Cyball - Unique traits and cybernetic enhancements, assemble your football team

DateDate29 May 2022

CyBall is a football-inspired P2E NFT-based blockchain game. Enter CyBall’s metaverse and become the best football player, compete against other players in various game modes, and team up to win the most prestigious tournaments and leagues. To become the best CyBloc, you can also coach and mentor new CyBlocs to strengthen your team and create the next generation of unique CyBloc NFTs. Only with the best strategy, can you and your team aim for the top! 

CyBall is launched on the Binance Smart Chain, but they immediately want to expand to the blockchain of Solana. Hereby, they create an instant multichain gaming ecosystem. Watch the gameplay tutorial here.


Football is one of the most popular sports worldwide. During all-important competitions such as the Champions League and the FIFA World Cup, the whole world unites. Locals feel more than ever connected to each other and cheer together for the victory of their favourite football team. 

Star players earn insane amounts of money and the whole world wants them on their team. But what if you could be the star player yourself and thus earn money yourself? CyBall is a strategy football-themed NFT-game where everyone can mint a CyBloc, an in-game NFT football player, to start earning. Thanks to sufficient training, practice, and a good strategy, you could become the Lionel Messi or Cristiano Ronaldo of CyBall. 

Cyball 1

Don’t you have enough time to train yourself? Thanks to CyLoans, you can even loan out your inactive CyBlocs to other users. Let them level up your CyBloc while you earn along the way.


CyBloc NFT

Every new-minted CyBloc NFT is generated randomly from over 200 countries with a different class, different traits, and different skills. Every minted CyBloc has level 1 and can grow up until level 100. Therefore, you need to gain experience points. Every 100 XP earned, your CyBloc levels up. 


The class of the CyBloc determines the starting skill and growth potential. The more unique the class, the faster and higher your CyBloc can grow. Each class also comes with different rarities:

  • Bronze

  • Silver

  • Gold

  • Platinum

  • Legendary


CyBlocs are born with different traits, these cannot be influenced. These traits determine the amount of XP you earn and the potential rewards. 

  • Common

  • Rare

  • Super rare


  • Team player (Common)

  • Show-Off (Common)

  • Front Runner (Rare)

  • Battery Enthusiast (Rare)

  • Underdog (Super Rare)

  • National Super Star (Super Rare)


A specific skill is very important to determine your chances of winning. Every new-minted CyBloc comes with a base rate for each skill, based on their class. The rarer your CyBorg NFT, the more potential it has to grow. Some skill assets are:

  • Tackling

  • Passing

  • Dribbling

  • Shooting

  • Crossing

  • Physical

Cyball 2

Game features

CyBall uses an energy system where players have to spend a certain amount of energy in order to join a competition. Players receive new 60 Energy every day.


CyBall is an interactive football game where players can compete with each other in various ways. You need to pay ‘energy’ in order to compete in these game plays. There are several PvP-modes available:

  • Exhibition

Exhibition game-mode is a non-serious gaming environment where players can practice their skills, enjoy the gameplay, and even earn rewards. Players team up in groups of 3 or 5 players. The bigger the team, the longer the match, and the more rewards you will receive when you win. Note: competing costs every player a certain ‘energy’. You cannot endlessly train your CyBloc in this exhibition mode. 

  • League

Feeling confident enough? Compete in a real football league! Every season there will be a new league where teams are being created. A team consists of 7 players; 5 starting, and 2 substitutes. This will remain unchanged throughout the whole season. At the end of the season, you and your team members will be rewarded and promoted according to your performances. 

  • Tournament

This is the real deal. Only the best teams can compete in tournaments, which is the highest level of competition. Players must be invited by the organizers. Teams consist of 7 players as well, 5 starting and 2 substitutes. 


CyBall has a PvE-gameplay available where you can level up faster without any costs of energy. Note that you will not be rewarded in tokens, this is just a way to level up without earning. 

  • 3 vs 3: compete against 3 computer-generated CyBlocs

  • Hire a coach: automatic training mode, but players pay $CBT.


