in token Master that will eventually be contributed into the burn of MBOX token.


How to Get Started

To get started, first off you need to create your crypto wallet. The following list below are the preferred wallet of the game:

1 - Metamask

2 - Mobox Wallet

3 - Binance Wallet

4 - Trust Wallet

5 - Token Pocket

6 - Wallet Connect

We can start to play the game once you’ve chosen your wallet. Upon logging in, you can choose your preferred game to start off with.  

Now you’re all set and you can start to play the game! 


The GameFi setup that the MOBOX provides is that the value of your NFTs/Items that you’ve invested with can be used in almost every game within the ecosystem of MOBOX which makes them more valuable in a longer period of time unlike with traditional games which lack longevity. Having said that, there is always a risk in every investment so make sure that you’ve already do your own research for every NFT games that you’ll get into.

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