Kingdom Raids - Assemble a squad of heroes and become legendary in battle

GameGameKingdom Raids
DateDate16 Jun 2022

Kingdoms Raids is a peer-to-peer, RPG, and strategy game. It will be launched across multiple chains but will make its first appearance on the Binance Smart Chain. Get your NFT plot and start the conquest to become the strongest empire in the Dood Kingdom. Raid dungeons with strong monsters to gather resources, and upgrade your forces. Create or join a clan and face other clans or monsters in exciting fights!


The gaming industry is embracing blockchain, but gamers do not seem to be completely convinced by the blockchain yet. Two frequently seen complaints are:

- The games lack a form of challenge, they are too easy to play.

- The blockchain games lack quality, there is too much priority on the earning aspect.

This is why AlleyLabs, the leading game studio, is creating Kingdom Raids. The game will be a peer-to-peer and play-to-earn blockchain game which will incorporate challenges and quality to attract all gamers.

Kingdom Raids takes place in the Dood Kingdom, which was originally inhabited by the Dood. The Dood are known for being kind, wise, and chivalrous. However, everything changed when new mystical creatures appeared with bad intentions. They started destroying buildings and intruding on the Doods’ land, but not for long. The king swiftly decided to summon mighty heroes, creatures, and monsters to aid him in the battle for the Dood Kingdom.

To reclaim the Dood Kingdom, you have to buy a plot of land (NFT) and build a mighty empire by coordinatively placing your base and defensive buildings. In addition, you have to summon heroes, creatures, and monsters and upgrade or awaken them to increase their power. Heroes, creatures, and monsters can be used to attack other villages or attack monsters in multiple gameplay settings:

  • PvP Battle

  • Dungeons

  • Story campaign

  • Challenges

  • Tournaments

  • Daily quests

Kingdom Raids 2

Furthermore, the game will also have a clan feature in which you can gather and join global competitions, or just socialize.

This world is for those who are born to conquer it, Not for those who dream that are able to conquer it, even if they're right.”

― Fernando Pessoa, Poems of Fernando Pessoa

NOTE: The game is still under development and details are subject to change!




The game will have a PvP mode, in which you will be able to raid other players' villages. If you are familiar with games such as Clash of Clans, Age of Empires, or Command and Conquer, you might have a slight advantage over the players that are new to such strategy games.

After you decide to raid another village, you will have to choose your victim. After which, you need to pay a non-refundable fee to attack the other village. If the fee is paid, you will have 30 seconds to examine the victim’s town, plan your attack, and place your troops coordinatively.


Dungeons are an important aspect of the game as it allows you to explore and find rare resources. The only way you can travel to a dungeon is by teleportation, which, of course, costs a teleportation fee. Furthermore, as of writing this article, there are 3 types of dungeons which will have different kinds of resources:

  • Elemental

  • Metal

  • Miscellaneous

Story Campaign

The only thing known about the story mode is that it will be added and unlocked as you progress further into the game.


Challenges can be seen as the achievements of the game that encourage players to engage in in-game activities. For example, spending in-game currency or participating in a solo or clan tournament. 


Team up with allies to become the strongest clan of the Dood Kingdom, or simply socialize with your clan mates. Joining a clan allows you to team up and participate in clan tournaments and clan challenges in hopes to retrieve juicy loot.


The game will have over 40 tradable heroes NFTs, who all have unique abilities. But what would a game with heroes be like if there were no classifications? That’s why the game has three types of classifications:


  • Warrior

  • Guardian

  • Ranger

  • Mage

  • Supporter

  • Lord

  • Joker

Used to give appropriate general stats to heroes. For example, a mage is not supposed to be as tanky as a guardian or warrior.

Kingdom Raids 3


  • Normal

  • Rare

  • Epic

  • Legendary

  • Mythical

The rarity of the heroes can amplify the general stats given to heroes.

Element – One of the five elements from nature which you need to use cleverly to counter your enemies.

Kingdom Raids 4

Furthermore, the heroes will have general stats:

  • HP: Health points

  • ATK: Attack power

  • DEF: Defensive power

  • SPD: Speed

  • CRIT DMG: Critical Damage

  • CRIT RATE: Critical Rate

  • Other sub-stats


You can summon heroes by going to the summons rooms in-game. The summoning will be random, which means you will not be able to pick which character they want to summon. Furthermore, you have to pay the in-game currency $KRF to summon heroes.