CyBlocs can even mentor new young CyBlocs and pass on their traits and classes. These young CyBlocs are newly-minted NFTs and thereby also new characters within the game; more players to choose from, more players to strengthen your football team! Every CyBloc can only mentor a maximum of 3 CyBlocs, and only once every 5 days. This is to avoid inflation of CyBloc NFTs. 

Cyball 3

Assets and ecosystem

CyBall has a very dynamic ecosystem with a dual token system: 


CyBloc Battery Token is the in-game currency. $CBT is essential in order to compete in various play modes. It is the in-game currency and is also called ‘Batteries’. Players can earn $CBT-tokens by competing in PvP competitions. It is an ERC20-token as well as a BEP20-tokens with no fixed supply. 

You can earn $CBT-tokens by competing in PvP-modes, providing CyLoans, and participating in various in-game activities. To level up your CyBloc by mentoring or hiring a coach, you have to spend $CBT-tokens. 


CyBall Token is the governance and utility token and is also the reward token. $CYB is an ERC20-token and BEP20-token with a fixed supply of 290,000,000 tokens. Users spend $CTB-tokens when mentoring their CyBloc. Players can earn $CYB-tokens by:

  • Competition League and Tournament PvP-modes

  • Staking

  • Perform various in-game activities 


CyLoans is a way to loan out your inactive CyBlocs to other players. It is a unique automated scholarship-like feature. Owners can specify their own terms, such as loan duration, but also the revenue share or fee model. 

Integrated NFT-marketplace

Do you want to sell your top player? You can sell or trade your favourite CyBlocs on the integrated NFT-marketplace. You can also trade other items like body parts and wearables. 

CyDex (coming soon)

CyDex is an Automated Market Maker (AMM) where the user will be able to sell and provide liquidity for CyBalls native tokens: $CBT and $CYB. More to be announced soon!


Aaron Yee is co-founder of CyBall and has more than 10 years of experience in game development. He started as a game designer for Disney’s Frozen and is now currently involved in multiple crypto gaming projects. 

Long Vuong is co-founder and advisor of Cyball who brings an impressive amount of blockchain knowledge to Cyball. He is also the founder of TomoChain, a blockchain protocol that aims for near-zero-fee transactions with instant confirmation. He has advised numerous blockchain projects all around the world and is therefore considered a blockchain guru. 

Tin Tran, co-founder, is an engineer who has grown into blockchain since 2017. He is also an active DeFi researcher since 2020. He helps teams to turn ideas into concrete plans, ready to be implemented. At Cyball, he is in charge of the technical strategy and operations between different teams. 

Kevin Bui is co-founder and brings marketing expertise after successfully founding his Australian athleisure wear business. With an eye for design and market trends, he has been using his time to analyse and understand crypto-economics, trends, and the overall industry.

Cyball 4


CyBall is also backed by the following companies:

Cyball 5

How to get started

Step 1: Download Cyball for Windows or Android

Step 2: Buy or mint your own CyBall NFT. This can be done on their integrated NFT-marketplace

Step 3: Start playing and training your own CyBloc!

The game is fairly new at this point. The first tournament will happen in a couple of months. So prepare your CyBloc for this new challenge and rise to the top!


Football is one of the largest and most popular team sports in the world. From a million-dollar transfer to dedicated fans who travel the world to see their favourite game. Thanks to blockchain developments and the gaming industry, everyone can now be their own star player. Because of the diverse ecosystem of Cyball, you cannot only outshine other players, but you can also earn while playing.

CyBall is the next-generation NFT P2E gaming that provides a multifunctional ecosystem, where players can earn tokens in various ways while making their way to the top of the leaderboard. Participate in challenging tournaments, coach and mentor junior CyBlocs, or loan out your own CyBloc in order to receive rewards. 

This article was written by VersaGames — the next-generation community-driven Web3-gaming ecosystem. VersaGames connects gamers, investors, content creators and developers. In 2022 it will be powered by its own $VERSA-token, DEX, cross-game NFT Marketplace, and IGO platform.