Chumbi Valley - Adorable P2E NFT Game - explore, farm, breed, & battle

GameGameChumbi Valley
DateDate07 Feb 2022

The gaming industry is shifting faster to Play to Earn type of game which gives every person more control and financial freedom thru their NFT assets. Non-Fungible Tokens (“NFTs”) may soon change the video game industry, as they provide easy access for player’s unique virtual goods in digital worlds. Even though NFT-games are not yet big competitors for Triple-A-Games, the gaming industry is still looking for ways to improve, making it one of the anticipated new type of business model that will bring the video gaming sector to a higher level.


Are you a fan of the games like Pokemon, Jade Cocoon, Digimon where you battle out your monsters/creatures and explore, or just wanna relax and do some farming stuffs, growing your pets or if you have played Ni No Kuni and you just love to see those cute Higgledies in action? Then this game is for you!

Chumbi Valley is an enchanting role-playing blockchain game that is being built on BSC & Polygon for its near instant transaction speed and almost zero fees. All in-game items and creatures are blockchain based tokens and NFTs. In addition, the visuals and gameplay are completely original and inspired by classics like ZeldaStardew ValleyPokemon Studio Ghibli which will give you nostalgic vibes.

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The art style of this game feels like you’re in the Studio Ghibli vibes. It gives you the refreshing feeling of what it is to play a classic type game.

Players will be immersed in a mystical forest and spend many relaxing hours raising creatures called Chumbi. Most excitingly, players and Chumbi can work together to be rewarded with cryptocurrency for farmingexploringcraftingbreedingbattling, and many more.

The game will be playable in app form, launching on PC, Mac, Android, and eventually iOS.


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The game is not yet fully released but we’re going to discuss everything we know so far in the game as this is one of the most promising NFT game this year so let’s jump in to the game!

What are Chumbi?

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These cute adorable bipedal creatures are what you called the Chumbi. Only those who are audacious and determined enough to take an adventure are the one’s who were able to find their hidden forest valley and encounter these curious creatures, often find themselves urged to stay. They have a spiritual connection to the forest and use magical spells to protect it. Chumbi’s will be your greatest companion throughout the game.

How to get a Chumbi

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A ‘ Seed Chumbi ‘ NFT is a Generation 0 Chumbi that will be one of the first and rarest Chumbi ever to exist. There will only ever be 4,096 Seed Chumbi ever minted. Each Seed Chumbi will be generated from an exclusive set of body parts, this means each NFT will have a unique appearance and exclusive battle move set, all never minted again.

You can hatch a Chumbi by buying “seed pods” thru their website. However, the presale and the hatching event for the Generation 0 Chumbi has already ended and you can only buy those Chumbi at the secondary market using platforms like and

NOTEYou do not need a Seed Chumbi to play the game. Seed Chumbi NFTs are part of an exclusive collectors edition set, intended for early adopters that want to support the project. There will be many more standard Chumbi generated in the future that can be used in the game. Additionally, all players will be given a free non-blockchain ‘Ancestor Chumbi’ when they start the game. However, it cannot be sold or traded.

Chumbi Parts

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Each Chumbi is a unique NFT creature made up of rare combination of: typecoatearshornseyesmouth, and pattern.

Chumbi have a main type and a coat type, but these don’t have to match. In total, there are 15 main types, each with 10 coat variations, this means that there are 150 coats that can appear on any type of Chumbi. Combining type and coat with hundreds of body parts and patterns resulting in almost infinite unique Chumbi.

Also, If you are lucky, breeding may result in rare body parts such as shiny coats or even ultra rare mini Chumbi which can fetch a high price!


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The concept is similar to ‘Axie Infinity’ where you pair 2 axies and create offspring. The difference is, the game is inspired by Pokemon elements which has its own elements for the Chumbi creatures, such as neutral, flame, forest, river, spark, crystal, void, etc.

That being said, breeding Chumbi with their compatible type as showed in the chart will make your Chumbi’s element evolve and grow stronger to a higher tier.

As per the devs, the exact details for the breeding event of Seed Chumbi NFTs have yet to be finalized. This information will be revealed closer to the breeding event date which is planned this February 2022.

Seed Chumbi NFT owners will be able to breed their Chumbi & create new Generation 1 Chumbi with a completely new look! It was initially planned that 2 Chumbi will be required to breed a new Generation 1 Chumbi, however, this is subject to change.

Chumbi Battle

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As per the litepaper, A new born Chumbi will inherit 2 attack moves, 2 effect moves and an ability from it’s genetics.

A Chumbi’s first attack move is based on its main type, and its second attack move is based on its coat type. This will result in some interesting battle strategies and team building meta.

Battle Strategy

Chumbi Valley11

With all those elements, you will have elemental weaknesses and strengths of each Chumbi which makes the game interesting and exciting.

Creating your Chumbi line up will be one of the biggest challenge as you will be battling up against different players with different sets of Chumbi’s as well. Moreover, you can also encounter and battle Cursed Chumbi’s lurking in the dark forest.

Defeating them will grant your Chumbi XP, and each time a Chumbi’s level increases by 5, it will need to eat a Candied Apple to progress to the next level. You can also earn Lucky Stars by winning battles which we will discuss in the Assets & Ecosystem. You can use those to craft the Candied Apples.


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This game is different from the other NFT’s that we’ve known so far. We have seen many games focusing only on the earning side with a very minimal and exhausting gameplay. But Chumbi Valley is stepping it up when it comes to those stuffs.

Talking about gameplay, you got those sweet looking creatures, PVP, PVE, offline training feature, and even a lending feature. It gives us the whole Pokemon team vibes that we had back then. This will be probably a classic RPG game that we will surely love and will spend insane amount of time exploring the game.

