MetaGods - Earn epic NFT loot, explore dungeons and slay mythical monsters

DateDate06 Jun 2022

This week’s game review we look at a nostalgic looking 8-bit side-scrolling game called MetaGods. Battle through dungeons as a Greek demigod in a fast paced RPG game and forge the path of your ascension to Godhood!


MetaGods is the world’s first play-to-earn 8-bit Action NFT RPG built on the Binance Smart Chain, where you play as a demigod to explore dungeons and battle monsters, other mythical creatures and eventually gods.


MetaGods will be a play-to-earn ARPG. It will be available on desktop and mobile platforms. The game is not yet playable and a first release will be available in Q2 2022.

The game is a side-scrolling action genre that features 8-bit graphics and players will be going through dungeons with their hero characters that are based on Greek mythology. While a beta is not out yet, there are previews available on Twitter and you can also check out the social media for frequent previews.

Currently the game is set to feature a casual mode which is less forgiving on players and a hardcore mode which gives much better rewards but features a “perma-death” mechanic on the hero NFTs. How this works is that if your character NFT dies in a dungeon, it will be locked out and cannot be used for a certain period of time. Depending on the final design, this looks to be similar to a burn mechanic but may not be always permanent, which locks out the players’ characters depending on your skill level and the dungeon difficulty.

This project aims to introduce a scarcity in player NFTs with this feature, such that the rarer and more powerful NFTs which stay alive will become the most valuable assets in the ecosystem.

Metagods 2

Game modes aside, MetaGods will eventually feature raids where players can assemble teams to venture into the PVE content together to earn rewards. This adds complexity into the game with class selection and character builds, and also players can form guilds and organize themselves to better do content with each other.

Metagods 4

Another core gameplay feature is around land plots. The current game plans for 35 dungeons and players can own a part of the dungeons as their own by purchasing a land plot. In doing so, they claim ownership to that dungeon, and if players die in their dungeons and lose their items, land owners have a chance to earn those drops. Land owners also claim a share of the staking rewards via other game mechanics and can construct buildings on top of these to earn rewards, essentially rendering land plots as passive income assets.

Metagods 5


The MetaGods team are anonymous and a few key members are shown on the whitepaper pitch deck.

Jack N. a.k.a Sisyphus and now Leonidas is the CEO and the project owner of MetaGods. Termed after the Greek god that pushes the boulder up the mountain for eternity, he is most active on Twitter giving updates for the development of the game.

Other key members include Eddie W who’s the lead game developer, Rob C. who looks after the blockchain integrations and Snake T. who’s the art director. They bring a wealth of experience from well-known studios and firms such as Activision Blizzard, Animoca and more, to the MetaGods project.

Metagods 6


MetaGods has received $4.2 million in funding announced in December 2021 as the initial investors round. Key investors include Hashed, Pomp, DAO Maker, GameFi amongst many others. These funds will be used to expand the teams in various segments from blockchain integration to branding and marketing.

Metagods 7

Since then, the project has announced quite a few partnerships with other players in the industry to strengthen its position in the blockchain gaming sector. For example, NFTrade is announced as their official secondary marketplace partner while the game works on its in-game marketplace.

In recent news, MetaGods are also expanding their outreach by partnerships with metaverse and gaming DAOs, including PathDAOIgnite Tournaments and more.

Metagods 8

Assets & Ecosystem

MetaGods is powered by the Binance Smart Chain (BSC) and adopts a dual token system for utility and its governance, and another token as the in-game economic currency.

The utility and governance token is called MGOD (MetaGods). The maximum supply of the token is 500,000,000. As usual, MGOD bears a number of utility functions, these are outlined below:

  • Governance; MGOD holders can participate in proposals and voting just like a DAO structure to influence the game’s directions

  • General staking rewards

  • As the currency for minting hero NFTs and purchase of Land NFTs

  • As one of the currencies for the in-game marketplace

  • As entrance fees for activities and events such as special dungeons/raids and tournaments

The allocation of the MGOD token is depicted in the following infographic. It’s important to note the private sale and public sale have already taken place and the prices are $0.038 and $0.045 respectively. A liquidity pool for MGOD/BUSD is also available on PancakeSwap and provides a rather generous APR as of now as the game is in its early stages.

Metagods 9

RELIC is the in-game currency token for MetaGods. It is uncapped in supply and its supply is expected to increase as there are more players in the ecosystem. However, most in-game mechanics and interactions will be sinks for RELIC and this aims at keeping the inflation of the token under control.

RELIC is also the token that will be rewarded for play-to-earn features in MetaGods. Other utilities for RELIC are:

  • Used for purchase of consumables, equipment repair and upgrades

  • Fee for entering special dungeons

  • Fast track XP growth for characters

  • Staking to boost XP and RELIC rewards

As for NFT assets, currently hero NFTs i.e. the players’ characters, and land plots are available for sale and trading as NFTs. These are on the BSC chain and can be traded in secondary marketplaces such as NFTrade and TofuNFT.

Character NFTs come with a rarity tier, in which 1 star is the common tier and the max tier is 6.

As for land plots, currently the game is planning for 35 dungeons in its current iteration and there are 100 plots per dungeon, which equates to 3500 plots in total. However, only 3200 will be available for sale and the rest are reserved for future uses. 

How to get started

MetaGods is currently not yet playable but we expect a playable demo will be available shortly. Let’s recap the roadmap of the project:The 1.0 game release which features the casual and hardcore modes is expected to arrive in Q2 2022.

Metagods 11

For now some of the game assets are already available for sale on the dApp. Hero NFTs can be minted on the MetaGods app for 150 MGOD a piece or as a bundle of 1500 for a 10+1 NFTs (the bonus one guaranteed to be 3 stars or above).

Land sales are also in progress with a small number of plots coming out on a regular basis, and these tend to sell out very quickly.

Metagods 12

Other than acquiring game assets, it’s best to stay tuned with Twitter updates and participate in the Discord activities to get involved as the project will have ongoing campaigns as part of the Q2 2022 roadmap.

Metagods 13


And that’s it! When we reviewed the materials for MetaGods, we were very happy to see the details put into the regular updates by the project. In the project Medium page you can find a constant stream of updates and the team are very active on social media and there are loads of previews to keep the hype up. We look forward to the 1.0 game release and hope it will be an enjoyable experience.