Khosmium - Challenge the Kosmium Universe in several PvP and PvE modes

DateDate17 May 2022

Khosmium is a game that combines RPG, RTS, and MOBA elements with the integration of the NFT Metaverse. World-famous games like Defense of the Ancients (DOTA) and League of Legends (LOL) are some games that may be contrasted to the genre of this NFT game. Khosmium is based on the Play to Earn economy, which allows players to immerse themselves in a AAA video game set in a mythical realm.


The game caters to an AAA video game that is based on a fictional world together with the fusion of RPG, RTS, and MOBA genres. Diving more into details, the metaverse of Khosmium also utilizes PvE and PvP modes. Players will mirror their chosen hero escorted by their own pets and various equipment that will enable them to use certain features. These features may include fighting, gathering resources, negotiating an exchange, and wandering into different types of settings in the game.

The game revolves around completing missions, objectives, fights, (and other categories that carry various prizes), NFT staking, yield farming, or staking, as the economy will be based on a Play to Earn system. 


The game is officially in the second quarter of 2022, as shown below. According to their roadmap, upcoming features will be introduced based on their agendas and goals for the year as they unfold different parts of Khosmium.

Khosmium 2


As seen in the roadmap, the gameplay is still in the process of being created. However, elements of the game are already introduced in the whitepaper. Some of these encompass the components of the Khosmium Universe, gameplay phases, heroes, pets, objects, and lands. 

Starting off with the setting of the game, there are numerous races, galaxies, and worlds that are in the Khosmium Universe that is claimed to be soon revealed. 13 of these were introduced, and some of these are:

  • The Lands of Abasia — Inhabited by humans who appeared on this planet as a result of a time machine.

  • Kingdom of Ventulonia — a little state steeped in superb sunlight, vineyards, and meadow is as wide as the eye can perceive.

  • Kingdom of Erania — is a comparatively tiny archipelago near Vetuloina.

  • Kingdom of Alhasina — is a large Berber market city in the middle of a wide desert.

  • World of Euxines — Telnofia, the main place of Euxines, a massive, high tech metropolis with a rich tradition in the code of combat.

  • Helenia — Alia, a city that concentrates on sea trade and gladiator battles, stands out among all the towns and kingdoms in this little universe.

  • Yamata — is a remote island country. This country is split into tribes that battle one another. The Shizake, a few of these clans, is always at odds with other families for power and governance of Nara.

  • Alteria — is a narrow, frigid world with deep valleys and mountain ranges that is an associate of the Federation of Free Planets and the sole planet possessing animallium, a very rare metal.

  • Colaris — the mother world and center of the settlers’ intergalactic empire.

  • Thalassa — is an entirely aquatic world with only a few islets.

  • Earth — a location where the settlers constantly monitor its planet.

  • Tahatus — Tahatus is a planet occupied by the Tahatus, a species of ancient mankind who were violently mutated into gelatinous masses as a result of the Colonarios’ disastrous experiment.

  • Oscury — aforbidden planet where extraterrestrials can communicate with ancient and millenary animals known as the Fatuos.

Diving more into the actual gameplay of Khosmium, players may engage in PvE and PvP on multiple maps and in different game modes according to the Khosmium metaverse. The player can explore various ways to acquire resources by mining, stealing, exchanging, conquering lands, constructing buildings, forging weapons, and developing their NFTS.

While on an adventure players get to travel with their pets as their companions. Pets will be a great help to advance more than the usual phasing and may also gather extra resources during the journey. During the exploration, missions and daily tasks will be some of the ways to increase the player’s reward, this may be applied to the PvE or PvP.

A Player’s voyage will not be complete without battling. Battlegrounds are designed for the most battle-hardened users who are prepared to go to a certain length. Two teams compete with the primary goal of destroying the Sacred Source, with the winner taking home a large sum in prizes.

Lastly, building structures on the land will allow you to have a more productive economy. It will also lead you into a more social game model owing to the trade, sale, and auction along with other uses of your models and accessories.

Gameplay phases of Khosmium:

Gameplay phase 1: Alpha

  • Invited players will be allowed to play the video game in PvE mode with VIP status in the discord season pass during this period.

Gameplay phase 2: CBT F&F

  • Invited players will be allowed to play the game with VIP status with a battle pass in Discord, in PvE mode, for additional missions and goals, during this period.

Gameplay phase 3: CBT 1

  • Users with NFT will be allowed to play the game in PvE mode and the Lost Jungle map in PvP during this period. This version is only available to OG and VIP members of the Discord Battle Pass.

Gameplay phase 4

  • Users with NFT will be allowed to play the game in Battle Arena mode during this period. This version is only available to OG and VIP members of the Discord Battle Pass.

Gameplay phase 5

  • In the Open Beta, individuals with NFT will be able to play the game in both PvE and PvP modes.

Gameplay phase 6

  • Land and structures will be released.

Gameplay phase 7

  • Users of NFT can make their own NFT.

Khosmium 3

Immersing ourselves more in the specific elements of the games; Heroes, Pets, Objects, and Lands, are the main components of the game mechanics and each has an explanation for why they are vital in Khosmium.

