Crosmoshooter - A retro Web3 arcade asteroid shooter

DateDate13 Mar 2023

Crosmoshooter is a retro asteroid-shooter game built on the Cronos blockchain. Players are faced with flying asteroids, UFO’s and enemy spaceships that they have to destroy while making sure they don’t get blown up in a collision. Battle against a variety of enemies and upgrade your own Spaceship NFT to increase your chances of survival in this endless shooter.


If you like arcade shooters such as Asteroids, Asteroid Shooter or the Asteroid Blaster franchise then you will probably love what Crosmoshooter has to offer. In its core Crosmoshooter is a multidirectional shooter arcade game that brings new and refreshing aspects to a gaming category that has been around since the dawn of Atari.

Unlike during the 80s when arcade shooters came to be, players are now able to truly own their in-game assets. Your in-game avatar is your very own NFT. Not only is your NFT transferable to other players, it is also upgrade-able and all upgrades are kept even when transferring or selling your NFT to someone else.

The singleplayer mode of Crosmoshooter has been live since early 2022 and the team is currently hard at work for the release of a multiplayer PVP and PVE gamemode. So submerge yourself in this retro vibe and blast away!

Crosmonauts 3


The gameplay mechanics are similar to that of other multidirectional arcade shooters. Singeplayer features endless levels that get progressively harder as you proceed, players have to destroy and evade flying asteroids and after defeating these they will start to encounter several other types of enemies. 

Every so often a new boss level appears, the first one being at level 8. Players have to try and survive as long as possible while destroying as many asteroids and enemies as they can. 

Crosmonauts 7

To aid players in their quest to defeat all enemies they are given PowerUps. There are a wide variety of PowerUps available throughout the game and they are often dropped by enemies or asteroids. The harder the enemy is to defeat the more likely it will drop a PowerUp.

Pictured below are some examples of available PowerUps you will come across while playing. The purple colored PowerUp is known as the Atomic Bomb and is one of the most powerful PowerUps, upon use it will deal 1 damage to all enemies on screen!

Crosmonauts 5

Pictured below is a player using the triple rockets PowerUp.

Crosmonauts 2

Assets & Ecosystem


Every Crosmocraft NFT (Spaceship NFT) has several traits that influence the player’s gameplay in a positive or negative way. If your Spaceship NFT has a protective shield as a trait then it will start with the shield PowerUp already equipped but if your NFT appears broken you will start the game with 1 less health point, so choose your NFT wisely.

Pictured below on the left is a Crosmocraft NFT with the shield trait and on the right you can see the in-game version of this exact Crosmocraft.

Crosmonauts 4


CROSMO-tokens are the intergalactic non-monetized token of choice for the Crosmonauts. With this token, players are able to upgrade their Spaceship NFTs and unlock several extras.

CROSMO tokens are rewarded every time you play Crosmoshooter. The further you get in the game and the higher your hi-score is, the more CROSMO tokens you can claim after playing. As you upgrade your Crosmocraft, you will be granted access to new Leagues in which you can compete.

Crosmoshooter Leagues

There are 5 different leagues that players can unlock with CROSMO-tokens, these leagues become tied to the Crosmocraft used when upgrading.

  • Bronze League: Unlockable for 1000 CROSMO-tokens

  • Silver League: Unlockable for 4000 CROSMO-tokens

  • Gold League: Unlockable for 10000 CROSMO-tokens

  • Diamond League: Unlockable for 24000 CROSMO-tokens

  • Platinum League: Unlockable for 48000 CROSMO-tokens

Crosmonauts a

In the Crosmocraft selection screen, the corresponding badge will also be displayed next to your Crocmoraft if it is in a given league.

Crosmonauts 6

Once your chosen Crosmocraft has been upgraded to a different league it will receive several boosts, as follows:

  • Bronze League: +1 rocket in reserve

  • Silver League: +2 rockets in reserve and 10% boost to firing speed

  • Gold League: +2 rockets in reserve, 20% boost to firing speed, +1 extra life

  • Diamond League: +2 rockets in reserve, 30% boost to firing speed, +1 extra life, +25% longer power-up durations

  • Platinum League: +3 rockets in reserve, 40% boost to firing speed, +1 extra life, +50% longer power-up durations

Good to know: your Crosmocraft will keep these upgrades forever once it has been upgraded.

Every week players battle for the highest score,tournaments are held inevery league. The player that has the highest weekly score in every league receives a prize and the higher the league you are battling in the more valuable your prize will be.

You can view the hi-scores in-game on a weekly, monthly and overall basis of every league.

Crosmonauts 8

Team and partnerships

The Crosmonauts team is made up of several seasoned professionals in the Crypto and NFT space, with members from various regions around the globe.

The development of the project is done by 2 individuals and is led by the project founder, known as CrosmoDev in the Cronos NFT community. He has worked in the field for several years and has also led the development of various other NFT projects.

Crosmonauts' design team consists of three skilled individuals. The lead designer for most of the NFT Art Collections, Sobri, has been in the industry for seven years and runs his own design studio. Simon, who also manages his own NFT Project named DrDao, oversees the design of marketing materials and website updates. Additionally, Ayan Roy, a 15-year veteran in the gaming industry, designs the in-game assets for Crosmoshooter.

The team has partnerships with several others in the Cronos community, all of which are listed on the website.

How to get started

  1. If you don't have a Crosmocraft NFT head to the marketplace and buy a Crosmocraft NFT, you will need the crypto CRO on the Cronos blockchain for this.

  2. Navigate to their official website and connect your web3 wallet3.

  3. Play! Select your favorite game mode and start blasting asteroids.


Crosmoshooter is a retro asteroid-shooter game built on the Cronos blockchain that aims to deliver true asset ownership and transparency to an old-school gaming category. Battle against a variety of different enemies while upgrading your very own NFT along the way. Are you ready to start blasting asteroids? Go play Crosmoshooter now.