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DateDate15 Feb 2022

Gaming has evolved for many many years, becoming one of the most profitable entertainment industries in the world. Gamers are shifting from Pay-to-Play to Play-to-Earn type of games which gives them power to own their assets and monetize them.

Gala Games | The Next Gaming Revolution

Gaming has evolved for many many years, becoming one of the most profitable entertainment industries in the world. Gamers are shifting from Pay-to-Play to Play-to-Earn type of games which gives them power to own their assets and monetize them.

Gala Games was founded in 2018 with exactly this goal in mind. Their creation of a games ecosystem that will fundamentally redefine both the gaming and blockchain spaces is one of the most ambitious development projects to date. As many are still unfamiliar with Gala Games this article aims to give a comprehensive overview of this exciting company and its portfolio of Play-to-Earn games!

Company Background

Founded in 2018 and ramping up with 51–129 employees. Gala Games were started by Eric Schiermeyer (the co-founder of Zynga and gaming legend), Wright Thurston (one of the first major miners in the cryptocurrency space and holder of multiple patents on blockchain technology), and Michael McCarthy (the Creative Director behind viral gaming hits such as Farmville 2), Gala Games is here to fundamentally redefine both the gaming and blockchain spaces.

Gala Games is a developer of a blockchain gaming platform intended to allow gamers to play, stake, buy/sell gaming assets and compete to be the best. The company combines blockchain technology with decentralized video games which enables the players to streamline the process of gaming while earning NFTs. The main office of the said company is in San Francisco, CA United States.

Gala Games was founded with one goal in mind and that is to give power back to the gamers. In addition to, the company undertakes one of the most ambitious development projects which is to create the Gala Games Ecosystem.

Gala Games 2

The company’s incredible growth and astounding potential has made billions of dollars for speculators which brings millions of people into the fray. Gala Games has an impressive project on hand when it comes to the gaming sector and the team is trying to create games that will attract gamers for its excellent and top-notch quality.

In our opinion, some of the blockchain games aren’t that great to play for now compared to traditional games. None of these games have anything special in them except from earning aspects. For that reason, Gala Games has stepped up to create the best games out there whether it’s blockchain or not and on top of that, they’ll have the additional benefit of being on the blockchain incorporating both full ownership with NFTs as well as the earnings aspect.

Gala Games 3


Gala Games manages to do everything with their amazing team line up. First off, we have Eric Schiermeyer who’s the co-founder and CEO of Gala Games. Eric is the former CEO of Intermix Media, the company behind Myspace, and he’s the co-founder of Zynga which gave birth to our popular games, FarmVille and Zynga Poker way back in 2007–2009. The second co-founder and currently the studio director at Gala Games is Michael McCarthy. He’s the former creative director at Zynga and also the one behind FarmVille 2. The games had over 38 million up to 183 million monthly active players at it’s peak which makes them the top contenders when it comes to gaming quality and retention.

The next member of the team is the President of Games at Gala games, John Osvald. John has a 15-year background in the gaming industry focused on free-to-play, joining Zynga as product manager in the early days. His most recent position was Head of Products at the mobile games division at Electronic Arts. His job at Gala is to oversee the games under development.

Other notable members are Warren Marshall and Craig Matchett which both works with the 3D designing. Warren is the co-founder and art director at Gala. He has over 20 years of experience in the industry. Some of those were spent at Epic Games where his most recent project was in the game Fortnite. Craig on the other hand, is working on a specific project at Gala which is Mirandus. He is also part of creating many popular games like Battlefield Hardline together with Dead Space 2 and 3.

Overall, the team composition in Gala Games is jampacked with amazing talented people. They’re also continuing to expand their team and currently, they are now over 200 employees. As the blockchain industry grows, we’ll see a lot more quality people migrating from the traditional big players (EA, Activision, and Take-Two) to blockchain gaming companies like Gala.

Gala Games 4

Games Portfolio

Gala Games are currently developing promising games to be launched soon and we will be summarizing each of the games and you check to see if you can find something fun to play while earning. We also recommend visiting their site for more information.

NOTE: The only games that are playable right now are Townstar and Spider Tanks. As for the details of the games, we will only discuss what we know from the upcoming games since they are currently being developed.

