DeHorizon - Dragon riding arena game that excites every player and viewer

DateDate29 May 2022

The vision of DeHorizon is to become the next generation of metaverse game ecosystems. Players will be able to create, socialize and enjoy blockchain-based games with their friends. DeHorizon wants to create a virtual carnival open to all metaverse citizens across several chains. This way it will be possible for players to enjoy a second life in the metaverse. 


DeHorizon is working on several games right now. DeVerse, DeTournament, and DeMythical are under development and will pave the way for the first version of DeHorizon metaverse. Players can play for fun and to earn. In the DeHorizon metaverse 1.0, players will meet with two different races called “Numen” and “JuJu”. As a Numen, you can choose between different classes such as Ranger, Rogue, Adventurer, Alchemist, and Warrior. These are important hero NFTs. Of course, each class has its own strengths and weaknesses depending on the situation. “JuJus” are the last survivors of the destruction of Deternity. The survivors can eventually grow into JuJus after they are brought to Deternity for gestation. JuJus have a lot of potentials. When they reach their maximum level, they can influence the entire DeHorizon metaverse. As a player, you have the possibility to breed them and witness their growth.

DeHorizon 1
Numen Adventurer

DeTournament (In development) DeTournament is the Battle Royale Game DeHorizon is developing right now. Just like in many other Battle Royale Games you can choose to play alone or with friends. You can explore hidden treasures, Fight opponents who’ve got an eye on the same treasure as you, and much more! You can also observe the game in God mode as an off-court player. The game is still in the early stages of development. Stay tuned for more information.

DeMythical (In development) Have you ever wanted to ride dragons? Well, this is your chance! DeMythical is a fantasy sports game involving dragon-riding. The main objective of the game is to score more points than your opponents. For every goal, you get 5 points and if you manage to catch the “Magic Ball” you’ll be awarded 50 points! For each point you score you’ll earn an equal amount of tokens (in-game currency). The game finishes when the Magic Ball is captured by a player or when the time runs out. If players don’t own a dragon, they can place a bet on the dragons instead and eventually win rewards once the game is finished. Just like DeTournament, DeMythical is also still in the early stages of development. Stay tuned!

DeVerse DeVerse is the first game in the DeHorizon Metaverse. As a multiplayer online RPG, players can play for fun and earn the in-game currency DEVT. DeVerse combines team-battle gameplay, NFT collections, and much more. The game is set in a virtual world.

 “The sudden onset of the huge hepta-crest dragon is driving the world to a collapse. A great war broke out between the two camps because of their opposite values and visions.”

DeHorizon 2


DeVerse is a team battle game where you can fight other teams with your friends using your Numen Hero NFTs. The battle takes place on the map City of Dawn. Several teams have to battle each other to conquer the City of Dawn. Each round 30 players from the Sharists camp and 30 players from the Akademia Hall will battle each other. The team who gets the highest score after eight minutes wins the battle. DeVerse will be the first game launching on DeHorizon so we’ll dive a bit deeper into this one.

DeHorizon 3
The Battle of the City of the Dawn

The goal of the teams is to conquer the City of the Dawn. Of course, the process of conquering the City of Dawn is very challenging and dangerous. Caution and teamwork are essential to survive and win the game. As said before, each class has its own strengths and weaknesses. 

Are you a ranger with powerful and precise attacks from a distance, a warrior who is known for strong defensive power, an alchemist with a powerful area of effect attack, a rogue lurking in the shadows waiting for his moment to strike? Or are you the adventurer with astonishing damage, crushing his opponents very easily? Choose wisely. 

Play to earn, free to play

To join or create a room a small fee of $DVT is being held to power the ecosystem of DeHorizon. However, the fee will not be deducted until the battle starts. If you win the battle you will receive $DVT as a reward. The amount of $DVT rewarded is determined by your individual score. 

