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DateDate02 May 2022

Trailblazer presents Eternal Dragons, a new play-to-earn fantasy game that will undoubtedly take you to a realm of fantasy and fascinating magical creatures. Eternal Dragons is a series of NFT blockchain games created in an original fantasy metaverse where you can play and flourish.

Eternal Dragons gives players and the community the opportunity to contribute to the creation of this history, both within and outside of the game's virtual realm. By expanding the NFT-protocol, the game intends to foster a stronger bond with players by allowing them to own a piece of the game world. This game pushes the limits of what is possible in the real world and in the game realm. So buckle up and step into the future, because we're about to go on an incredible journey to make history.


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Eternal Dragons is a new novel IP established by Trailblazer Games to narrate the storyline of the Eternal Dragons series and to fuel the development of the first four game experiences that will be released over the next few years. The franchise is presently scheduled to release the following chapters

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The Eternal Dragons IP will continue beyond the original game series, using blockchain technology to deliver future value and experiences in various media and entertainment formats, and also in decentralized finance.

In the future, the game will include a dragon breeding mode and a chess warfare mode, as it will incorporate Web3 technology and principles. And as it's a Solana blockchain-basedplay-and-earn game, it compensates players with Eternium for their accomplishments. Eternium is the Eternal Dragons universe's utility token, and it will be required for a variety of purposes. Eternium also has the potential to alter players' perceptions of what constitutes work and what constitutes leisure.


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This fascinating and ambitious road map outlines the Eternal Dragons franchise's current objectives and timelines. And they are about halfway through their mid-2022 ambitions, according to this. The road map and plans, like all significant game projects, are subject to alteration in time and scope as the game progresses. For the time being, let's concentrate first on discovering the Eternal Dragons universe. 


The NFT collection of 10,000 unique Eternal Dragons that will roll the breeding game is the centerpiece of the Prologue. This game will introduce dragons to the universe and pave the way for future games in the series. 

Eternal Dragons – Chapter 1: Strife's fundamental gameplay is based on a fun and engaging gameplay system where players will enter the arena with their army of dragons and minions to combat in an auto chess-style battle. This fundamental gameplay allows for the dragon NFTs to be extended and also provides a fair mix between strategy and ability versus luck.

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Before the franchise's last chapter, Chapter 2 focuses on establishing a house to assist your alliance. Players will be able to employ their hard-won assets from Chapter 1: Strife to construct communities and alliances in a new setting with obstacles. Then, in Chapter 3, those alliances will be set against one another. Players will be able to lead their army across the globe in pursuit of solutions to the everlasting questions, which will bestow the ultimate power of the universe on them. 

Player Funding Platform

In order to compete, grow, and win, this platform will power a new global economy in which guilds and players will be able to conveniently access funds, exchange assets, and hire talent to help them grow and succeed. Through its smooth on-chain creation in-game, the PFP also aims to automate substantial aspects of the process of founding a guild and launching it as a Decentralized Autonomous Organization (DAO). Users can also rent NFTs or invest tokens in guilds through this interface, which aligns incentives with trustless and transparent plans for a shared pool of resources and winning revenue sharing. The technology automates guild money distribution, allowing everyone to participate and profit together. 

Team and Partnerships

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Bertrand Lamarque, Andreas Risberg, and Alex Arias are the founding members of the Eternal Dragons. They're experienced entrepreneurs and gaming industry veterans who've worked for companies like King, EA, and Microsoft. The team's expertise also includes the development of data and AI-driven growth platforms and tools, as well as full blockchain development.

Furthermore, Trailblazer Games, which is based in Singapore, has been funded for $8.2 million to make Eternal Dragons. The investment was led by Makers Fund, with Play VenturesFabric Ventures, and plenty of other gaming and blockchain industry heavyweights joining them.

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Assets & Ecosystem

When it comes to the world of Eternal Dragons, the economy is a fascinating hybrid paradigm in which the line between our world and the gaming universe is blurred while also being both physical and real in some ways. And the most fascinating part of this new symbiotic interaction between the virtual and real worlds is that it challenges what we think we know about what distinguishes enjoyment from business, work, or play. 

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$Eternium is the Eternal Dragons' utility token, which comes in a variety of shapes and physical states, can infuse nearly anything and is the universe's main source of energy. Value-creation activities like breeding and dragon upgrading will require it in the future. $Eternium is a limited-supply token, and the developers retain the ability to mint and burn it as needed to keep the game economy balanced. They also reserve the right to alter the costs of various activities for which $Eternium is utilized, as well as the sources that reward $Eternium.

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The Eternal Dragons Token, or $EDQ, is a limited-supply token that will be used for revenue distribution and is planned to provide holders with voting rights over some features of the games and ecosystem, as well as participation in the DAO's governance. Holders won't have to stake their tokens because they'll get a "Stakeless Revenue Distribution," which will reward $EDQ holders with network tokens on a regular basis. 

Furthermore, the Decentralized Autonomous Organization (DAO) is in charge of all aspects of the Eternal Dragons' blockchain infrastructure. Initially, the developer will be in charge of the DAO. The long-term objective is to eventually transfer governance of the DAO to holders of $EDQ.

How to get started

The first step is to go to their website, which you can access by clicking here.

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After that, proceed to the quest page.

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Following that, we'll require a Solana wallet of your choice.

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Then, you'll need to register your email address (you'll receive a confirmation via email) in order to join the mailing list, and also, you'll need to join their discord channel. Afterward, you can start taking part in their weekly quests in their discord channel for an Eternium and a Whitelist slot

 And that's it; for the time being, that is where participants can begin their participation in the game.

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Follow all of their groups and visit their websites on a regular basis to stay up to date on the latest developments in this new fantasy and magical Dragons universe.

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