MetaSoccer - Football metaverse, create your own club and generate income

DateDate29 May 2022

MetaSoccer is the first play-to-earn online soccer management metaverse built in the Polygon network, where you can create your own team of soccer players and manage them. You can train, scout, and explore new players to join your team. Compete in official matches against different players or AI to climb your ranks to become one of the best teams and earn more throughout the game! The game also offers features like a betting system, possibilities to borrow or sell players, get sponsorship contracts, rent your stadium, and many more.


MetaSoccer is created as an entire soccer universe that is developed on the blockchain (under the ERC-721 standard). The idea is inspired by professional soccer, where you create and manage your team by gathering up players and providing training to improve their overall skills to reach each player's potential. On top of that, the game aims to bring reality to the ecosystem where all characters will depend on their performance based on their age. Take note that their performance will decline as well after a certain age. 

The concept of transitioning sports into gaming is very well known when it comes to traditional games. However, with the rise of the play-to-earn phenomenon, developers are moving into NFTs and metaverse as the starting point of a new paradigm in the sports ecosystem. 

In addition, the game is decentralized with a combination of 3 different markets: Video games, Soccer, and Sports betting all merged by blockchain and NFT technologies.

MetaSoccer 2


As of this writing, the game is still currently in the development stage. However, they will be releasing the gameplay soon in Q2 this year, including the team management and scholarship system, PVP/Career mode, aging activation, and many more features included.

MetaSoccer 3


As per the whitepaper, we do not have any details yet regarding the gameplay UI, but we will still discuss what we know so far. 

There will be 2 different types of roles to choose from in the game, however, you can still participate in both roles by default:

  • Owner - as an owner you will be the one who will be handling the club. Think of it as being the head of your own business, where you will be in charge of hiring and managing personnel, new players, player signings and sales, and also the finance.

MetaSoccer 4
  • Manager - the role of the manager is to be a coach of the team where you'll be in charge of taking care of your players and capitalize each and every one of them to be at their best potential. In addition, you will be responsible for every strategy that you will use in every match, so make sure to know each player you have in your arsenal.

Note: You can start to play the game as soon as you complete 11 players on your team.


To start off looking for players, the owner will send a youth scout in search of a new generation of young players to be molded and trained, and eventually join your team. These new players will appear in your squad, however, their stats and information will not yet be revealed until after 6 days. In addition, if your youth scout has the ability “Master of Relations”, then the process will only take 3 days to be completed and the player's information will be available after that.

Note: The youth scout will gain experience, improved attributes, and knowledge values on each of every scout he completes. 

Players found and Cost

The number of players your youth scout finds in each scouting, will depend on the attributes and knowledge values of your youth scout. So to find better players, you need to improve your youth scout as well.

MetaSoccer 5

Players' Role and Scout Specific Role

Scouts will only be able to find players based on their expertise in a specific position, so you need to at least get scouts which have different positions to fill in a specific role you need. These roles are Goalkeeper, Defender, Midfielder, or Forward. Please see the images below regarding the probability for each role.

MetaSoccer 6
MetaSoccer 7

Players' Age

As the game aims to bring reality to the ecosystem, players in MetaSoccer are aging and their performance will depend on their age. In addition, the age of the players scouted will depend on the scout's characteristics.

As per the whitepaper, most of the age of the players found thru scouting is around 16 to 19 years old each with a 25% probability. However, the scout can gain a special ability called ‘Youth specialist’, which allows the scout to find players from 14 to 19 years old. The probabilities are as follows:

14 years old: 26%

15 years old: 26%

16 years old: 12%

17 years old: 12%

18: years old: 12%

19 years old: 12%

Note: Older players will develop much higher potential abilities than younger players.


As for mentoring, some of the detailed processes regarding this haven’t been released yet but we will discuss what we know.


Each scout can mentor a maximum of 5 new scouts during their career to control scout inflation in the MetaSoccer universe. In addition, each mentoring will take 5 days to complete, and once finished, these new scouts will be joining your squad. 

