DEFY - The world's first location based play to earn game

DateDate02 Jun 2022

DEFY is the first P2E location-based mobile game built on Polygon and is all about reclaiming your own data and digital identity. Join DEFY, the ​​Decentralised Defiance Of Society. 

The open and decentralised world of the Metaverse is in danger. Future Systems, prominent central party oligarchs, want to stop this revolution. A dictatorship is lurking! Privacy and individuality are no longer guaranteed, and this seems to be just the beginning. But there is hope: thanks to a mole who works for Future Systems, known as KhaOs, salvation is at hand. His mission is to bring the whole system down from within. Join the fight against central organizations that restrict us and use our data for their own good. Let’s keep the metaverse open and decentralised!

DEFY is a mobile game that connects the metaverse to the physical world. Through the use of Augmented Reality (AR), you take to the streets to fight against evil. Hack network cell towers, solve complex puzzles and crack complicated codes to get your own data back. 

DEFY is not only a play-to-earn game, but also combines elements such as move-to-earn, as well as learn-to-earn. Get plenty of physical exercise, improve your health, and learn the basics of coding while playing this fun and rewarding game.


Blockchain and metaverses are popular because investors are finally recognizing that large central parties are unfairly using our digital identities and data. Individuals want to reclaim what belongs to them. 

Large central parties are losing grip and are desperate to come up with a plan to control this new digital world to their own ends. But not everyone agrees. The evil tech oligarchy,  Future Systems, have a mole named Kha0s. He is a system administrator at Future Systems and wants to bring the whole system down from within. He has created a way to shield our identities from these Future Systems.

With a Virtual Private Mask, their own NFT, players enter the streets to complete their mission. Future Systems' central system must be hacked to prevent this disaster. They have several network towers that you must conquer. But beware, because Future Systems use drones to track you down and take you down. 

Mission completed? Then you will receive FCOIN, the in-game token. With these tokens, you help Kha0S to carry out a 51% attack on Future System to bring down the entire system.



Network Cell Tower Hacking

Everyday life goes on. People send funds to others, through Future Systems' wallets distributed around the world. To maintain these wallets, Future Systems has a global network of cell towers. Each tower has a hexagonal boundary into which all the wallets are distributed. When the value of all these wallets, together, surpasses a certain amount, the funds are sent to Future Systems. Your goal as a player is to hack into these cell towers to reveal the location of these wallets. Only then, you can extract the funds and data before they get sent to the Future Systems. 

Hacking a tower is not an easy job. As a result, you have to complete numerous tasks by a certain time. Do you succeed? Only then will you be able to get access to the wallet. During these missions, players learn the basics of coding, where the learn-to-earn principle becomes clear. With a successful hack, you get to see all the locations of the wallets owned by this tower. Visit these wallets to reclaim all the valuable data and coins.

Did you get caught by one of the Automatic Repair and Maintenance drones (AMRs)? Then you pay a fine and get a temporary ban from the Future Systems network. Unless you pay your fine in FCOIN tokens, you will not be able to enter this area again.


Wallet Decryption

Players are trying to obtain encrypted wallets. These are used by Future Systems to store FCOINS. Each wallet is encrypted with a multi-key elliptic curve scheme. To help you encrypt these wallets, Kha0s, the mole of Future Systems, has designed a sophisticated hacking toolkit for the entire DEFY community. Decrypt the code and discover the private keys with which you gain access to the wallet. 

Each wallet stores a different amount of coins. This will not be revealed until you have encrypted the wallet. Wallets with a higher balance are better protected and therefore more difficult to encrypt. 

NFT Game Assets

DEFY has various in-game assets which are all tradeable. 


Virtual Private Mask

In order to hide your own identity, the player must own a Virtual Private Mask (VPM). The DEFY Genesis NFT Masks, consists of 8888 art-inspired masks that are your ticket to the DEFY P2E mobile game. There are two different masks:

Generic Mask

These are free, so players can play the game of DEFY completely free of charge. The in-game rewards are also more limited with these. 


