Continuum World


Continuum World

GameGameContinuum World
DateDate23 Jan 2022

The Game

Continuum World is a 2D screen scrolling Free-to-play and Play-to-earn MMO (Massively multiplayer online) Game in which players can explore Continuum with their avatars known as UMi’s, collect resources, participate in events, and build their colonies with other players.

Rewards will be in the form of $UM, the Token of Continuum World. It is both a survival and farming/building game, seemingly inspired by the popular survival game: Don’t Starve, but with more focus on the building and community aspect.


The world of Continuum will feature a variety of creatures, plants, and biomes to capture, harvest and explore.

Establish your colony and use the resources available to you to survive and thrive with other players! Players will be able to interact with each other in multiple ways such as trading, chatting, and working together to achieve goals.

The development team will continue to add features to the game in concurrence with the community.

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The Team – Playchain Pte Ltd

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Playchain is an interactive game studio located in Singapore, founded by a young and experienced team of engineers, developers, and artists from the video game industry.

They have created over 25+ games to date, for various platforms such as iOS/Android, PC and even handheld consoles like the Nintendo Switch and PS Vita.

The team has proven their ability to make popular games, with one of their mobile titles making it to the top 10 of the US iOS app store.

Continuum World has garnered the attention and support of over 20 investors and partners so far.

Network and economy

The game’s marketplace will be on the Polygon network and will use $UM-ERC20 as it’s single currency.

Continuum World NFTs will be minted as ERC721 and ERC1155 tokens. This includes UMIs, LANDs and other assets.

It is possible to purchase $UM and NFTs externally (e.g. through Opensea), but players will have to deposit them via a bridge from the ETH network to the Polygon network if they want to use them in game.

Risk Factors and Legal Disclaimers

You should carefully consider the risks involved in purchasing and holding digital currencies. Before you decide to use any of the information herein and/or purchasing the game tokens, and/or non-fungible tokens (NFTs) and/or attempting to use any blockchain network. For further information, please carefully read the Legal Considerations, Risks and Disclaimers in the Website which constitutes an integral part of the White Paper.  

Purchasing the Tokens and/or NFTs involves considerable risk. The Tokens or NFTs may become worthless and the Platform may not meet your needs. No purchases can be refunded or exchanged. Do not purchase the Tokens or NFTs with money you cannot afford to lose. There is no guarantee that the utility of the Tokens or NFTs will meet your needs or expectations.  

If you purchase the Tokens or NFTs you are inherently assuming the risk of its loss of value from the time of the purchase, and you are agreeing that the Tokens’ and NFTs’ future functionality might be all they are ever capable of doing.  

If you are uncertain whether to purchase the Tokens or NFTs in light of these disclaimers or legal notices contained herein, or if you are concerned about the loss of any money you use to purchase the Tokens or NFTs, we strongly urge you not to purchase any Tokens or NFTs.

We recommend you consult legal, financial, tax, technology and other professional advisors or experts for further guidance before purchasing the Tokens or NFTs. We cannot provide you any of the foregoing advice.