DGPals - an interoperable, multi-genre, Web3 gaming-verse

DateDate20 Apr 2022

Embracing blockchain and gaming, DGPals team strive to deliver a unique, multi-dimensional gaming experience where the concept of digital ownership is elevated above all else. Own a DGVerse NFT, explore the world of Panterra and uncover its mystery!


There are 3 major aspects of the project that sets it apart from the rest:

  1. If you are a gamer, you will be interested in knowing the NFTs are playable across all the games they will be launching, 6 games in total by the end of 2023 and more to come every year. Interoperability is key to NFT value retention and store of value. Instead of moving from game to game, you can bring along your NFTs to the newer release or play with a new community altogether. DGPals specializes in open-economy game design which is a unique addition to the web3 gaming industry, it involves NFTs and token emission and other concepts that are often not found in traditional games...

  2. If you are an investor, who believes that the tokenization of gaming assets will be a global movement and a new norm, and that it will disrupt the gaming industry significantly a few years down the road when frictions and sustainability problems are forgotten history. Because of the team’s existing set-ups, DGPals is poised to onboard waves of indie game studios who are more likely to adopt the interoperability philosophy more readily than major gaming IPs. Your investment is not in DGPals alone, but an entire ecosystem of games and indie studios that will consistently release new titles and content for years to come.

  3. If you are a builder, building in Web3 comes with a steep learning curve. You can mitigate your risks and focus on your gaming content by joining the ecosystem of game makers and gamers. Collectively, we can enjoy economy-of-scale, share of tech-stakes, build and game together. Most gaming projects reach a relatively low ceiling in player-base but together, we believe that we can pool together hundreds of thousands of gamers with interoperability and multiple gaming titles sharing that ethos.

    DGPals a

The Strategy

DGPals have spent 1 year laying down the foundation necessary for games to build on Web3. This is a narrative we have heard plenty of times in the space, but what sets DGPals team a league above others is that the co-founding team are also founders and stakeholders of massive entities like Gosugamer (Esports media publishing), Team Flash (esports team), Cargo Studio (game incubator), Dynamite Games (web2 gaming studio) and Undercurrent Technology (Blockchain venture studio).

Our collective reach amounts to tens of millions of gamers and 8 digits of annualised revenue. We have shipped more than 40 game products and our companies totalled 300+ strong professionals who are also gamers.

Having the tools to onboard new users to enjoy a new product is just a small portion of the equation, having the ability to reach millions of gamers is the key that is a mission from most platforms.


The Games In The DGVerse

DGP: New World and DGP: Legends were launched in 2022. Since then, more DGPal Egg Types have been added to both games, among other content releases. The plan is to continue improving the existing games in tandem with developing new ones.

DGP: New World (Game #1)

This is a V-Pet simulator that hatches your DGEggs into playable NFTs. Over the course of 5 days, the DGPals will explore the world of Panterra, bringing you fragments of the natural history and lore of the world. If you are lucky, your DGPals may earn itself a rare title which will be immortalised as a permanent imprint on the NFT.

DGPals b

DGP: Legends (Game #2)

This is a strategic, player vs player auto battler where players compose a team of 5 DGPals, equipment sets and talent set up to compete within a chain or represent a specific blockchain in the chain-war. Players can earn $OPL from daily questing, climbing the ranks and other. 

DGPals c

DGP: Plaza (Game #3)

The grand vision for DGP: Plaza is an MMO-RPG where various web3 communities can come in, hang out, play games and explore brand exclusive gaming content with their custom NFTs.

DGPals d

We should all recognize by now that building a metaverse or MMORPG takes millions and years and hundreds of professionals to pull the project together. Plaza will be a version of the MMORPG where each feature, zone and content are released consistently and enriching the world and overall experience. You can expect to see multiple web3 projects having dedicated zones and games accessible in Plaza or you can just immerse yourself in Panterra, exploring, questing, farming and collecting furniture to decorate your dream fantasy home.

DGP: Adventure (Game #4: Q3 2023)

Explore the mysterious Brightmoon Isle, uncover its secrets and work together as a Clan to defeat the monstrous forces that threaten to break free! This multiplayer PvE browser game will be the first to utilise the various DGPals’ personalities and titles.

