DGPals - Hatch your D.G.P eggs, battle in PVP, adventure with friends

DateDate20 Apr 2022

Get a glimpse of the fascinating D.G.Verse's impressive backstory with D.G.Pals, the world's first multi-genre NFT project with a pixel art style and a similar concept to Pokemon. D.G.Pals can be hatched and raised into powerful NFTs by participating in PvP battles, different game modes and quests, and challenging world events with your group. NFT land ownership opportunities, social interaction with other users in real time, and the opportunity to acquire and trade NFTs are just a few of the many features available.


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D.G.P: New World, the first game in the D.G.Verse, is a V-pet simulator, idle game about hatching and growing D.G.Pals, the metaverse's creatures. The initial game's main goal is to introduce the explorers to the environment through an engrossing and story-driven game in which they spend five days attending to each D.G.Pal. Once a D.G.Pal has been introduced to the world and met the player, it will collect $OPL during the stages of its growth. Once the D.G.Pal reaches its final form (in five days), it can be minted into a one-of-a-kind NFT.

This game will undoubtedly evoke memories of a time when many people were addicted to playing Pokemon. But other than that, this game will definitely make you more immersed because, apart from its entertaining and interesting storyline, and the animation style, which makes you feel warm and fuzzy, it will also help you earn money as it is Play-To-Earn. It's like a Play-To-Earn version of Pokemon that can be played as a web browser game on both mobile and desktop websites.

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D.G.P: Legends, the second game in the D.G.Verse, is a Squad-battler (PvP, Competitive). 5 D.G.Pal NFTs are required to participate in the tournament. In the PvP mode, a player is matched against another player’s team and they will compete against each other in an auto-battler mode. Players can foster community bonds between like-minded players through the Clan System to earn bigger rewards. 


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According to their roadmap, the game is still in the closed beta stage. So we'll start with the information we've gathered so far, since there isn't yet a set date for the game's open beta version.

For more information regarding their roadmap- click here.


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D.G.P: New World is mostly based on idle mechanics in order for D.G.Pals to be conveniently raised. The farm can support up to ten D.G.Eggs at any given moment, and you'll be kept up to date on their daily activities via a log.

As part of the development process, all D.G.Pals go through a series of experiences, including visits to various locales on Panterra. They may be found hanging out on the farm at times, while at other times they may be exploring the forest or the beach.

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D.G. Pals Event Log

Every D.G.Pal goes through several events as part their growing process , so there's no need to worry. Just keep supporting them and reading about their adventures as they develop. Afterwards, you can utilize them as an NFT asset to participate in other games inside the ecosystem.

You can also check out their gameplay on their YouTube channel- click here.

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In D.G.P: Legends, D.G.Pals become stronger and level up as they participate in battles. They will earn EXP from completing PvP battles, and there will be stats increase on every level. Talent will also be unlocked as the D.G.Pals grow stronger! There will also be daily and weekly quests for players to participate in to earn $OPL. The more D.G.Pal NFTs own, the more tiers unlock for weekly quest. There is also a ranking season in D.G.P: Legends, weekly and seasonal rewards earned are based on the rank attained. Rewards earn includes $DGG and $OPL. 

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Ultra Rare D.G.Pals in the Clan

Ultra Rare D.G.Pals play an important and unique role to the Clan System. They portray as the demi-god and give abundance blessings to the members. Ultra Rare D.G.Pals serve as Clan Totems, the heart and soul of every Clan. When an Explorer contributes an Ultra Rare D.G.Pal, it will empower all Clan members with its unique effects. Join forces under a Clan Totem to battle harder and earn bigger rewards!


Active participants in both games will be able to gain D.G.Gold ($DGG) and Panterra Opals ($OPL) in a variety of ways. It is also possible to earn $OPL by consistently checking in on your D.G.Pals in New World during their growth.

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Source: D.G. Pals Youtube Channel

Players will also receive missions on a daily and weekly basis in Legends, subject to ownership restrictions. Each D.G.Pal can complete these missions in order to earn $OPL.

The appealing prizes awarded upon Challengers at the end of each season in Legends demonstrate how highly they are regarded. $DGG and $OPL are among the awards, and the sums increase as the Challenger's position on the leaderboard rises. Seasonal awards will extend to include other item kinds, such as Equipment, when more Legends features are launched.


