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Mines of Dalarnia

GameGameMines of Dalarnia
DateDate09 Apr 2022

What is covered in this article:

  • Introduction

  • Gameplay

  • Economy and Tokenomics

  • NFTs 

  • Play to Earn 

  • Risk Factors and Legal Disclaimer

Mines of Dalarnia 1


Mines of Dalarnia is a platform based 2D game packed with action and adventure. Players go through procedurally generated levels in a survivalist fashion, collecting items and resources and face off against dangers of the deep. 

Exploring different terrains presents an evolving gameplay in both strategy and play skill. All the in-game assets are NFTs, even the different maps (Mines), and can be traded. 

The game has two different games modes where you either play as a Miner or a Landowner, or both! Mining is more action oriented whilst owning Lands is more relaxed, but not without gameplay! 

Miners keep what they mine during a “Run” whilst Landowners receive revenue for the “Dig Cost” of the Miners, which then can be traded to upgrade or buy new materials. 


There are two different ways to play Mines of Dalarnia. You can either be a Miner or a Landowner.  

Playing as a Miner will mean high action gameplay where you explore Mines and discover resources in the form of relics and minerals. Mining is not without its risks though, as a Miner you can face monsters, trigger traps and a limited supply of Oxygen forces the player to be efficient while Mining Terrestrial Mines.  

Mining requires different tools and acquiring these will allow the player to advance. Tools required for this except the basic Pickaxe might include a Drill, Health pack or even a Bomb! Each Mine has three different Depths, which increases in difficulty but also rewards. These harder Depths will become available as your character level increases.  

Mines of Dalarnia 2
Miner gameplay. Source: Mines of Dalarnia

For the different Lands, Terrestrial, Darkness, Ice and Lava Mines special equipment is needed to venture further. Terrestrial requires Oxygen whereas Darkness requires Oil, Ice mines need Wood and Lava mines Coal. 

A run is over either when the players' health is depleted or whenever the required Land specific component (Oxygen, Oil, etc.) runs out. 

As a Landowner you supply other players with the possibility of mining on that Land. These Land plots are NFTs that also are tradeable on the Marketplace.  

For the plot of Land to be attractive to rent, it’s important to maintain the Land using consumable NFTs to service Lands.

Mines of Dalarnia 3
Inventory. Source: Mines of Dalarnia.

Economy and Tokenomics

Mines of Dalarnia is Built on the Binance Smart Chain (BSC) and is using two tokens DAR and CHR. DAR Token is the in-game Token you will receive by renting Land, staking and winnings from tournaments. DAR might then be used in the Marketplace to upgrade Equipment. DAR is the currency used in the Marketplace as well as the fees for transactions. 

Mines of Dalarnia 4

The play-to-earn economy is based on the ownership and renting of Lands. These Land Plots are unique and are scattered across the different Planets. The Plots carry resources (which differ from Planet to Planet) that enable players to upgrade their gear or just sell the resources. The owners of the Land Plots will in turn receive DAR as the “Dig Cost”. 

Mines of Dalarnia 5
Price graph over 90 days for $DAR/USD. Source: CoinGecko.

$DAR is the native token for Mines of Dalarnia and functions as the in-game currency and the governance token for the game. The token has a max supply of 800,000,000 tokens. 

Mines of Dalarnia 6

$DAR is part of the Chromia (CHR) ecosystem which is a layer 2 solution for Binance Smart Chain and the Ethereum blockchain. It can be used for purchases of Mines of Dalarnia products with $CHR. 

The team behind Mines of Dalarnia is Workinman Interactive; an award-winning studio working with multiple big-name partners like: Disney, Nintendo, and Marvel. 


There are a lot of different in-game assets, all of them being NFTs and can be traded; 

  • Consumable NFTs thatallow for higher rewards during Mining. 

  • Resources and Minerals – Crafting and Upgrading various items. 

Mines of Dalarnia 7
Collected Minerals. Source: Mines of Dalarnia.
  • Mining tools and weapons to dig through the Mines and defeat its Monsters. Your character’s level is also decided by its gear, there is no character experience. 

  • Mines and lands come in different forms and introduce new challenges and rewards for the daring explorer. In the picture below you can see the various kinds of terrain and the character level required D0 to D9. D0 is a ‘Free Zone’, meaning characters of all levels will be able to mine it. A character must be within two levels to Mine a certain plot. 

Mines of Dalarnia 8
Terrestrial, Lava, Ice and Darkness Mines levels and resources. Source: Mines of Dalarnia.

Crafting new NFTs is also possible using your collected minerals and resources. 

Mines of Dalarnia 9
Crafting new items. Source: Mines of Dalarnia.

Play to Earn

Mines of Dalarnia 10

The current game is running on a testnet and real DAR tokens will be earned when Mines of Dalarnia 2.0 is launched on BSC, it’s planned to arrive in end of Q1. Right now, as a Free-to-Play (F2P) player you’ll get to try the game out in its most basic form. This will help a lot in deciding whether the game is for you or not. This will on the other hand restrict the player to only the F2P-Planet and the most basic Materials.  

To venture farther into Mines of Dalarnia players need a Mining Passport NFT which costs $20 and will grant access to all the Planets (existing and future). 

The team behind Mines of Dalarnia has created a fantasticMedium blog that delves deeper into the details for new players! 

Mines of Dalarnia 11

Risk Factors and Legal Disclaimers 

You should carefully consider the risks involved in purchasing and holding digital currencies. Before you decide to use any of the information herein and/or purchasing the game tokens, and/or non-fungible tokens (NFTs) and/or attempting to use any blockchain network. For further information, please carefully read the Legal Considerations, Risks and Disclaimers on the Website which constitutes an integral part of the White Paper.   

 Purchasing the Tokens and/or NFTs involves considerable risk. The Tokens or NFTs may become worthless, and the Platform may not meet your needs. No purchases can be refunded or exchanged. Do not purchase the Tokens or NFTs with money you cannot afford to lose. There is no guarantee that the utility of the Tokens or NFTs will meet your needs or expectations.   

 If you purchase the Tokens or NFTs you are inherently assuming the risk of its loss of value from the time of the purchase, and you are agreeing that the Tokens’ and NFTs’ future functionality might be all they are ever capable of doing.   

 If you are uncertain whether to purchase the Tokens or NFTs in light of these disclaimers or legal notices contained herein, or if you are concerned about the loss of any money you use to purchase the Tokens or NFTs, we strongly urge you not to purchase any Tokens or NFTs. 

We recommend you consult legal, financial, tax, technology and other professional advisors or experts for further guidance before purchasing the Tokens or NFTs. We cannot provide you any of the foregoing advice.