Inu Wars: Liquidation - Earn, play and enjoy by providing weapons and ammo

GameGameInu Wars: Liquidation
DateDate23 May 2022

Inu Wars Liquidation is a Play-to-Earn Artillery turn-based strategy shooting game built on BSC chain in which the player-driven economy allows for a unique gameplay experience where users can create bases, ammo, unique INU NFTs, and weapons used for engaging in the battle called INU WARS. In addition, this game will be the first one to be released in the Inu Wars series. 


If you have played and feel nostalgic for some of the famous traditional shooting games back in 2003 like Gunbound, Worms, and DD Tank, then this game is for you! Inu Wars share many common features that the traditional artillery shooting games cater to when it comes to gameplay. These INUs are your NFT characters that will represent you in each battle. 

The goal is to destroy all the INUs in a battle using a variety of weapons and must take aim on your turns to destroy the members of the opposing team, all of this while conserving your ammunition in preparation for your next battle. 

The game is both enjoyable and rewarding since there are a lot of ways to earn. You can battle against the AI ​​or other players, create ammunition and weapons to sell in the marketplace, sell ​​NFT perks and buffs, collect rare INUs, win in the lottery, and many more features that are currently being developed. 

Moreover, players can also buy land and build structures like: weapons factories, research depots, mining deposits, component development and logistics centers, training grounds, hospitals, and other essential structures.

Inu Wars 2


As of this writing, the game is still in the development stage and will be releasing an open beta test launch this Q2 of 2022 for critical testing and development. In addition, they will also be releasing the game as soon as the final polish is done. 

On the other hand, they will be also revealing the Inu Wars second game which features new maps, events, and NFTs including the NFT staking. We know that developing games might take a while to finish, however, we will still talk through what we know so far in the game.

Inu Wars 3


The game combines artillery gameplay with platforming elements and overcoming obstacles in which you need to hit your opponents accurately using your weapons. Sounds easy but there are a lot of things that you need to factor in on the projectile's trajectory like the angle, wind direction, characteristics of the weapon, and many more. 

On top of that, you need to get used to the terrain condition as well as the wind and the firing speed for a better trajectory. The side that aims well and is able to damage the opponents will gain the most scores and eventually wins the game.

Inu Wars 4

At the start of the game, players will be randomly spawned and scattered around the map. Each INUs is distinguished by their names, health indicators, team flag, and voice acting. Each team has its turn, in which the player can perform various actions like crawl, jump, use a teleport or a rope, and use many other devices. 

On the other hand, the goal is to deal as much damage as possible to your opponents using different kinds of weapons like rocket launchers, grenades, pistols, and many more.

Moreover, INU can lose health either from the damage inflicted by the enemy's INU or accidentally hit by your teammates so make sure you plan your moves accordingly. 

NOTE: The maps can be destroyed either by your actions or by the actions of your opponents.

A player needs to have at least one INU to join the game. When buying new INUs, players receive the standard amount of ammunition.

1 x BNBzooka: Ammo (25)

1 x M0x1: Ammo (100)

1 x Lady's pistol: Ammo (250) 

1 x Bone: Ammo (Endless)

Players can get passive income from providing weapons and ammo to users by buying land and building a base which they call War Preparation.

Inu Wars 5

War Preparation

Players can buy land and build structures on it which will help you to upgrade, craft and store different kinds of weapons and ammunition for your INUs. Moreover, it is where you create your base to increase your INUs level by building training grounds as well.

On the other hand, you can also earn and sell these NFT items in the marketplace.

Inu Wars 6

Team and Partnership

The game is developed by an amazing doxxed team which consists of 12 members that have a preceding experience when it comes to the crypto industry. On top of that, they have their discord channel in which they answer all the community questions and give updates with regards to the game and development as well.

Inu Wars 7

For partnerships and advisors, they currently have Moonpoly, Pinksale, CryptoRunner, Efun, Chainlink, and Liquidifty and are still planning to add more partnerships in the near future. 

Inu Wars 8

Assets & Ecosystem

The Inu Wars marketplace is the primary source of weapons and ammo for Inu Wars games. All weapons used in the Inu Wars Liquidation game will later be used in other Inu Wars game series as well.

$IWR(Inu Wars) - This will be the game’s utility token. You can earn this by winning in a match, completing daily tasks, climbing on the leaderboard, or participating in tournaments.

As of this writing, the marketplace is still currently being developed and will have filters by NFT Сharacters, Weapons, Ammunition, Factories, etc. The marketplace will allow buying NFT Weapon and Ammo using $IWR or BNB. 

Inu Wars 9

As for their burning mechanism, the token burn from each marketplace transaction will continue until the total supply reaches 60 million which then will be burned manually every two months until the total number reaches 60 million. They also indicate that they will be launching a new burning program as soon as they hit the 60 million supply.

Inu Wars 10

How to get started

Inu Wars: Liquidation is still in the Early Beta test but the game is already playable. If you want to try out the game, you need to at least purchase the Starter Pack from the game which costs 0.07 BNB. These packs contain 8 NFTs including 1 Inu Character with 7 different kinds of weapons. In addition, this will grant you early pre-beta access. All these NFTs will be available to be used in-game even in later game versions such as the beta or the final version of the game.

For the full guide on how to join in the Pre-Beta click here.

Where to buy tokens? Pancakeswap and PooCoin

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If you love to play an artillery type of shooting game where you can earn and show your skills when it comes to gauging your attacks and landing that hit then you might want to try this out. At the end of the day, every NFT game has its risks so make sure you always research the project and invest only what you can afford to lose.

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