Also, each game has it’s own developer like Legacy, TWD, Spider Tanks, etc which are independent dev studios partnering up with Gala Games to fold their games into the P2E umbrella.


Gala Games 5

We previously wrote an article regarding this game which you can check here. As the world’s first play-to-earn town builder by Gala Games, TownStar is an ambitious type of farming game that was produced by one of the co-founders of Zynga, Mr. Eric Schiermeyer and it is built on Gala’s localized network that makes use of the Ethereum blockchain.

Zynga was known from the famous Farmville back in the year 2009, where players are hooked with the gameplay and the feeling of being responsible via the obligation of the game’s requirements. Having said that, the probability of TownStar triples the sense of making the players build a community wherein they would be liable for their town, income, and assets that will be of use during playing.

Gala Games 6

Diving more into the actual gameplay, players will choose their respective location of their town to start their own self sufficient town economy. Workers will also submerge themselves into the building to fulfill their respective duties. The sole responsibility of the players is to have goals, to continue growing and expanding the city that the players currently have. The players are also up for continuous learning in terms of being in charge of their storage, deliveries, and at the same time to make regular calibration of the system production.

Apart from that, players will also be engrossed in the NFT in-game items to finish daily challenges and gather TownCoin rewards which they can also trade their items on secondary markets.

Introducing the TownCoin in the picture, it is a token that serves as a reward for playing the P2E game, it is a real cryptocurrency that belongs to a blockchain and can actually be transferred between players, it is also listed on third-party exchanges.

Gala Games 7

To Earn Rewards

Although it is a piece of basic knowledge to put time, effort, and energy to earn these rewards as it is of course a P2E game, TownStar would like to focus on three things. These will be a stepping stone for the players to familiarize themselves with the realm of the game that attaches new heights of strategy and difficulty.

1. Blockchain Items or NFTs — To earn the daily TOWN rewards, each playable TownStar item must be owned by a player for them to be entitled to the number of rewards that will be given daily. However, it will all still depend on the rarity of the item.

Gala Games 8

2. Gala Power — Every level is authorized with a Gala power, this will determine the sum of liquid GALA and TownCoin in every player’s wallet. It will then be incorporated with an additional factor such as the number of NFT assets that the player has, account age, and referrals. Furthermore, each level also expands the Gala power as stated.

Gala Games 9

3. Season Pass — Every season at TownStar, players who want to obtain TownCoin will be hold compulsory of the ticket, take note that it is an NFT item called Season PassIt is a key for the players to earn through the entire season, given that they have completed the criteria that are given by the TownStar.

Gala Games 10

NOTE: TownStar is only Available on Browser.

Spider Tanks

Gala Games 11

Looking at the first-ever, battle-to-earn Esport, the PVP(Player vs Player) and MOBA(Multiplayer Online Battle Arena) Blockchain Game Spider Tanks developed by the incredible GAMEDIA are being viewed as the next big thing due to the similarities they have with the game League of Legends. It is a free-to-play game, with play-to-earn mechanics added in various aspects such as skill-based competitions, resource collection, and upgrade cycles.

Since the game is under the Gala Games, the in-game currency is a Gala token while the game runs on Ethereum blockchain. Like every MOBA games, the players fight against opponents using tanks, but what makes it an outstanding combination of P2E game and the platform itself is the conventionalized style graphics of the gameplay.

Investing and at the same time enjoying the game like how you play League of Legends or other related games in mind can be an advantage for the people who are already familiarized with the same strategic approach.

Aside from the fun gameplay that can be seen in action, there are also other types of battling that are included in the game. Considering that we have mentioned that it is a Multiplayer Online Battle Arena, the Spider Tanks comprises three different modes that are all entertaining to play with.

  1. Deathmatch — A 3-player teams battle it out to destroy the enemy tanks in a limited time, the more kills you accumulate the greater your rewards will increase.

  2. Capture the Chicken — Teams will be rescuing the most number of chicken and will be crown the victors of a Capture the Chicken match.

  3. Capture the Flag — The team should only hold the flag for their score to be elevated but the enemies may gun them to get or lose the flag.

