Codyfight - a new competitive RPG with a unique gameplay style!

DateDate08 Mar 2023

Codyfight introduces Create2Earn, an innovative model to create, engage and play in a competitive environment where deploying AI bot farms is incentivized, designing playable characters is highlighted, and where the community will have the upper hand on governance. Customize, strategize and set your creative side free in a unique metaverse with endless opportunities.


What others consider cheating - we call winning! Developing your own AI bots will be highly incentivized. Codyfight is the first game where humans and AI can compete with each other as equals. Players can create their own robots, come up with advanced strategies, experience the endless metagame competition and so much more. 

  • Build and deploy your own AI bot farms

  • Create NFT Codyfighter’s 

  • Create and customize your game

  • Host and participate in community events


Codyfight 2

The battle awaits

Gamers will be able to play and earn in two ways: 

  • Competitive gaming: For gamers with a passion for competition. They can participate in Tournaments, Championships, Leagues, and other community activities. 

  • Casual gaming: Opportunity to win different rewards without any requirements or fees. Players can face friends or random players and have fun with in-game challenges and events while developing and acquiring new skills for their Codyfigther NFT.

Codyfight 1

Codyfight offers two ways for players to immerse themselves in the metaverse and enjoy competitive fighting: keyboard control or API. Gamers, therefore, can choose to participate in the battle first-hand or maximize rewards via the deployment of AI bot farms.

Codyfight a


Codyfight’s metagame is constantly expanding and featuring new elements within its competitive system. Dynamic map tiles, Codyfighter’s skills, Special Agents, and other conditions make gaming a fight in wits against opponents to conquer the Arena. Players will have to strategize and interact with their environment to succeed in the battle. 

Codyfight 3

Assets & Ecosystem 


Codyfight introduces two different NFTs:

  • Codyfighter NFT - Each Codyfighter has unique and learnable skills that can be unlocked as players rank up or participate in battles. Stats will be determined by the rarities and classes of Codyfighters: armor, hitpoints, energy and movement range. The combination of these elements ultimately affect the player's performance in the Arena.

  • Item NFTs - Players can own different assets that also provide earning opportunities in the game. These items will be available in the Player Dashboard and additional ones can be purchased in the marketplace or Codyfight’s official shop.

Codyfight 4


Token Utilities

$CTOK is used for:

Community incentives, rewards, income

  • Rewards for winning in competitive games

  • (Passive) Income for AI bot developers as well as NFT artists

  • Rewards for organizing custom community games and tournaments

  • Early access incentives for token holders and players that may include NFT assets.

Token Staking for liquidity

  • Investor-focused - $CTOK as a reward

  • Gamer-focused - NFTs as a reward (e.g. battle-pass system)

  • NFT staking programs

In-game asset purchases

  • NFT Codyfighters

  • CKeys to enable multiple Codyfighters for bot farm scaling

  • CTickets- Additional competitive arena entries 


  • Vote on new features

  • Report issues

  • Bug-hunting campaigns

  • Impact storyline

  • Contribute to game art

Token Economy/Ecosystem

Codyfight b

Codyfight’s ecosystem is built to be a sustainable and balanced model where gamers will be the main beneficiaries. The ecosystem is fueled by the tight connection between the parts involved, empowering casual gaming through the marketplace and competitive gaming.

Token distribution

Codyfight c

Consult our complete vesting schedule here.

Team and partnerships


Co Founder & CEO : Andrius Jaškauskas

Full-stack developer with 10 years of experience in software development and a master's degree in Games and Media Technologies. His career in the programming field started early on in his teenage years and since then he has developed a strong passion for complex games, economies, and competition. As a passionate gamer and programmer, he decided to switch to his own gaming project and founded Codyfight. His expertise in the Entertainment and Gaming industry is a key point for the development of the game and the pursuit of new opportunities in the field.

Co Founder & CTO: Danas Girdauskas

Educated Software engineer with over seven years of professional experience working in the Web Applications/App development industry and more than five years of freelancing experience. His programming path started during his school years when he started building autonomous environments for various popular online games. Danas’ passion for gaming and coding embarked him on Codyfight where he focuses on development, striving for a user-friendly, functional, and entertaining game. 

Codyfight d


Codyfight is supported by notable and recognized crypto VCs, launchpads, and gaming projects worldwide that strive for innovation in the industry. The help and support from our investors and partners allow us to keep developing and expanding the community and the game.

Codyfight e


Codyfight f


Codyfight is a turn-based strategy RPG that revolutionizes the industry and provides a unique way to unleash players' creativity and customize their experience through the opportunity to own assets, design characters, develop AI bot farms, and bond with an active community in a balanced ecosystem with endless earning opportunities. Create, customize, and control your own battle-ready robot, and outsmart opponents in a shape-shifting environment where you will have to constantly adapt to new challenges!