Mirandus - Fantasy world, allowing players to truly create their own content

DateDate07 Feb 2022

Mirandus is a massive multiplayer online role play game (MMORPG), where everything is owned by players. Players can own deeds (There are 1625 in total) and place those at any open spot. Then they can place their buildings there, such as taverns, forges, farms and even castles. These will replace what NPC’s normally do in an MMORPG. So when an adventurer has to rest after fighting a dragon, they now go to a player owned tavern and pay the player that owns it to rent a room, instead of an NPC.

The world is literally run by the players.


Mirandus 2

The gameplay in Mirandus will be very interesting and fun. You can chose what you want do. Explore new worlds, defeat (strong) enemies and bosses, run your own farm and feed the world, run a tavern for people to rest and relax, or craft extremely powerful weapons in your majestic forge, there is so much to do! (More on this below)

The team: Gala Games

Mirandus 3

Mirandus is from Gala Games, the company behind Town Star, the yet to release Spider Tanks and Echoes of Empire. The team consists of 90+ members and has around 1.3 million monthly active users. All their games are P2E and have NFT’s, with the most expensive NFT’s going for over 3 million USD dollars. Gala Games has their own tokens: $GALA and $TOWN (For Town Star) and these are often required to buy their NFT’s.


Gala has quite a lot of partners, including Binance, Bitrue, Polygon and Flare Networks. From binance they even received a $100 million funding.

Gala Binance

How to get started

Mirandus will be free to play in 2022, so it’s not released yet, but you can already buy buildings, exemplars and land deeds to get a (massive) head start. Below you can view a short overview on those:


Mirandus 4

Exemplars are elite avatars with special abilities which allow them to perform certain actions better than others. There are different races: Elves, Halflings, Orcs, Dwarfs and Humans, and of each race there are 5 variants (except humans with 10 variants). Each variant comes with a different enhancement. Elf exemplars are the rarest with only 1k copies in existence, then Halflings with 4k copies, then Orcs and Dwarfs with both 10k copies and finally Humans with 25k copies in existence. Copies are evenly spread under the variants (So each elf variant has 200 copies).

Most exemplars have already been sold, but at the time of writing you can still find a few in the Gala Games Store (or you can just buy exemplars from other users on OpenSea).

Exemplars were also used in the previous December Mirandus Playtest to gain Materium.

Mirandus 5


Mirandus also has buildings. Players can place buildings on another player’s land. Therefore Players must own a building that corresponds to the size of the plot and can build it freely there once they’ve paid their lease to the owner who sets the terms.

Mirandus 6

There are quite a lot of buildings in Mirandus, including Forges (For crafting weapons), Cemetery’s (For respawning players), Archeries (For anything bow related), Breweries (For drinks), Butchers (For cooking meat), Taverns (For entertainment) and Temples (To please the gods). Buildings have multiple variants, for example there is a simple forge, a forge, a large forge and a majestic forge. A simple forge can only craft basic weapons and armour and is small, while a majestic forge can craft the most powerful weapons and is bigger.


Mirandus 7

In the world of Mirandus, property is power — and Deeds are the means by which players can build a place of safety and commerce. Players can purchase deeds to different property types and each deed is a template which can be “stamped” on the terrain of Mirandus to make it your own.

Deeds have multiple functions:

#1 Protection

Deeds are a means of safety and protection — players are only safe on Mirandus within the walls of their property. Better deeds mean better walls, which will keep higher level monsters out. A Farm Harmlet deed might only come with a rustic wood fence, but a Citadel deed comes with walls that will repel monsters of very high levels.

#2 Profit

Property is power. When you own a deed, you decide who can build there and what share of the profits from goods and services made on your land. With a homestead this is only a few buildings, but with a citadel you rule a whole kingdom and gain profit from everything that happens inside the kingdom!

And isn’t it just amazing to have your own cosy home?

Ships and Docks

Mirandus 8

Mirandus will also have boats. From small Picards to big (And fast!) Caravels. These boats are very useful for transportation of players and cargo.

However, a boat also needs a dock. Docks provide a convenient place to anchor ships after their voyages, whether it’s your ship or one of your friends. A simple Dock can only accommodate a few small ships like the Picard, Crayer, and the Hoy, while larger docks can accommodate both small ships and larger vessels like the Cog, Carrack, and Caravel.

Mirandus 9

DateDate07 Feb 2022