Legends of Elumia - Next generation P2E, massively multiplayer online roleplaying game

GameGameLegends of Elumia
DateDate30 May 2022

The Legends of Elumia engages players to immerse themselves in a variety of global zones, taking part in multiplayer adventures, missions, and intense player combat against both in-game adversaries and other real-time players. The Elumia metaverse, on the other hand, makes use of Solana to protect the players’ digital assets, safety, and a safe marketplace. Players will also have complete control over their characters and equipment, with a variety of exciting methods to make money such as winning fights against other players, conquering dungeons, and defeating the world’s enemies.


Elumia is a thriving metropolis centered on The Infinite Tower, an ancient structure. The city of Elumia sprung up around the Tower when the gateway opened, relying on its enigmatic powers, which become harnessed to a limited degree of their entire strength using a mix of technical and occult means. Those who explore the portal often do not return, and those who do are viewed with suspicion since each one tells a different story about what is inside.

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Legends of Elumia is a speedy cooperative action MMORPG in which players may join up to fight in thrilling outdoor locations and underground dungeons for experience and levels, fresh loot, and vital resources. Players may also engage in duels and team fights with one another.

Characters may level up and enhance their characters and weapons via games, and can obtain uncommon things. A bustling city metaverse is included in the game, in addition to a range of zones, where players may engage and develop their own flourishing simulated economies and communities, motivating regular participation and forming long-lasting friendships.

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Character Avatars — Uniquely created player figure avatar NFTs let players explore and interact with the world. Each avatar is given a set of characteristics and talents that influence their preferred play style.

Defi & P2E Elements — Users can participate in the game’s future growth. Staking prizes inspired by DeFi, as well as in-game bonuses and reward systems, are all included.

Character Abilities — When a player first begins their quest, their character has a number of various talents and qualities. Traditional MMO archetype skills include tanks, healers, and damage dealers, as well as novel talents based on Elumia legend, are included.

Equipment, Pet & Mounts —  Completing missions, beating monsters, or purchasing stuff from the Marketplace are all ways for players to get new items in the game. The rarity of goods varies, and players can improve their equipment while playing.

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NFT assets — a multitude of NFTs will be accessible for purchase and trading. A 2D avatar image, 3D viewer version, and fully animated in-game 3D asset are included. In addition, Elumia NFTs can be staked to gain in-game benefits or used to strengthen characters.

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Metaverse — Some of the Metaverse NFTs can also range from land to places, enabling players to customize to their own preference. 

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PVE — allows users to explore dungeons and combat tough opponents, as well as join guilds.

PVP — Players may combat with one another, engage in team fights in the Arena, and test out a variety of game styles.

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Team and Partnerships

The core team of Elumia consists of the CEO named Richard who is an expert in the field of the game industry, especially with a background of 21 years in the game industry as a programmer, project manager, and CEO. MMORPGs and other gaming and online projects are among the projects.

The COO, Simon has 14 years of executive management and operational expertise in the technology industry. Some of his specialties that definitely stood out are in the field of Product creation, marketing, and business strategy.

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Alex, their CCO, has 5 years of game experience, including lead art positions on Dungeon Hunter, Asphalt, and Modern Combat.

As seen below, some of the familiar and famous companies that serve as their strategic partners and player guilds are the following.

Assets & Ecosystem

There are two tokens in the Elumia ecosystem: ELU for regulation and EKS for in-game rewards. Both ELU and EKS have four purposes.

ELU Elumina Crowns

  • Process of governance and decision-making (DAO).

  • Staking in order to get in-game rewards.

  • Utilized for the power upgrades.

  • Committed to investing in game-related activities.

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    EKS Elmia Krystals

    • The exchange medium.

    • Acquired via gameplay.

    • Methodology for balancing the economy.

    • Engaged in game-related activities.

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Vesting Schedule

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How to get started

The game has not yet been fully completed and launched. Moreover, the launching of Marketplace is currently on hold; the Elumia team has yet to state the probable date. Players can still review the roadmap for further details.


The materials listed below will aid you in building your engagement with the game, particularly for beginners to the genre. Stay tuned for additional details on the game as it is still under development.