Eyeball Pool - an exciting mobile pool/billiards game that’s years in the making

GameGameEyeball Pool
DateDate20 Dec 2022

Eyeball Pool is being developed by the same team that built and sold 8 Ball Pool to Miniclip. The previous game now has over 1bn downloads and today 12 years later still over 10m daily active players. Our new game has no relations to the previous game and is a completely new game that’s designed to be better than the previous with superior physics, graphics, user controls and audio that gives back ownership to the players through the use of NFT and blockchain technology. To leapfrog web3 the team participated and successfully completed the Cronos accelerator program batch 1.

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Eyeball Pool is an Android and iOS casual pool game that’s 90% ready. It’s built using our proprietary physics engine together with Unity and we’re launching on Cronos blockchain in Q2 2023. The game has free-to-play, pay-to-play, and play-to-earn elements and we strive to be fully compliant with iOS/Android app store review guidelines.

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  • Eyeball pool is a casual pool/billiards game that is easy to understand but hard to master, you either start by playing play-to-earn levels (9 Ball Pool, Lucky Shot, Spin the Wheel, and Loot boxes) to accumulate assets or you can buy a starter pack from our in-game store using fiat or crypto.

  • Once you have some assets you move on to the story levels where you need a combination of off-chain currency and trophies to enter. If you beat your opponent, you take the entry fee and trophies. There’s a skilled based matching engine that prevents rookies from meeting pool sharks and vice versa. 

  • In addition, there are time-based tournaments that run for ~10 days, they are free to join but cost tokens if you want to have another attempt, after the time runs up the players with the highest winning streak win. 

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Assets & Ecosystem


Eyeball’s genesis collection is called Ball Droids, they are a collection of 4,001 unique utility PFPs that gives you early game access to Eyeball Pool. On game launch holders will be able to mint an in-game starter pack of NFTs and tokens. In addition, holders will get "priority boarding" to in-game tournaments from a private discord channel and the right to vote on community polls

Cue sticks as NFTs

In our in-game store we sell pool cue sticks that have different skins, performance attributes, yield and resilience attributes. Their performance attributes are designed to not create any super-weapons and more importantly is that the more expensive cues reward the users more and they do not degrade as fast as the lesser ones. All cues can be upgraded using the in-game currency to up to 120% of health and players can attach trophies that they have won from games before using our wallet app to mint them on chain and move them to any 3rd party marketplaces.

Ecosystem Tokens

The ecosystem has a fixed amount of 800m tokens that will be used to incentivize good behavior (active players, referrers, etc) and for winning tournaments. They are used for purchasing NFT cue sticks, re-buys/continue in tournaments, level up cue sticks and they can be moved in/out of the game via the wallet app. By holding tokens, you unlock benefits on discord and access to certain high return tournaments. 

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Team & Partnerships

Eyeball Pool is being developed by the same team that built and sold 8 Ball Pool to Miniclip. The previous game now has over 1bn downloads and today 12 years later still over 10m daily players. We’re a small team that’s split between Europe and Asia with decades of experience in building fun-first casual games as well as managing and scaling teams. 


Q1 2023

  • Gen 0 NFT PFP Launch on Minted Network and Crypto.com 

  • Private web-based alpha for PFP holders

Q2 2023

  • Gen 1 NFT PFP

  • Private beta for PFP holders

  • Public launch

  • Introduction of wallet application

  • Multi-chain support

How to get started

Game is not yet launched but will be available for Android and iOS in the respective app stores.


If you are looking for a skilled based casual game that you can pick up on the go Eyeball Pool is the game you’re looking for. It’s a game with years in the making by some of the most experienced developers for pool games in the world. Stay tuned!