Assets and Ecosystem

There are two tokens to fuel the ecosystem of DeHorizon: $DEVT and $DVT


$DEVT is the DeHorizon Governance token. $DEVT is also being used to buy and sell NFTs in the DeHorizon marketplace. All NFTs will be priced in $DEVT. There are several ways to obtain the $DEVT token. By staking your $DEVT tokens you will be eligible for airdrop rewards and staking rewards. If you are an active member of the ecosystem you will also receive $DEVT. 

Holding the $DEVT token as a DAO member will give you a few utilities:

  1. Lower transaction fees

  2. Airdrop rewards

  3. Whitelist spots for NFTs

  4. Voting rights on core game development

You can buy the $DEVT token on the exchanges listed below:

It’s also good to know that 10% of the marketplace revenues in $DEVT will be burned.


$DVT is the native token in DeVerse and it is being applied in the DeVerse economy. To create and join a room, you will need to pay a small fee of $DVT. If you win a battle you will receive a number of tokens in $DVT from your opponent. Of course, if you lose the battle, your opponent will receive some of your $DVT tokens. This way the game is going to be very competitive and challenging.

There are a few ways to obtain $DVT:

  1. Battle to earn (Play to Earn)

  2. Staking rewards

  3. Providing on-chain liquidity

$DVT Tokenomics breakdown:

  • 9% Ranking rewards - Kills

  • 9% Ranking rewards - Wins

  • 31% Battle Rewards

  • 20% Staking pool of $DVT

  • 31% Liquidity Pool of DVT/USDC, DEVT/USDC, DEVT/DVT

DeHorizon DEVT

Team and Partnerships

DeHorizon Foundation is behind the DeHorizon Metaverse project. Right now they have a very big family of over 33 full-time employees. Their headquarters is based in Silicon Valley.

Shane Zhu - Founding Director

Shane has years of experience creating startups and business strategies. He is a graduate of UC Berkeley Robotics. Shane has been developing NFT Projects since 2017 Shane worked as a crypto trading fund manager before he founded DeHorizon Foundation. 

Cecilia Maple - Chief Marketing Officer

Cecilia is the brain behind the marketing strategies of DeHorizon Foundation. She has over 7 years of experience operating and marketing in Blockchain and Fintech. Previously Cecilia was the Marketing Director of the crypto exchange Bithumb Global.

Todd Porter - Chief Product Officer

Todd is working on the gameplay strategies and in-game economy systems. He brings a lot of experience with him. He is a gaming veteran with over 20 years of experience in the gaming sector. Todd used to be the founding producer of Dungeons and Dragons and the world’s first MMO mobile game Ultima. Todd is a very respected guy in the global gaming industry. 

DeHorizon Partners and Investors

DeHorizon is backed by some big names in the crypto industry. To name a few:

How to get started

DeVerse and the other games DeTournament and DeMythical are still in the early stages of development. 

Deverse is the first game that is going to be launched soon. After launch, you will get a free Numen Hero NFT once you connect your wallet with the platform of DeVerse.

You can also purchase a Numen Hero NFT on an NFT Marketplace such as Binance NFT Marketplace or DeHorizon Marketplace (coming soon). Also, a small amount of high-quality Numen Hero NFTs will be obtainable from loot boxes.

Also, you’ll need some $DVT to be able to join or create a room. After you connect your wallet with the platform, you can join or create a room very easily using the lobby.

DeHorizon 5
DeVerse character selection


DeHorizon Foundation is working on a multichain supported Metaverse. Players will be able to create, socialize and enjoy blockchain-based games with their friends. DeHorizon is working on three games right now. DeTournament is a Battle Royale game and DeMythical is a dragon riding sports game. Both games are still in early development

DeVerse is going to be the first game available to play. Deverse is a very competitive team battle game where you can battle your opponents for $DVT rewards. The game supports several classes such as Ranger, Rogue, Alchemist, Warrior, and Adventurer. Each of them has its own strengths and weaknesses. You can level up and even breed your Hero NFTs to make them much stronger. The main goal of the game is to conquer the City of the Dawn. With backgrounds in the gaming, crypto, and fintech industry, it is no surprise that they are backed by huge companies such as Circle, GriffinGP, and Binance NFT. The DeHorizon Foundation has the essential experience and expertise to make this project a success.