Genopets - Digital spirit animal based on your personality, treat them well!

DateDate10 Apr 2022

Genopets is the first Free-to-Play, Move-to-Earn NFT RPG mobile game. Genopets is built on Solana with the concept of the games Tamagotchi, Pokemon, and Animal Crossing. You can nurture, train, battle, craft and collect NFTs while rewarding players with crypto as they grind through physical activity and mini-games.


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We all know that sitting all day, playing NFT games is not healthy for our body. When the global pandemic started, our lifestyle was drastically changed and forced us to stay indoors which made it worse for our health. But worry no more since a group of innovative developers created an NFT game called Genopets where you do physical activities in real life while earning crypto.

The game is freshly designed to motivate people to bring back the active and healthy lifestyle while incentivizing themselves. Imagine earning while traveling, exercising, going to the gym or just doing any sorts of real life activity. Additionally you lose weight and bring back your dream body, how cool is that?

With the Genopets being assembled in the name of social incentive mechanics, it is proven to be embedded in the wearable gaming industry. Syncing data from wearable devices and smartphones will act as a sensor for the blockchain mechanics in the Genoverse. 

The game is beneficial especially for your physical and mental state as it will make you realize that time is very important for everyone and your actions everyday have a substantial value. Moreover, the game provides every person a greater purpose to enrich their lives through active lifestyle and self-care which is an interesting concept for revolutionizing NFT games.


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Based on the roadmap, we do not know a set date yet but the game is currently in private beta testing since development and beta testing are very fluid processes, It might take a while to finish it. However, we will discuss what we know so far in the game.


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Jumping into the gameplay, you will start with generating your own Genopet through a generated NFT imbuing aesthetic, performance attributes, and your personality that reflects you as a person. Your Genopet embodies your characteristics from the start, making it inherently unique. It will be your digital spirit animal that you can hatch, nurture, battle and evolve throughout the game. 

On the other hand, you may also either buy them in the marketplace or mint them and evolve them.

To progress in the game, players' real-life activities will be converted through the wearable data and devices that they have with them throughout their activities in real-life. 

This will now serve as the Move-to-Play mechanics which replaces the usual way of earning through playing all day with your phones and computers. 

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Heading into the in-depth system of the Genopets battle and spectating, the system is patterned after the most popular mobile game system TBS (Turn-based strategy). Turn-based mini-games will allow the players to be immersed in the multiple non contemporary battles concurrently which will be addicting for every gamers out there especially for fitness enthusiasts. 

Spectating on the other hand will also earn you $KI in terms of the decentralized prediction market where you may earn from spectating and will be rewarded for participation in predicting who will take home the victory for the weekly fitness challenge. 

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The Free-to-play Genopets require the players to have their smartphones, players will start earning their rewards as they move or travel around. A few things you may expect are the following; You can evolve your Genopet once the required amount of XP is attained, battling other free players in competitive, strategic mini-games to earn even more XP. Lastly, trading your Genopet NFT in the market for the starting players to give them allowance in adjusting to their own needs. 

Moving on to the Pay-to-Play side of the game, players may speed up their gameplay by acquiring a Habitat to ensure the fast procedure of transforming your Genopet, making Refined crystals, and unfolding the continuous $KI token as the players earn their daily rewards. Leasing your habitat to other players may also be a way for the players to gain income. 


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The core team consists of three members.Albert Chen, Cofounder and CEO of Genopets. As owner of multiple e-commerce businesses, he has 10 years of experience in growth marketing and software development. Moreover, he is also adept in blockchain engineering as he has been doing it for 4 years. Albert Chen currently has 3 jobs including Co-Founder & CEO at Genopets, Co-Founder at masklab, and Founder and Chief Consultant at Cocoon Worldwide.

On the other hand,Benjamin Tse is a CPO and also a Cofounder of Genopets. He is the team’s product head with 15 years of experience in UI/UX, Business Strategy, SaaS, E-commerce, and Branding. In addition, he is also a blockchain and crypto investor and builder since 2016.

Lastly,Jay Chang who is also a Cofounder of Genopets, he is top notch when it comes to Product Management and Marketing leader as he has 10 years of experience on this line of work. He also has 4 years in blockchain, 3 in product marketing leading the go-to-market for EOS at prior to joining Google’s P&E dev marketing team.


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The Genopets have many of the top and most renowned guilds in the industry naming Merit Circle, DROPP, AAG Ventures, AcadArena, Adrena, AEY, Avocado, BAYZ, BlackPool, Cosmic, DUX, Excnetwork, GOAT Guild, GuildFi, Hooga, Impact Realm, Lyceum, Metaverse Magna, Morfyus League, Prominence Games, Rainmaker Games, Yield Guild Games, and many more.

Assets & Ecosystem

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Given that the gameplay is both accommodating the Free-to-Play and Move-to-Earn system, the Genopets economic flywheel created the Dual Earning Economy Innovation to administer both systems and still have the shot in earning more income.

Game Elements

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Discussing the vital parts and definition of the Genopets, there are six rudimentary building blocks of the Genoverse:

$GENE Token - used for both utility and staking to earn rewards and fungible governance that constitutes in the world of Genoverse. Players can vote on new in-game features, receive priority VIP access to new in-game content launches, and many more.

$KI Token — fungible in-game reward token that may be earn when acquiring a Habitat. This token may also transform your Genopet, transmute crystals, and produce new habitats to battle other players.

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Genopets 12

Genopets — a yielding NFT that can be upgraded, customized, and developed as the players continuously play their part and gain XP along the way. The starting journey for players of Genopets will be given a free Genopet NFT that is conceived as an infant, the value will eventually increase only if the players devote their time and effort to battle and expand their pets into a more refined creature. Genopets will naturally transform with XP, meanwhile, the transformation will be based and stabilized with the help of Refined Crystals.

XP — referred to as the experience points. This will increase along with your effort of taking steps every day and will also eventually upgrade your Genopet.

Refined Crystals — anon-fungible token that may be produced using $GENE and $KI to transform a Genopet. This may also be used in transforming the elemental genotype of your Genopets.

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Genopets 15

Habitat — the home of your genopets, this will also be the place where your Genopets will evolve. Habitats may be accessed through the generated non-fungible tokens that players will purchase, however they can also be gained through $GENE, $KI, and Gene Crystals. The uses of the Habitats don’t end there, it may also cater to boosting the players’ XP, unlocking the capacity of crafting Refined crystals, and earning daily $KI.

How to get started

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Since the game has not yet been released, we can start to play in the Beta Phase, you can start off by creating your Solana wallet. There are many types of Solana wallet that you can choose from: 

  1. Phantom

  2. Slope

  3. Solflare

  4. Torus

  5. Ledger

  6. Sollet

  7. Sollet(Extension)

After creating your Solana wallet, you need to at least fund your wallet(a small amount will do) as the game will be asking for verification purposes.

Once you’ve done the steps above, you can start to play the game for free by registering for Private Beta and creating your game account.

If you do not own a Genesis Genopet and want to join the private beta, you can purchase one from one of their partner marketplaces Fractal, Magic Eden,, or Solanart.

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Tons of new NFT games are being released almost every month, each provides with a different types of gameplay, functions, promising roadmap and tokenomics to indulge with. However, do note that all types of NFT games have a risk so make sure you always do your own research and background check for every NFT games that you will be putting your money into.

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