Holders of a premium mask have significantly more benefits. Various play-to-earn elements can only be obtained by players with a premium mask. These masks can also be upgraded so that you become even better at the game. In the future, you will be able to burn masks in exchange for better ones. 


Personal Drones

In their mission to hack the network cell towers, players must watch out for drones. They constantly scan the area for intruders. Do you manage to defeat a drone? Then you can use certain parts to make your own personal drone. You can even train these drones to perform certain tasks. For example, you can have your drone fly to the location of the hacked wallet to claim FCOIN. These drones can also be upgraded by purchasing items in the NFT-marketplace. 

Owners of these drones can even purchase AR Hangars to create their own virtual space. These hangars can be seen by other players, who can network with each other, create mini-games or just listen to their favourite music together. This will encourage user-generated content in DEFY through a web-based creator platform. 


DEFY is divided into several plots, the real world map is split into a hexagonal grid of land parcels. These are all tradable as NFT. The owner earns a portion of the FCOIN obtained in this land. So you can generate a passive income as a landowner. The more players are active on this piece of land, the more valuable the piece becomes. 

Assets and ecosystem

DEFY has a very dynamic ecosystem with a dual token system, consisting of FCOIN and $DEFY.


FCOIN is the in-game currency of DEFY. FCOIN is short for 'Future Systems Coin' and is the centralized currency of the Future Systems Metaverse. What once was a very promising development as a currency, has now become a way to control lives. In order to reclaim what belongs to them, players need to compete in challenges to earn FCOIN-tokens. This, by hacking towers and decrypting wallets. 

Players with a premium mask can convert these FCOIN into $DEFY. By sending these tokens to Kha0S, players receive a reward in $DEFY tokens. When Kha0s owns 51% of all these FCOIN tokens, he can internally attack the system to bring it all down. 



$DEFY is the governance and utility token in the ecosystem. It is an ERC20-token on the blockchain of Polygon with a total supply of 2,500,000,000 tokens. This will be distributed across multiple phases, without a burning process or extra minting possibilities. Players can also purchase $DEFY-tokens on a DEX/CEX. 

Their token allocation is as follows:


This token is used for in-game purchases such as NFT-assets:

  • Tradeable game assets

  • Virtual Private Masks

  • Personalised Drones

  • LAND

  • Customisable AR virtual spaces


The core team consists of 7 different members. Here, we discuss the 3 co-founders:

Ben Pember

Ben has a background in sports and industry and founded Exceed Sports & Entertainment in 2013. He has organized numerous events, in over 10 countries, with a focus on health and lifestyle. In 2017, he launched his own gamified mobile fitness app. With a strong commercial focus, Ben has had past partnerships with leading companies such as Redbull, MasterCard and Adidas.

Tom Threlfall

Tom specializes in fund management and has over 15 years of experience in institutional investing. He now focuses on technology investments and the development that enables the institutionalization of crypto markets. Currently, Tom is working with numerous companies using blockchain applications to bridge institutional markets.

Michael Mcclenaghan

Michael co-founded the technology start-up District Technologies back in 2017 and also co-founded VR startup Lightweave Technologies in Australia. He has a proven track record of building and growing successful technology companies. He has a passion for technologies such as VR/AR and blockchain and most of all: to use them to deliver real quality beyond a market hype. 



DEFY is an AR mobile game which highlights the critics of the Metaverse development. Will all Metaverses still be open and decentralised in the future? Players fight for their digital freedom while creating a new economy for themselves. 

Not only can players earn in-game tokens thanks to the play-to-earn, but the team’s mission is to reinvent the P2E principles by providing more opportunities for their players. Thanks to the location-based integration, players actively move while playing, which integrates the move-to-earn aspect. And more important: during their missions to conquer Future Systems, players learn the basics of coding and other valuable skills. Say hello to learn-to-earn, all wrapped in a rewarding and fun game! Play, earn, move and learn!

DateDate02 Jun 2022