Klay Kingdoms - Enjoy growing your NFT hero and participating in PVP wars

GameGameKlay Kingdoms
DateDate26 May 2022

Klay Kingdoms is a Play-to-Earn game where the players can engage with a strategic RPG through their own Knight Avatar in order to harvest yield on their assets. This effectively creates a fun and old-school style Pixelart world to Gamify your asset management, including local King NFTs, farming through staking, and adding to liquidity pools in a Massively Multiplayer Online Roleplaying Game format! 


The Klay Kingdoms Team has found a muse in the Game-Fi model of DeFi Kingdoms and has since dedicated itself to expanding upon the concept. The Team saw that existing DeFi services saw a steady decline of token worth, sell-offs by stakers, and gradual degradation of the user base, despite various burn mechanisms and incentives. 

In order to fix this, Klay Kingdoms added an MMO element to the game of Game-Fi! By leveling your character you gain additional revenue, next to the high yields of a DeFi service and minting & enhancing NFTs. Through this growing character, and seeing other players run around in-game, you get the sense of being in an old school MMO, for those nostalgic to the earlier days. 

To further expand the MMO concept, Klay aims to add Player vs. Player (PvP) mechanics, as well as a clan initiative to incentivise further cooperation between the players, rather than have you embark on a solo series of quests. The strongest clans can win additional voting rights through their victories, in order to see players grow in tandem with the game. 


As of this writing, the project is still in a developmental stage where it is currently building its decentralized exchange. When this is finished, the minting of its native KING token can commence. From there on out the Team is looking to roll out new content per subject starting with specific mines in order to provide a yield and a clan function for players to come together. From this point onwards the team aims to launch a gameplay mechanic in tandem with a yield mechanic to let players and the world grow together.

KlayKingdom 2


The game combines elements of MMORPGs like player cooperation, farming, and Player vs. Player with DeFi aspects like Yield Farming, Liquidity Pools, and Metaverses through land sales and development. The player is required to think carefully about their resource allocation to make the most out of the game. 

For now players are limited to exploring the overworld and interaction with some various key characters in the game, as well as explore some of the partner worlds with whom Klay Kingdoms has allied. 

Players will land in the overworld with a base character and will be able to farm a yield through providing liquidity in Liquidity Pools or stake their assets. When the Hero-update comes through, the players will be able to summon heroes with varying rarity and power, in order to compete in dungeons and Player vs Player battles to compete for CRYSTAL trophies, which can be swapped for KING. 

KlayKingdom 3

Eventually the Team plans to bring plots of lands to the world to establish wider kingdoms beyond the central hub. Here the land may be developed with buildings so that the local heroes get stronger and can craft NFT weapons, granting unique abilities. 

In addition to all this, the game comes with an overworld chat where players can facilitate trade or be social, strengthening the MMO aspect of Klay Kingdoms. Furthermore, players may choose to interact through video and voice, which may be useful during clan fights, which are scheduled to roll out in the next phase. Stronger clans gain more voting power, allowing player and game to progress together.

For now though, players can familiarize themselves with the layout and feel of the game through the purchase of a KING NFT available on OpenSea for 210 Klay as of writing. Players can harvest the KNIGHT token through this, with the rate of return depending on the rarity of the NFT. 

KlayKingdom 4

Team and Partnerships

The team is currently not doxxed yet, and has not announced plans to do so either, at the point of writing. This makes it hard to estimate the team's skin in the game and their track record thus far.

Regardless, they are working hard on forging many strategic alliances and partnerships, first and foremost being the collaboration with ZEP to bring their vision for the game to life. ZEP has a record of being a stable game platform provider with games such as The Kingdom of the Winds: Yeon

Klay Kingdoms boasts an impressive list of partners with games like SurvivalismG to assist them in creating more immersive aspects in the game, as well as Sandbox. The Team has also managed to secure a partnership with venture groups like OKX Blockdream Ventures, and Everest. 

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Assets and Ecosystem

The Klay Kingdoms game is built on the Klaytn network, an open source network aiming for decentralization, low finality and creating an easy environment for its builders to create in. 

Klay Kingdom’s main currency will be KING, in pair with KLAY for the initial Liquidity Pool. It will gain further use like shortening construction time on buildings, restoring your Hero strength, and participate more actively in the governance of the Kingdom. 

Your Heroes, who you can deck out using KING, can then participate in the mines to either harvest CRYSTAL or to battle for CRYSTAL rewards. This CRYSTAL can then be swapped for KING to further enhance your power in the land. 

As for Token Distribution, 54% of KING will be released over 6 years in the form of community rewards. 15% is divided equally per month over the team for 48 months, and 10% is reserved for Strategic investment. The rest is split over the Community DAO, Marketing, and Initial Fund with 10%, 6%, and 5% respectively. 

And lastly, the early adopters can currently gain a yield in the KNIGHT token by having their KING NFT, which also serves as an initial test run for the team, the contracts etc. This can later be swapped for KING.

KlayKingdom 6

How to get started

Step 1: Set up the Klaytn Metamask Connection with the following details. 

Step 2: Go to the KlayKingdoms site at: https://klaykingdoms.com/

And add your newfound Klaytn Metamask wallet. 

Give yourself a catchy username and enter the world. You can choose to use your camera and microphone or not, but as of writing, it doesn’t do anything yet.

KlayKingdom 7

Step 3: Walk your character around with “w,a,s,d” or the arrow keys and explore around. 

You can use the ‘f’ button to interact with your environment. 

If you bought a KING NFT, make your way up to ‘The Kings Square’ to talk with the herald who will guide you through harvesting your KNIGHT tokens.

KlayKingdom 9


Klay Kingdoms is still in an early stage of development but aims to combine some interesting MMORPG aspects in order to try to create more of a game then its predecessors. I personally always loved socializing the MMOs that I have played, which might create an interesting synergy between players in its local market dynamics. Of course, such an early project brings certain risks, so make sure you only invest what you can afford to lose.