DGPals e

DGP: Merge Defence (Game #5: Q3 2023)

Hold the fort and push back against a hostile faction of mythical rogues bent on turning Panterra upside down. This will be the first fully fledged mobile game title to be released under the DGPals IP. It will offer single player, PvP and co-op style tower defence mechanics, featuring DGPals as the 'towers'.

DGPals f

DGP: Boardgame Omirage (Game #6: Q4 2023)

DGPals' inaugural physical game, co-develop with Daryl Chow, renowned game designer and co-founder of Origame, promises an immersive tabletop roleplaying experience for 2-4 players. Embark on an adventure in the mystical world of Orikokka, where you can evolve your D.G.Pals and prepare to take on formidable bosses. With captivating gameplay and unique mechanics, this game is set to captivate players as they delve into the fantastical realm of DGPals' creation.

DGPals g

Assets & Ecosystem


$OPL - is the gaming-verse’ token. You can earn and spend $OPL by playing any games with the community. The token is the enabler for the games to function while keeping the concept of an open-economy for the players. As each game gets released, there will be new ways to acquire and spend these tokens.

$DGG - is the governance and ecosystem token that powers the DGVerse and the Decentralised Gaming Platform. 20% of the allocation are set aside for gamers to earn as they spend $OPL in the games. The remaining are broken up into multiple utilities to encourage and support more content creators to come into the ecosystem. Holders of $DGG can interact with founders of projects with supporting DAO-like mechanisms and help shape the game projects into fun, engaging and sustainable products for all gamers to enjoy. 

Team and Partnerships

The Co-founders

With 20 years of entrepreneurial experience and investments in gaming and e-sports businesses in Europe and Southeast Asia, Samson Oh has established a strong network of local and international contacts who can share their knowledge with aspiring game studios. 

Likewise, Kit Lau is familiar with the games industry here and overseas, and has first-hand knowledge of the challenges of running an indie games company. Once a game artist and designer with Appsverse in Silicon Valley, he possesses 10 years experience in mobile game development and has co-founded 6 games studios, including Dynamite Games, Cargo Studio and DGP. 

As the Head of Operations for a venture builder in collaboration with a Layer 1 blockchain and development studio, Jonathan Kay brings extensive experience of over 12 years in digital commerce, operations, marketing, and consulting with multinational corporations (MNCs). His transition into the blockchain space in 2018 has allowed him to leverage his expertise to drive operational excellence and innovation in the venture building endeavors.

With a wealth of experience as a Chief Technology Officer (CTO) in web and financial technologies dating back to the 1990s, Michael Knott has been at the forefront of the blockchain space since 2016. Over the years, he has successfully spearheaded a multitude of initiatives, ranging from infrastructure development to DeFi projects, such as wallets, multi-chain bridges, AMM DEXs, derivatives, and more.


DGPals h

Sharing the same vision, mindset and values, our Tier A crypto-native backers are fully behind our project to spur the growth of Web3 gaming. 

How to get started

You are never too late to adopt a DGPal! Embark on an exciting journey with your DGPals, and dive into the alluring world of Panterra. Each DGPal NFT is created by their skilled and passionate art team, and uniquely named and accompanied by captivating lore crafted by their talented narrative team. 

DGPal NFT Collections

  1. Genesis I DGPal NFTs are the centrepiece collection with daily rewards that will continue to be released into the ecosystem in a regulated manner. 

  2. Limited Edition DGPal NFTs remain as one of their most exclusive collection, with its holders entitled to the topmost tier of daily rewards.

  3. Special Edition DGPal NFTs represent their collaborative efforts with other projects, featuring various IPs that have crossed over into the DGVerse. 

  4. Unlimited DGPal NFTs is meant to be a fun collection which Explorers trade often or gaming reasons. It will be instrumental in fueling the next-gen DGPal NFTs that will be introduced to the ecosystem. 


The Worlds Outside Of DGVerse

At the time of this article, the DGPals team is working with 3 separate indie game studios in producing 3 more Web3 game titles. Emphasising on interoperability and shared-economy, bring to you games that offer unique experiences making it uniquely Web3. Stay tuned for announcements as these projects move from pre-production to production phase where more information will be available.