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The D.G. Pals team consists of more than 40 great individuals. Samson Oh, Jimmy Li, Kit Lau, and Edwin Lim are the co-founders.

Samson Oh is a full-fledged entrepreneur and a well-known figure in the esports and gaming industries, with various locations in Southeast Asia and Europe. Samson co-founded Team Flash in 2017. He is also the founder and CEO of GosuGamers, a global esports media firm. 

Next is Jimmy Li, who has ten years of experience in artificial intelligence, economics, finance, blockchain, cryptocurrency, digital currency, IT, ecommerce, digital media marketing, and supply chain management. In April 2018, Jimmy co-founded Blockchain Center Pte Ltd, and then in July of 2018, he co-founded MainNexus Capital.

Then, Kit Lau, who has a formidable blend of talents to design and manage all parts of game production after spending 7 years in fine arts and 8 years in game development start-ups, takes over. He co-founded an entertainment company called Kingmaker (later renamed Dynamite Games). He also co-founded the Cargo Studio with Samson.

Lastly, Edwin Lim, who has more than 20 years of experience in systems and networks, software, casinos, and gaming, was a firm believer in the command-line interface until he discovered Firefox. Edwin has kept his head down when it comes to the growth of Blockchain, NFT, and Defi technology from the beginning, and he has a remarkable track record of being an exceptional problem-solving engineer.


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This game is just getting started, but based on their partnerships, which include the Asia Blockchain Gaming Alliance, Avocado Guild, Dynamite Games, Cargo Studio, Team Flash, and their most recent partnership with Cronos Chain, and many more, with Crypto.com Capital as their official lead backer, we can see that this game has a great deal of potential.

Assets & Ecosystem

D.G. Verse's "Multi-Game-Single-Economy" approach, which is represented in this figure, condenses the sophisticated economic design into a more understandable manner. 

DGPals 15

The D.G.Verse's economy is fueled by two main tokens. Players were able to get more $DGG through the public sales that will be held in May, but they can still acquire both tokens through the games.

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D.G.Gold (DGG) or $DGG is the D.G.Verse's BEP-20 governance token. The use of $DGG will be limited to major activities within the D.G.Verse that nearly inevitably result in the minting or alteration of NFTs for the players, either directly or indirectly.

$OPL is an in-game token that supports the majority of the game's functionality and gives players a sense of progress. By playing games or engaging in competitive game types, $OPL can be gained or farmed. It also acts as the primary token with which participants can freely exchange with one another, thus kicking off the play-to-earn stream. 

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As D.G.Verse grows in popularity, so will the utility of these tokens, increasing their value.

How to get started

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To begin with, we will need to create a metamask wallet in order to access the game's playable site. 

Here's how to make a Metamask wallet -  click here

Then go to D.G. Pals' official website and click the play button, then click the connect metamask button.

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The next step is to click "here" on the site to switch to the Cronos Mainnet. After that, you will be redirected to a site where you must enter your email address for verification purposes before you can create an account and play the game.

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To participate in Legends, each user will need at least 5 D.G.Pal NFTs. They can get them from purchasing Limited Edition NFTs, Genesis NFTs or getting D.G.Eggs. Unfortunately, the Genesis Sale just ended last week so you can longer get them from the D.G.Pals website.

DGPals 21

However, they can be purchased by players from third-party marketplaces like Ebisu’s Bay or TofuNFT if their current owners decide to put them up for sale. In the future, players will have the option to sell them on the game's website marketplace too, which is still in development.

Furthermore, the release of the game's Open Beta version for Legends is scheduled in May, so we'll just have to wait for more details on how to enter the game. So far, this is all the information we've gathered, and we hope it's been helpful in getting the game started.


Discovering a game like D.G. Pals can be nostalgic for many of us, with many blockchain games like this coming out these days being reminiscent of games we grew up with. Technology continues to surprise, with how simple entertainment has evolved since then and today can be played as a source of income.

But just a reminder that no matter how alluring pay to earn games may seem, with blockchain NFT games you are still playing with real value, and every gamer should do their own research on a game before they invest! 

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DateDate20 Apr 2022