Note: The age range of the new scouts that will be joining your club will be between 25 and 30 years old.


As a Manager, you will be responsible for deciding your initial line-up and strategy for every match that you will be participating in. There will be many factors to consider such as individual techniques of a player, team morale, tiredness, and many more. As soon as the match starts, you will be given real-time information on the main statistics of your players and the match. While in the match, you can also substitute up to 5 players and make amendments to your team's composition.


You will be able to play friendly matches with your buddies as much as you want, however, take note that the condition of your players will be reduced after each match so make sure to monitor your players. After each game, your players will accumulate fatigue, but the good thing is they will gain skills. 

As soon as you complete a match, you will be rewarded with a Token compensation, but much less than in career mode (PvP).

Note: Your players will also gain or lose morale depending on the results of the match. 


This will be the Player vs Player mode. You will start to join the lower division of the Continental League that your Club chooses to participate in and eventually climb to higher leagues.

Note: Tokens rewarded will be higher than in Friendly Matches(PVE)


There will be 3 continental leagues available, each with multiple divisions:




Each division will consist of a group of 14 to 16 teams handled by different managers. The season will last for 26 days in which you will play against another team in your specific league on a daily basis.

At the end of the season, the top finishers will receive Token compensation and will be promoted to a higher division, while the last qualifiers will descend to a lower division.


Besides the Continental league, there will be other divisions as well. Moreover, there will also be other Player vs Player competitions during the season, like knockout tournaments or multi-stage tournaments.

Note: Some of these tournaments may require a fee to enter.

Team and Partnerships

Marc Cercós - CEO

Mark is the CEO of MetaSoccer. He also co-founded eyeOS in 2005 and Champion Games in 2015. He’s been an entrepreneur with 15 years of experience and has also been working with blockchain since 2011. Lately, Mark has been focusing his entire career on NFTs and gaming for the last 6 years.

Alex Fiestas - CTO

Alex on the other hand is the CTO of MetaSoccer with experience as a Serial Tech Entrepreneur and has collaborated with many free/open-source projects. He is currently focusing on security and making scalable systems. Prior to Champion Games, he also founded and collaborated in a variety of companies such as eyeOS, open365, and BeManager focused on scalable Web, Datract focused on ML and Data, and Glowtown.

Alex Puig and Diego Milla - Advisor

Both Alex and Diego are the advisors of the team, specializing in blockchain technology and tokenomics with top notch skills when it comes to developing games and various blockchain projects. 

UniX Gaming


BGA(Blockchain Game Alliance)

ParaFI Capital

Defiance capital


Play Ventures


MetaSoccer 8

Assets and Ecosystem

MetaSoccer Universe ($MSU)

This will be the game’s governance token which is an ERC-20 token used to perform main actions within the Metaverse, whether it’s purchases/sales of NFT, minting new assets, etc. Moreover, as a governance token, $MSU holders will be given a chance to participate in the development and how the game will progress in the future by governance votes.

You can buy the token in the following market:

Token Bonding Curve



MetaSoccer 9

MetaSoccer Cash ($MSC)

This will be MetaSoccers secondary token and utility token. You can obtain this through in-game rewards and winning leagues and divisions along with the $MSU.

The token can be traded on SushiSwap

Note: All $MSC spent in-game will be burned and there will be no pre-mint of the token to ensure the longevity of the game

MetaSoccer 10

How to get started

Since the game is still currently in beta and under development, we can start off by  creating a MetaMask wallet and purchasing some MATIC.

You also need to buy $MSU which is the governance token that you can use to buy Youth Scouts and Players in the marketplace. This token is also used to perform actions within the game. Take note that we need to buy at least 11 players to play the game. 

You can buy $MSU in the following:

Token Bonding Curve



You can start to try out the game in Beta phase once you’ve collected at least 11 players.


Soccer games are one of the most popular sports right now which is enjoyed by most people of every age. The game unites people of every background to have fun together watching and playing with a positive experience. If you happen to be one of the fanatics of the game, then you might want to try this one out. But make sure you always do your research first before investing your hard earned money in every NFT game.