Dark Throne - The Queen Rises: An adventure hack-and-slash RPG

GameGameDark Throne
DateDate17 Mar 2023

Dark Throne provides players with an exciting adventure exploring the realms of darkness to bring down demons and claim victory. With extreme attention to art and game production, we invite all enthusiasts of the hack-and-slash RPG genre to take on our bosses, compete against other players for special rewards, and try out various play modes and characters. You can look forward to infinite new challenges and play opportunities while restoring the kingdom's glory to be your own.


Dark Throne is a Free-to-Play and Play-to-Earn adventure hack-and-slash RPG that explores the story of surviving heroes of a fallen world as they strive to reclaim the throne of Izendar. Players can experience new in-game opportunities, leverage NFT collectibles, and unlock skills and various advancements throughout their journey. You can play Dark Throne on iOS, Android, Steam, or Web.

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Dark Throne is developed on and powered by Unity Engine. We are a multi-chain platform available on Polygon and Binance Smart Chain. Players can also experience our game cross-platform on their device of choice (PC or mobile) with one account.


Game Modes:

  • Adventure Dungeon: A story mode where players explore dungeons in the

    Dark World, the source of evil.

  • Time Trial Dungeon: A ranking competition based on who clears the dungeon faster. You can receive a great deal of gold and numerous tickets as rank rewards (Adventure Box, Enhancement, Lucky Chance, Continue).

  • Rumble Arena: Rumble PVP Multiple players battle it out until one final

    player remains

  • Boss Raid (Expected in Q2, 2023): Players hunt down special bosses to advance their characters and collect valuable items.

Dark Throne 2

More Features missions and hidden traps to overcome :

  • There are captivating battles in the demon world drawn with intricate plots and missions to challenge our players

  • There are infinite variations of battles to keep the game experience new

  • Boss stages require players to explore new strategies in their skills

Dark Throne 1

Weekly League

  • Reward by skill and merit - Players participate in Weekly Leagues to climb the ranks and explore new realms of the game.

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Dark Throne 5

Pick your Hero - all with their own charms and skills

  • Demon Hunter

  • Paladin

  • Sorceress

  • Assassin

  • Two more characters (Barbarian, Necromancer) will be added in 2023

Dark Throne 6

Easy to learn, stress- free UX

  • Navigation within the game is designed to be intuitive and support the player's seamless journey

Dark Throne 7

Assets & Ecosystem

The Totem NFT

Totem NFTs have special features that allow players to own new advantages and determine the level of P2E rewards for EPIC LEAGUE players. At the start of the game, players can equip one or more (up to 3) Totem NFTs to upgrade their P2E reward level and character’s skill performance.

Dark Throne 8

Tokenomics Structure

$EPL is the main utility token and has been pre-minted as ERC-20 tokens of Ethereum blockchain. A part of the pre-minted EPL tokens are transferred to BNB Chain and Polygon network by using cross-chain bridge, which supports multi-chain distribution of the tokens. $EPL will be used mainly in BNB Chain and Polygon networks, and can utilize additional chains including Ethereum where already pre-minted.

Dark Throne 9

* EPL tokens are distributed into multiple blockchain networks through by Orbit Bridge oEPL is converted $EPL through the Orbit Bridge. oEPL is a ERC-20 equivalent token that is synonymous to $EPL. Simply, both $EPL on Ethereum and oEPL on non-Ethereum are nominally identical.

$EPL tokens on a specific non-Ethereum chain are oEPL tokens of the chain. Note: Token economy may expand to other chains in the future.

Team and partnerships

Our Executive Director, Jay Kim and fellow game developers are long-time veterans in the game space and have led development of renowned titles such as <Raven>, <Marvel Future Fight>, and <Marvel Future Revolution> and built their careers at som Korea’s best gaming studios such as Netmarble, NCSOFT, Nexon, and Pearl Abyss, Our Art Director, Jeehyung Lee, is the sole Korean artist to be a cover artist for both Marvel and DC Comics with rights. He helped bring our story and characters from concept to life.

Epic League has partnered closely with blockchain-based and gaming companies from the very beginning. We have successfully completed our private round of investments. Some of our investors are Griffin Gaming Partners, Polygon Ventures, Netmarble's blockchain-related company called MARBLEX, Netmarble Monster, Neowiz, YGG SEA, Ozys, Game7, Magic Eden, and more.

You can find more information in the following Cointelegraph Article.


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How to Get Started

  1. STEPS: Go to Hub dashboard to create an account - click ‘Sign In’ to register (The Hub is where you can manage your account and assets)

  2. Connect your web3 wallet and link it to your Hub Account

  3. That’s it! You are ready to play!

Note: You do not need to purchase any assets or NFTs to play. When you start the game, an NFT, also known as a Virtual Totem, will be borrowed and equipped for you automatically to use. Through your play and achievements of certain levels, opportunities will continue to enhance.

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For more in-depth player guides you can follow this link here.


Our collective vision is to provide players with fun play experiences and opportunities for them to explore new spaces and communities. We hope that through Dark Throne, we can bring impact to the player community by increasing accessibility and diversity in various ways through play. Dark Throne is the perfect place for all gamers - curious or experienced - to be a hero and bring glory to the world.