Gala Games 12

Building and upgrading your tanks’ bodies, weapons, and the special item will put your enemies at disadvantage. This is why the greater the upgrades, the more capable you become! However, we all know that weapons are not enough to win, as it is a type of PVP where strategy is very important in winning the game. Working together with your team will ensure your swift victory.

Gala Games 13

The platform of this game is available on Mac or PC.

Walking Dead Empires

Gala Games 14

cross-platform survival MMORPG that is established on AMC’s The Walking Dead, Ember Entertainment, and of course Gala Games is now in the progress of commencing soon as they introduce The Walking Dead: Empires, a multiplayer game with the twist of Blockchain technology!

Looking closer to the gameplay, it is a multiplayer type of survival game where you strive to survive in the midst of fighting off the undead creatures, scavenge for supplies and eventually construct your new home and fend off the enemies. An alliance can also be made throughout the game. Protecting your possessions and improving your strategic move with your allies are also important to display a sense of stability.

Players will be immersed in establishing their materials, a plot of land, and setting up their bases. Aside from all the basic necessities to live through the game, defending your base will also be one of the main goals due to the possible attacks from the other players. Getting more into detail, The Walking Dead: Empires will be featuring a few characters from the TV series, one of them are Michonne that resembles Rick Grimes, which is already included.

Gala Games 15

Finally putting the P2E mechanics for this MMORPG, a DeadCoin will be used as the token for the economy of the game. To be able to get your hands into the DeadCoin, actions such as defeating walkers or the undead creatures, clearing dungeons, and selling items that they have scavenged are the way to go. In a much clearer sense, the more action and fighting you will encounter, the higher the chance of earning more. In addition, building stockpiles of supplies, and alliances will also help you climb your way up to prosper!

The Platform of this game is available only on PC.


Gala Games 16

Ruled by five-player-monarchsan epic fantasy RPG sets to sail soon as it is still under development by the one and only Gala Games. Expanding the horizon of the growing gaming ecosystem of Gala Games, one of the exciting releases that comes into mind is Mirandus! It is a Blockchain-based with the concept of true player ownership!

In accordance with stating the concept, the players and contributors will own EVERY ITEM in the game! The following scope of this covers weapons, tents, shops, and even cities. However, the decision of the players will affect the game as they are also the one who creates their own environment, economies, governance, and political alliances.

Gala Games 17

Moving on into the in-depth gameplay of Mirandus, players can venture into the game’s world using a first-person perspective, this will increase the immersion of the players and may add an extra dimension to the sole concept of digital ownership. The players have the free will, they may set out into the dungeons or into the wild to battle out monsters, or join monarchs as long as they are tasked to fight off the evil.

Gala Games 18

Illustrating the game further, adventurers will be needing food, armor repairs, and potion along their travelsSome of the NPCs will be requiring items that will be needed to complete your needs, a great example of this would be the Blacksmith and the Butcher. The Blacksmith will require the player to possess wood from the woodcutter to produce a hilt, the Butcher on the other hand will be needing meat from the farmer. Considering everything that has been stated, this only means that there are many product lines that players can enjoy and be anything that they wanted to be. Various options would be a farmer, adventurer, trader, or a bard!

To pave an opportunity to gain a lot of money, owning land, and having a keep or other types of base that can be of use and is close to a dungeon will surely be a great help for the players! Players can also acquire land tiles with specific functions and could drop these in any location. Opening a shop can be an option too, you may sell items here given that the player should also pay rent to the mayor. Keep in mind that the ownership of digital assets or NFTs such as Land, Houses, Shops, Boats, Farms, Lighthouses, Characters in Mirandus will be stored and can be monitored under the Gala blockchain.

Players will also be allowed to rent homes, farm crops, craft armor, and weapon lease out land for profit, or any activities that may include the exchanging of GALA Tokens.

The Platform of this game is available on Mac or PC.


Gala Games 19

Widening the perspectives of Blockchain gaming, A new blockchain business sim Legacy will be surely be welcomed any day in 2022! It is currently being established by Peter Molyneux and 22cans teaming up together with Gala Games. Living the life of an entrepreneur opens the opportunity to own a business and design your very own products, players can now do this with the vast chances of creating their world in this game!

