Legends of Venari - Are you able to catch, train, and trade powerful Venari?

GameGameLegends of Venari
DateDate02 Jun 2022

The Legends of Venari is an Ethereum-based creature collection RPG, it concentrates all of its game-related decisions based on three pillars: Fun, Thoughtful, and Fair Gameplay. Furthermore, the game stated that all players have earning assets that they can use while playing the game. In Legends of Venari, users may also mint and catch various rare and unusual Venari for free.


The Legends of Venari is an RPG game that caters to the Ethereum Blockchain. The game is all about catching a common to unique Venaris to build a huge collection for the future metaverse of the game. The Venaris was described as a scary, shadowy monster, with flashing eyes and keen claws serving as a reminder of Caerras' hidden perils. While others embraced Venari or hired the monster for work, no formal research or proof backed up this sudden fearlessness. As time pass by, the major region of Caerras acknowledged the powers of a Venari through research laboratories and facilities. Due to this information, humans have begun to travel to different cities,  hunt, and collect Venaris for their own advantage. 

Legends of Venari 2


Legends of Venari is all about catching and collecting Venari. The basic game loop aims at attracting Venari with bait, catching Venari using rigs, and earning gold and experience to upgrade rigs and bait in order to entice and acquire distinct Venari. Starting off with the main element of the game, the Venari are collectibles that have demand and value.

Legends of Venari 3

Badges are indications of whether a player gets their Venari, this may be earned through the alpha season, limited events, and serialized or numbered Venari with an indication of one of the first 100 Venari.

The Venari’s appearance is defined by Elements. Each Venari has six different elements: Fire, Earth, Water, Air, Nature, and Ice.

Legends of Venari 4

Each species is connected with a Constellation. There are many rarities linked with constellations. In a future release, Constellations will establish Venari’s base stats. Every Venari is assigned a size randomly. Venari comes in sizes XS, S, M, L, and XL. Specific sizes are more uncommon than others.

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To begin drawing a Venari, users must first provide bait for enticing before attracting a Venari. When the bait is laid, Venari will emerge from one of the six squares that may be seen above.

Legends of Venari 6

A selection of Venari may be available before the cooldown of putting a bait expires, players can choose a Venari and try to catch it. A shrub that contains a Venari may appear during the selection and is chosen at random and remains a mystery until the exploration screen.

Legends of Venari 7

pass is an NFT that may be used to activate a Legends of Venari account. Every pass has the potential to earn up to a set number of extra passes. Each pass is affiliated with a faction. They are

  1. Talaw

  2. Vestal

  3. Azule

To know more about passes, please refer to the table:

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Legends of Venari 9

Team and Partnerships

Legends of Venari contains approximately ten full-time people who are working on the game from all over the world. They are gamers at heart and are highly enthusiastic about creating a game that players would truly enjoy playing.

Since 2019, Jason has been studying NFTs and smart contracts in the context of Blockchain Gaming. Jason has created a decentralized messaging protocol in the name of Consensys and has worked with Mozilla to build a group in buying applications. 

Legends of Venari 10

Meanwhile, Drew, Chief Marketing Officer, oversees all elements of marketing, as well as their partnerships and community. Mickey, the chief game designer, is in charge of all areas of game design, including balancing and storytelling, as well as a significant chunk of Legends of Venari’s core gameplay.

Legends of Venari 11

Assets & Ecosystem

The pass system, as mentioned in, is the ticket required to begin playing Legends of Venari. Under the Economy, three factors in the Economy are laid out by the team, these are the 

  • Lending

  • Caerras Credits

  •  Marketplace.

The benefits of lending the pass to other gamers may include a percentage charge. You will be able to earn a percentage every time your lendee spends any Venari earned by lending out your pass. This percentage cost is determined by the alpha pass holder and can vary from 0% to 100%.

Legends of Venari 12

Caerras Credits or CC will be the premium currency of Legends of Venari. This may be used in the Marketplace, generation of the additional base passes, cosmetics, in-game utility, and black-market shop. 

Additional note: As of the moment, the current available NFT asset that can be brought from the OpenSea would be the Alpha Pass.

In the Marketplace, Users will be able to sell their Venaris for either $CC or ETH, There are no gas costs for trading Venari on the $CC marketplace.

Legends of Venari 13


The Venari team indicated that the Roadmap for the following year is still tentative. Some of the completed sections can be viewed during the Alpha season, which runs from October through December 2021. The pending list for late December to April 2022 is still ongoing based on the Roadmap. 

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How to get started

The game hasn’t been completely finished yet. Additionally, the start of Season 1 has been put on hold; the Legends of Venari crew has yet to announce a likely date. Players may still go through the roadmap for any further information.


Legends of Venari is a mystery turned into a discovery that led humanity to search for these monsters. Venaris come in a variety of rarities, thus making the variety of prizes rewarding. As it is all about hunting, baiting, and lending the Venaris, the player's edge will be determination and patience. According to the Roadmap, future metaverses will present new possibilities for players to study and optimize their Venaris.