Medieval Empires - An Immersive Play-and-Own Mid-Core Strategy Game

GameGameMedieval Empires
DateDate10 Apr 2023

Medieval Empires is a mid-core multiplayer online strategy game based in a blockchain powered historical world, where the players will be able to build, explore and conquer with exciting opportunities to play and own digital assets! Featuring internationally acclaimed actor, Engin Altan Düzyatan as Kayi Tribe leader Ertuğrul Gazi, the game aims to provide a state-of-the-art Web 3.0 experience to the fans of the character/actor, gamers as well as blockchain and crypto enthusiasts.


Players will begin their journey in the town view where they will construct buildings, generate resources such as wood, wheat and ore and train their heroes and units. From here, the players will move to the province view to battle! Continuous battles will help expand the world map into an ever-evolving game universe. Goals for players include daily missions, general tasks, and story missions, with progression based on the successful completion of these tasks and missions.


Medieval Empires places you in the boots of a medieval war hero on his rise to power and prestige. Starting as the leader of a small town, you gradually turn your lands into a prosperous emirate by trading, fighting, forging alliances, and building powerful empires with other players.

Land NFTs

Players can become landowners by buying Land NFTs through OpenSea or they can rent out a town slot from other players to begin playing. Each Land NFT will have multiple town slots, which can be rented out to other players to claim taxes from those who want to build on your land. Land NFTs will be tradable on internal and external marketplaces.

Land in Medieval Empires is split into five tiers, each with its own features and benefits.

Medieval Empires a
Medieval Empires b

Events will also be taking place simultaneously in other provinces. Players will be able to participate in these events by building temporary camps. These events will happen in the form of PvP battles and aggressive PvE missions, with great rewards and fame as the ultimate prize.

Players who are less interested in competition can focus on managing their land and clan or can become astute merchants who engage in trading with other players for in-game items exchangeable for cryptocurrency.

Town View

The town view is where the progress and production takes place. Players will build their towns here, generate resources, assemble troops, recruit heroes, etc.

Medieval Empires 3
Medieval Empires 5

Province Map

From the town view, players will move to the province map to fight battles and accomplish missions and quests and win rewards.

Medieval Empires c
Medieval Empires 8

World Map

Here, on the world map, the macroeconomy happens, with trading and collecting being the main functions of this module. You can buy land, buy NFTs in our marketplace or third-party marketplaces.

Medieval Empires 9
Medieval Empires d

Assets & Ecosystem

Medieval Empires has two kinds of tokens – the utility token ($MEE) and the in-game Silver tokens. The $MEE token will offer several benefits such as voting power for certain in-game decisions, access to premium airdrops, VIP status in towns, access to exclusive lucky draws for Land NFTs and early access to the game.

Medieval Empires e


Medieval Empires is building a sustainable economy by leveraging NFTs in a way that does not defeat the purpose of the game itself and promotes a system where earnings and gameplay complement each other. By creating a strong in-game functionality of our NFTs, we will be able to provide real market stability. Our aim is to attract users to the core mechanics and gameplay of Medieval Empires, which is why we have created a truly phenomenal gaming experience.


With properly designed tokenomics, we plan on having predefined vesting and locking periods to ensure that the overall value of the token remains stable. In addition to this, we will add utility to this token as soon as possible. The additional utility could include staking and getting resources out of that. Furthermore, we have two in-game tokens, the MEE token and the Silver token, which will help us keep the economy stable.

Medieval Empires f
Medieval Empires g

Team and Partnerships

Medieval Empires is being created by an exceptional team of professionals, including some from top gaming studios.

Our CVO and Co-Founder, Assad Dar has worked in the IT and Digital Transformation field for more than 15 years and led marketing campaigns for world-renowned brands such as Aspirin and Bepanthen.

Carl Runefelt, also known as ‘The Moon,’ is a serial entrepreneur and Angel Investor in MoonGaming, the parent company of Medieval Empires. He has invested in more than 300 blockchain-based startups and has been featured in the Top 30 Under 30 list by Forbes. He is also the founder of Kasta and Bitcoincensus.

One of the biggest names in Medieval Empires is Engin Altan Düzyatan, the award-winning actor, is the face of Ertugrul in Medieval Empires. Engin will be reviving his most beloved character, this time, on the game screen.

At the helm of Medieval Empires is our CEO, Jan Berkefeld, who has over 20 years of experience in IT companies such as Accenture and Atos.

Furthermore, our CTO, Moritz Voss is a game industry veteran with almost 20 years of experience, having proudly shipped more than 30 titles on a spectrum ranging from hardcore strategy and city builders to puzzle and arcade games. He has previously worked at, HandyGames, and 5th Planet.

Our Lead Producer, Qing Guan, is a veteran in mobile gaming and digital services along the rise of the smartphone industry. He worked on many brands that are familiar to consumers such as the Candy Crush franchise, N26 bank, and Ada Health.

The brains behind the game mechanics, Felix Hartung Hespelt, has more than 15 years of game design experience in browser and mobile games within a genre range from strategy, RPG and simulation, puzzles, and even hyper casual games. He has worked at big names in the industry such as Wooga and Huuuge.

The Art Lead at Medieval Empires, Joaquim Royo has 36 years of experience in the entertainment and video game industry. With a PhD in Fine Arts from the University of Barcelona, he has previously worked in the Feature Animation department with Walt Disney on popular movies such as Tarzan, Atlantis the Lost Empire, Tarzan II, A Goofy Movie, Runaway Brain, The Hunchback of Notre Dame and Hercules.

Medieval Empires h


Medieval Empires is right on track according to its planned roadmap. We have recently released the first early access version of the game and are geared towards bringing to a wider community the second early access version with more features and functionalities.

Medieval Empires i

How to Get Started

Medieval Empires is currently in the phase of being developed, with the first early access version for Land NFT owners released recently. If you want to participate in this version, you can follow the steps below:

  1. Go to OpenSea to purchase a land NFT

  2. Once you have a Land NFT, go to their website and click on the "Play Now" button

  3. Login or sign up

  4. Add your wallet and connect it to Polygon network

  5. Download the game by clicking the download button, Install and Complete

  6. Open the application on your browser

  7. Begin playing!

  8. Choose the land where you want to settle

  9. Start building your town!

Here is a quick video explaining the entire process of getting started with Medieval Empires.


Medieval Empires is a play-and-own multiplayer online strategy game set in late 13th century Turkey, built on the carbon neutral Polygon blockchain. Players start their journey as tribal warriors building towns and empires while trading and fighting. The game includes both PvP battles and passive PvE gameplay, with the option for players to become landowners by buying Land NFTs and renting out town slots to other players. So, are you ready to embark on a journey to build your own towns, train your armies, and engage in epic battles to attain glory in the historic world of Medieval Empires?