Players will submerge themselves into the four stages of Legacy: Design, Make, Trade, and Compete.

Designing the products and buildings with a thousand available parts will escalate your ideas to the roof! Possibilities of turning this into a real one may happen with the next stage.

Making the design that the player created will be now taken into the factory floor in which a huge number of workers will transform your ideas to life that will be ready-made for the market!

The Trading will now take place, the open market will be opened for all the players that want to trade off their designs and eventually be known.

Gala Games 20

Finishing the process of turning it into a real commodity, in-game competition and event await for the players to test their design skills, town management, leaderboard positions, and enormous prizes awaits.

Gala Games 21

Bringing the rewards into place, LegacyCoin is the currency that will help the innovative blockchain experience happen. The new cryptocurrency on the Ethereum blockchain complies with the credible ERC-20 token standard and can be of use to acquire lending to trading. Other utilities have yet to be revealed.

Gala Games 22

To participate in the in-game economy, players are required to Own a Legacy Land. This may come off as a participation to the economy and be a form of business association as well. Business partners will be welcomed and will be handed the legacy keys to others given that both parties have a healthy share of the business.

Gala Games 23

Building the successful venture of business may require the expansion of the empire, an invention of better products, quantity-wise production, all up until your city turns into a growing industrial city, and at the same time earning! As it was stated that everything in Legacy is under your provision, the freedom that it gives to the players will be able to open a new array of different methods on how they will handle their business and city. Players must also remember that balance must be kept through abilities and leadership and how they will juggle the needs of their commerce.

The Platform of this game is available on Mac or PC.

Last Expedition

Gala Games 24

Coming up next is the world’s first play-to-earn triple A first-person shooter that will be empowered by blockchain and player ownership. In the partnership of the great video company “Certain Affinity” led by Max Hoberman, Last Expedition will continue to raise the bar in its genre! Although the game is actually on a Pending Node Vote which means that Node Owners will still have to vote whether Gala Games will include the game or not. Players will be able to appreciate the exceptional quality that the Last Expedition provides, facing off against a hostile alien world. In addition to the intense focus and skill required for successful FPS gaming, blockchain ownership will allow for cutting edge layers of resourcefulness and strategy, requiring players to build, grow and survive in many different ways.

Jumping more into the realm of Last Expedition, players will be creating and earning vital weapons and supplies to survive. The clever decisions of the players will determine their FPS skills, as items obtained in the game will be truly owned by the players. This includes characters, weapons, etc.

The game doesn’t currently have an assigned coin yet since the size of the development is huge, and doesn’t have a timeline on when it is going to be released.

The Platform of this game is available only on PC.

Echoes of Empire

Gala Games 25

Getting some action with an epic sci-fi strategy game within the galaxy and at war, ION Games together with Gala Games are finally putting a spotlight on a galactic scale! A 4X(Explore, Expand, Exploit, and Exterminate) sci-fi strategy is engulfed with the idea of mystery, intrigue, and a thousand years of having the royal rule. Starting the game with a player who has a meteoric ascent to power, players will recruit heroes and knights to their respective banners.

Leaping more into the action of the gameplay, the 4X Strategy is the subgenre of strategy games in which they can win via Exploring, Expanding, Exploiting, and Exterminating. Due to the continuous opportunities in this game, the full endless of endangerment, unknown and infinite conflicts will greatly accommodate the 4X as it encircles the complex interaction between every player, may it be guild, trades, or raiding of bases and seizing mines.

Gala Games 26

Speaking of mines, players will be tasked to mine resources on their own planets, they also get to issue mining permits to other players if needed. Players also have the ability to rent out their land for mining for a passive income. Broadening the other aspects of the 4X it also allows the players to gain additional reward structures that reside around the social elements such as Guild Token and Royal Peerage. Having said that, there are three main ways to have the chance of becoming the most powerful house in the galaxy!

  1. Land Claim — Claiming your way into your destined location, players may harness exotic resources and can eventually expand their intergalactic empire.

  2. Guild Token — There are three types of guilds to form in the galaxy, the Military Guild, the Guild of Commerce, or the Noble Guild. Each has strengths and the ability to face the dilemma in the galaxy.

