Gooeys - Fun 2 play blockchain game

DateDate28 Oct 2022

Gooeys is a Tamagotchi-style Play2Earn game on the Polygon blockchain. Grow your Gooey kingdom by feeding, questing, and even breeding new Gooeys with inheritance-based NFTs and stats! Founder of Dogira Studios and Project Lead on Gooeys, Eoghan Hayes, started his web3 journey as a core developer and founding team member for Dogecoin in 2013. Gooeys is built with the Unity Engine and various in-house toolkits produced by Dogira Studios to empower a fully on-chain gaming experience. Gooeys is designed as an "evolutionary" gaming system, with new features and full expansions continually being built based on community feedback and DAO systems. Dogira’s bespoke toolkits allow for offline speeds while maintaining on-chain logic, ensuring that logic-critical operations are handled entirely on the Polygon Network. In contrast, features such as social interactions and image generation for procedural NFTs are handled via dedicated backend resources.

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Gooeys is being designed under the tenet that the introduction of the blockchain should empower gaming experiences - not detract from them, or simply re-implementing what’s already possible without going on-chain. 

Core to this is the creation of our decentralized economy, built to both ensure full player ownership of their creations and adventures, while aggressively tackling the “infinite inflation” problem suffered en-masse by market-leading MMOs.

Last but not least, all of Gooeys’ randomness is secured by Chainlink VRF, ensuring fair and verifiable game logic for all players.

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Gooeys’ core game loop is kept very simple - with idle-based questing allowing players to earn $GOO tokens and Fruit. 

Fruit allows a player to both power up their Gooey and keep them running quests, while $GOO tokens allow players to either buy Fruit or breed new Gooeys. 

New Gooeys can then tackle more powerful quests, earning better rewards and continuing the cycle. The entirety of Gooeys’ ecosystem is based around ERC20, ERC721, and ERC1155 tokens - allowing players to freely trade their assets on platforms such as OpenSea and QuickSwap.

While the core game loop will remain supported indefinitely, Gooeys is a product under continual development - with new features added via free expansions over time. 

Our upcoming ‘Discovery’ expansion focuses both on ease of player onboarding (with standalone mobile/desktop clients), SocialFi systems, and new game modes allowing for new ways to earn Fruit and $GOO tokens.

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Play To Earn

Gooeys has been meticulously designed to avoid the hyperinflationary norms as regularly seen across the MMO space - in keeping with the fact that crypto assets exist in their own free marketplace, and that these inflationary effects cannot be easily controlled/adjusted for as they would be in a more standard gaming setting.

$GOOEY represents our Gooey game characters, in an ERC721 contract. The same contract additionally houses our core Questing, and Tumbling (breeding) systems.

Outside of 1000 Generation zero Gooeys, all new Gooeys must be created via our Tumbling/breeding system; which combines traits of both parents, along with allowing for genetic mutations.

Gooeys and their supporting $GOO currency / $FRUIT consumable are all earnable in-game and may be freely traded on platforms such as OpenSea and QuickSwap.

All core game logic including tumbled/generated Gooey stats and cosmetics, alongside Quest results, are determined by Chainlink’s VRF.

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Assets & Ecosystem

$GOO serves as the main currency token (ERC20) for Gooeys. This is a mintable token and can be rewarded through our core questing system. In-game sinks for $GOO are set to burn all tokens used for purchases or otherwise, with no tax/reflection systems or otherwise. 

The minting rewards from $GOO are automatically halved every 8 weeks; ensuring a constant decrease in inflationary pressure. Tumbling maintains a base cost of 300,000 $GOO tokens, with all $GOO used for tumbling sent to the dead address.

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$FRUIT is our supporting ERC1155 token; Gooeys must be kept fed in order to quest and tumble new Gooeys. $FRUIT is a common component of tumbling, with a well-fed Gooey typically birthing much stronger offspring. 

$FRUIT can be earned from questing, or purchased from the in-game store with $GOO tokens - with all consumed Fruit once again being burned to the dead address. $DOGIRA is our Studio’s primary token; players holding at least 20,000 $DOGIRA tokens are entitled to a 10% discount on the $GOO costs for tumbling.

Team and Partnerships

Gooeys’ project lead is Eoghan Hayes of Dogira Studios.

Eoghan previously worked as a full-stack developer for Limbic Games, developing on and releasing Zombie Gunship Survival, a breakout mobile success with over 10 Million downloads. Following this, Eoghan’s standalone indie development Split or Steal amassed over 100,000 downloads following release via Steam. 

Outside of Game Development, Eoghan has worked both across the startup/founder scene - from contributions as a Dogecoin core developer in 2014 to working enterprise development/management positions at Microsoft and Zendesk.

Joining Eoghan is Mary (Maria) Mabiruna, leading art and design. Having studied under the tutelage of Vitaly S Alexiuss and proceeding to gain over a decade’s worth of experience in working directly in the gaming and visual novel industries.

Mary’s incredible attention to detail in fantasy and cyberpunk stylings lends to Gooey’s unique and charming design.

Both members are fully KYC’d by Certik, as part of Gooeys’ core audit:

How to get started

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  1. Pick up a Gooey on OpenSea - feel free to check out their stats in-game at before buying one! It’s also a good idea to pick up some Fruit to feed your Gooey with, before venturing off on a quest!

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  2. Log in with your wallet on (Desktop only - Native mobile apps coming soon!), and start playing!

  3. Familiarize yourself with Gooeys and its community - join us on Telegram or Discord, and read up on the advanced Game Mechanics on our GooBook!

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Gooeys is a brand new PlayToEarn game from a fledgling indie studio, which doesn’t shy away from complex systems and deeply designed economics.

These complexities allow players to truly strategize with their creations while allowing for a simple and intuitive game loop to maintain ease of access for newcomers.

Gooeys is being built with the mantra of using the blockchain to empower what can already be a good gaming experience, rather than shoe-horning blockchain tech into systems that never needed them in the first place.

This ongoing creative process ensures that players have brand new expansions and game features to look forward to in the future, coupled with an experienced and KYC’d team leading the helm.