Each hero has three active abilities; one ultimate ability, one passive ability, and five degrees of rarity. The rarity may be defined as Common, Rare, Epic, Legendary, and Mystic.

Khosmium 4

Three criteria will be influenced by the hero’s rarity:

  1. The maximum amount of pets a hero can have.

  2. What in-game materials and tokens can be earned.

  3. Talent points.

Khosmium 5

Pets are creatures that assist us to enhance our character qualities and fulfill various missions. Moreover, pets are NFTs that may be found in chests, the marketplace, and through pet mergers. 

Pets may be adapted as troops in the game and can provide you with passive revenue. There are 15 unique species, each with five tiers. Pets have varying passives based on their level.

Khosmium 6

For the Objects, Heroes will be able to equip up to 7 of these in-game items in order to significantly boost their qualities and obtain unique powers.

Additional note: Only a small number of Khosmium goods will be NFT. These may be gained through gameplay, chests, the marketplace, and object merging.

Item type rarity:

  1. Common

  2. Rare

  3. Epic

  4. Legendary

  5. Mystic

Different planets may be discovered by players everywhere around Khosmium, and it is on these planets that numerous undeveloped regions can be found. Having said that, Lands will exist for various reasons such as; building structures, renting constructions, having access to other gamer modes, and improving the training of their NFT while building structures for their heroes, objects, pets, and armors.

Lands may be acquired through the following:

  • In-game rewards

  • Staking

  • VS Tournaments

  • Prize draws

  • Marketplace

The presale of NFT will be available once the open beta is accessible enough for the players. Tentative dates will soon be announced. 

Khosmium 7

Team and Partnerships

The team is made up of brilliant minds starting up with the CEO, Paco Perez, who has since long set his foot in the video game sector, ever since the 1990s. For more than 10 years, he has been a founding partner of Legend Studios, where he has been able to direct projects such as “Wartimes”. 

Continuing more into the team of Khosmium, Daniel Villena, the CTO, has more than 20 years of experience in creating video games, and programming games in 2D and 3D has become his field of expertise. 

Khosmium 8

Some of the talented people also include Alfredo Barcena the CMO, Nacho Gutierrez the creative manager, and Alberto Yarte the financial specialist. 

The team also consists of skilled individuals Paul Martlew the customer success, Juan Gonzales the COO, Javier de la Cruz the art director, Gines Montero the art manager, and finally Sergio Gonzalez the animator director. 

The advisory board comprises accomplished professionals from the blockchain, gaming, global communications, and technology industries. Their advisor, Satoshis Games, a provider of full-service systems for developers, is also on board to develop the game. 

Khosmium 9

Assets & Ecosystem


The code of the official token will be named KHOS, together with the blockchain Solana. Total supply is mounted up by 1,000,000,000 $KHOS tokens.

The Khosmium Native Digital Secure Fungible Token ($KHOS symbol) is a Khosmium protocol and platform extensible utility token. 

Some of the main uses of KHOS Tokens are the following:

  • NFT Market — Used as a means of payment to facilitate and secure payment and settlement between users in the Khosmium Ecosystem.

  • In-game payment — Participants may use the native money $KHOS to gain additional NFTs, trade for them, and enhance in-game features such as: Negotiate with other players to rent your NFT’s characters or several other commodities.

  • Participation — It provides $KHOS token holders access to Khosmium giveaways, competitions, eSports, and special in-game events.

  • Governance — To facilitate a decentralized player-driven community, owners of $KHOS tokens will be able to participate in the upcoming Khosmium framework and/or feature production proposals.

Khosmium 10

$IUM is Khosmium’s secondary token and is intended to be used as a reward coin. The maximum supply is limitless, but buy-back and burn procedures will limit it. $IUM may be earned through participating in the arena and winning matches.

Additional note: 1 $KHOS = 10,000 $IUM will be defined as the equivalency, however, the exchange rate will be dynamically determined by supply and demand.

NFT Staking

Staking $KHOS will reward participants not just with tokens, but also with:

  • Resources for creating things, some of which may be converted into NFTs and sold on the NFT Market.

  • Ability enhancers on both the PvE and PvP, which are necessary for specific boss stages.

  • Players may use consumables to assist them to survive crucial PvE situations and get the treasure they want.

  • For selected matches, get double XP or double Earn boosters.

Liquidity Pool

A $KHOS-$SOL liquidity pool will be put up on a major Defi Platform. Khosmium will encourage liquidity by rewarding Liquidity Pool contributors with $KHOS. Khosmium has set aside 20% of all payouts as a start. 

Khosmium 11
Distribution of Tokens

How to get started

The game has yet to be fully released and developed. Furthermore, the pre-sale of NFTs is still on a tentative date; the Khosmium team has mentioned that they will disclose the possible date in the near future. Nonetheless, players may refer to the roadmap for more information.


The helpful resources provided below will assist you in establishing your relationship with the game, especially for the players who are new to the genre. The game is only in the process of being developed, so stay tuned for more information.