  3. Royal Peerage — Claiming lordship to your sector as a member of Royal Peerage, this will help accumulate favor and influence from the future people.

Gala Games 27

Given the capacity to have a massive player-entitlement, it is believed to be every strategist’s dream, to experience the 4X Strategy. The multiplex and complicated world are going to be the ideal platform to insert the NFT strategy and at the same time offer the players their immeasurable spectrum of P2E.

The Platform of this game is available on Mac or PC.


Gala Games 28

Another type of PVP is being under construction but with a twist! Fortified caters to the PVP Tower defense that has the aura of a dark fantasy where players compete against each other to invade and defend villages. This was made possible by the partnership of ROUND2 and the Gala Games itself! The action-packed strategy adventure will be released in Q4 of 2022!

Gala Games 29

Focusing more on the gameplay of Fortified, the mechanics of this game would be more on building and defending your village. Players are given the opportunity to craft items that may help them defend their landGiven that it is a Tower Defense type of game, a variety of defensive structures such as the cannon towers, arrow towers, and magic building are all there to protect you from invasion.

An update from Gala Games specified the development of each and every release recently, NFTs such as the Towers are all sold out as of this moment, and the types of towers, sizes of lands, upgrading of trees, and construction are all been defined and improved!

The game doesn’t currently have the specific name of the coin but it will all steadily fall into the GALA Coins. More updates about the game will be posted to the Gala Games Node Operations for the preparation of the next stage of development. This will include on how will the game feel and look once the basic function has been completed, graphics and animation will also be carefully reviewed by the team.

The Platform of this game is available only on PC.

Gala Token

For the time being, both the GALA token and the in-game tokens are on the Ethereum blockchain but will later be moved to the Gala sidechain. Currently much of the traffic on the games and marketplace is powered by Gala nodes, also known as Founders Nodes.

According to Jason Brinks, these nodes will power the Gala sidechain and there will only ever be 50,000 nodes which should be able to handle up to 100 million monthly active users. As of now, there is not much details regarding the Gala sidechain since no documentation has been released yet but there are currently over 21,000 nodes are active, however, according to an interview with Jason, there is only about 10,000 licenses left. Node license can be purchased through the Gala Games website.

There will be also a game specific nodes besides the Founders Nodes. These nodes won’t earn rewards in the GALA token but in the in-game currency of the specific game. Only one game currently has active nodes and that’s Town Star. One of the benefits of these nodes is that it allows games to run without needing the browser open. These nodes will also vote on game specific updates.


Gala Games 30

GALA tokens are used to pay for NFTs on their marketplace and as payment for the Founders Node licenses. GALA is an ERC-20 token, it also exists on the Binance Smart Chain as a BEP20 token. In the future GALA will likely also be used as payment for transactions on the Gala sidechain.

The max supply of the tokens is around 50 billion. GALA distributed a bit over 17 million daily and 50% goes to the Founders Nodes while the other half goes to the Gala Games Conservatorship for further development of the ecosystem. This issuance will be halved each year until it eventually reaches 0.

What we can expect in the future

We believed that Gala Games would go down in history as one of the big names when it comes to gaming sector. While the majority of their team has professional experience in the gaming industry, passion for gaming is a much more effective prerequisite for members of the Gala Games team. All of which will prove beneficial and the potential of the company is getting bigger and as they hire people who migrated from traditional companies and fresh new people who started in the sector, the team will absolutely overflow with brilliant ideas and concepts. Moreover, they are currently on the works with new partnerships and deals that will surely speed up the growth of the company in the near future. However, as with all the new competitors popping up with different strategies, the competition is surely fierce and only a handful of organizations are likely to succeed in the long run.


While Town Star and Spider Tanks are the only game in their platform that can be played, we cannot deny the fact that the potential value of the upcoming games are absolutely on point. This is why many people invests and believe in the capacity of these games. Moreover, they still got many games that are still currently being developed and will be released soon. Some of those are made in-house, others through third party developers. The eco system of Gala Games is very interesting as they rely on Ethereum and have made partnerships like BSC, Polygon and Flare Network to create a multi-chain environment. On top of that, Gala Games are building a node network which are meant to store data, compute and confirm transactions. It will use a range of different types of nodes, each with a different purpose.