Upgrading and awakening

Heroes’ general stats can be upgraded by using in-game currencies. However, the game also offers an option to awaken heroes. By awakening, the heroes unlock new skills and their appearance changes. To awaken, you need specific resources that match the heroes’ elements.

Kingdom Raids 5


Base buildings

The base building NFTs are still in development.

Defensive buildings

A strong setup of defensive buildings can stop outsiders from raiding your resources, and thus can be seen as important as having an army of mighty heroes. There are several kinds of defensive structures, such as:

  • Towers

  • Traps

  • Walls

  • Houses

Kingdom Raids 6


The land of the Dood Kingdom is divided into five regions, which are based on the five elements of nature: Nature, Fire, Dark, Water, Light, and Earth.

However, that is not all there is to the regions. The Kingdoms Raids team aims to incorporate unexplored regions in which you can fight strong monsters and extract rare resources from them if beaten.

Each region has land spots (NFTs), also referred to as tokenized build plots, in which you can build your base and start the expansion of their kingdom. The whitepaper mentions a rarity system of the plots with common, rare, epic, legendary, and mythic land spots. The rarity of the spot will influence the type of resources a player can harvest.


There is no detailed information on which resources are going to be released. However, the loot from dungeons indicates at least three types of resources: Elemental, Metal, and Miscellaneous.

Resources will be an important aspect of the game which are required for in-game activities. If it is going to be anything like their existing centralized competitors, it might mean that players will be able to use resources to upgrade their buildings and heroes. The resource mines are guarded by monsters that need to be defeated before the players will be able to extract the resources. Furthermore, to store resources, players will have to build storage buildings.


As of writing this article, the team is working hard on the IDO and exchange listings, the hero minting, and the marketplace. As soon as those are crossed off the list, the closed Alpha version will be released. From that point onwards, the team is going to focus on implementing the remaining features. For now, we can talk through the information about the different aspects that the game will have.

Kingdom Raids 7

Team, Partners, and audits

Kingdom Raids has a strong team who have lots of experience working together. The team has made multiple Android and iOS games which, altogether, accrued more than 100 million downloads.

They go by the name AlleyLabs and you can read more about their previous well-known games such as Tribal Mania and Final Fortress over here (click).

Furthermore, the team has prominent members who have previously worked for Gameloft, which has developed and published multiple Lego and Disney games.

The founders are Hai Duong Van (CEO) and Duc Duong (CTO). Hai Duong Van has more than five years of experience as a financial advisor within the crypto space. Next to being a CEO, he owns a blog and is actively trying to promote the adoption of blockchain technology. 

Duc Duong is a true heavyweight within the programming and developing space, with over ten years of experience as a Java developer. He has worked for the likes of Bitmark Inc. who has been awarded the Technology Pioneer title by the World Economic Forum in 2020. 

Kingdom Raids 8

The team has a firm group of partners and investors, such as Animoca Brands, who are the lead investors for the game. 

Kingdom Raids 9

Furthermore, to ensure the security of their smart contracts, they have been audited by three blockchain security companies.

Kingdom Raids 10

Assets & Ecosystem

As of writing this article, there is no information released on the tokenomics of Kingdom Raids except for the two types of tokens that will be used.

$KRS, which will function as the governance token.

$KRF, which will function as an in-game currency.

How to get started

Unfortunately, there is no way to get started yet. The game has yet to be released and there is no information released on the closed alpha yet. According to a community manager in their Discord, the exact date is still to be decided. This means we will have to be patient to be able to play the Alpha of the game.


If you feel like playing a Clash of Clans type of game, and want to have stronger forces than the Roman Empire had? Then get armed and join the battle for the Dood Kingdom. Summon the mightiest heroes and battle strong monsters. Don’t fret to join a clan and ask your clanmates for help if the challenge is too much to handle by yourself. Might you be the next multichain Dood Kingdom emperor?

Keep an eye on their socials, since they post frequently and seem to leak quite a bit of information! Especially their Medium has lots of juicy details that are not covered in the whitepaper.

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