In addition to, we’re looking forward to its battle system as players have 15 elements to collect and battle with, which adds longevity to the game.

The game will feature multiple in-game earning paths. As players expand their Chumbi team and improve their Chumbi’s skills they will be able to complete more play-to-earn tasks. The list is as follows:

  • Forest Home — Players and their Chumbi will live off the land and expand the team by gathering resources to craft usable NFT.

  • Exploration — Players can explore randomly generated terrain in various biomes to find rare NFT items that can benefit the team. Moreover, it will also feature cycles for time, seasons and weather.

  • Farming — Seeds can be used to start a farm which can be either tokenized or combined with Lucky Stars to make your Chumbi’s favorite food.

  • Offline Rewards — When sending your Chumbi to the Chumbi Sage, they can collect tokenized resources and learn spells. Imagine earning even while offline. How cool is that?

  • Chumbi Lending — Chumbi Valley will feature a safe built-in system that will allow anyone to lend or borrow Chumbi. The owner can then automatically collect an adjustable percent of earnings made from the borrowed Chumbi.

  • Chumbi Village — Players can own plots of land with NFT ownership, giving access to special events.

As of this writing, we still don’t have any information on how the gameplay or the specific details about the earning paths mentioned above works. This is because the game is not yet released. Therefore, the article made were purely based on the litepaper.

Play to Earn

Chumbi Valley has a lot of functions and ways to earn which makes the game retention very high. Some may focus on battles, buy and sell, some others on farming, offline rewards, breeding etc. These are the list that we know so far:

  • Battle Cursed Chumbi & Other Players

  • Farm & Sell Forest Crops

  • Offline Rewards from Chumbi Spells

  • Craft and Sell Rare NFT items

  • Explore to Find Rare NFT items

  • Complete In-Game Quests

  • Breed Rare Chumbi

  • Chumbi Marketplace

  • Chumbi Fostering

  • Powerful Referral System

  • Buy and Sell Village Land Plots

  • Chumbi Token Staking Rewards

  • ‘Shrine of Giving’ Rewards

  • Chumbi Treasury Rewards

Shrine of Giving

Chumbi Valley13

Besides staking your CHMB tokens in the game which gives a percentage of APR, you can also stake your tokens in-game thru the Shrine of Giving.

Players will eventually be able to lock their CHMB tokens into the Shrine of Giving which will then reduce the circulating supply and receive CHMB tokens and NFT items as a reward.

In addition to, players can assign their Chumbi to the Shrine to increase staking rewards.

NOTE: A Chumbi with a maxed happiness level will be able to unlock a higher APY rewards than the base rate and will become a prized NFT.


Chumbi Valley15

The core team consist of 12 members. Aisha Venables Bitonti, the CEO and Founder of the game, which based in Australia. He’s also a previous Chief Technology Officer at Strange Pocket Games and a director in Strange Planet Studio.

The team is very hands on when it comes to their discord community. They almost provide fast response with all the questions and give updates with regards to the game and development. They also have ‘Ideas and Feedback’ channel which is very healthy for the community as the people can voice out and provide any valuable ideas and concept that the game can improve with.


Chumbi Valley15

The development partners of the Chumbi Valley are Vulcan Forged and NonceBlox. They hire for their in-house dev team, their blockchain dev partner is NonceBlox, with their CEO Ritam being the technical advisor. They have a dedicated team of blockchain devs assigned from Nonce to work around the clock for Chumbi, these devs are highly skilled and have backgrounds of working for Polygon, The Sandbox, Superfarm and many more. The same goes with Vulcan Forged to make sure they deliver a quality game for everyone to enjoy.

Additional backers and partners are Everse Capital, Kucoin, Spark, Orion, Maven Capital, Three M Capital, Lavender Capital, Nonce VC, Raptor Capital, Cinchblock, Nblock, etc.

Assets & Ecosystem

Chumbi Valley17

Chumbi Token($CHMB)

$CHMB is the primary in-game currency. It can be used to buy new Chumbi, pay for breeding fees, Sage fees, Marketplace purchases, and more. In addition, the Chumbi treasury will buy and burn the token to succeed on Price Growth’s primary purpose making it deflationary and will reward players who holds it. With that, they will achieve price growth in this ways:

  • CHMB will be required as the primary in-game currency.

  • Holders of CHMB will have the opportunity to participate in the game’s future direction, building its way to a fully decentralized game.

  • CHMB will eventually present holders with staking rewards when locked in the Shrine of Giving. As holders lock their CHMB, they will decrease the circulating supply and be rewarded with additional CHMB based on their Chumbi’s happiness level.

Chumbi Valley18

Lucky Stars($LSTS)

Lucky Stars (LSTS) is Chumbi Valley’s secondary token to empower the Play-to-Earn reward system. This token will have an infinite supply but will be required to be burned for four mechanics to make the token a prized commodity as it is required to create new Chumbi and to improve them.

The four mechanics are:

  • Breeding

  • Happiness

  • Spells

  • Leveling

You can earn $LSTS by PvP or PvE with cursed Chumbi.

Moreover, exploring, quests, farming, and all these features will award you with the token, while the Chumbi Valley team will ensure that an optimal balance is maintained between supply and demand.

Chumbi Valley 19

Chumbi Treasury

Since most of the successful crypto projects start at generating their own funding, the game also plans to launch a Chumbi Treasury feature that will work as an insurance on the project’s future full decentralization. The purpose of this is to strengthen the ecosystem through buying and burning of the tokens(CHMB and LSTS) in the secondary markets. This will also help stabilize the economy of the game.

Not only that, we really love how they promote environmental protection by planting trees and giving back to the community, doing charity donations, player rewards, in-game events and many more.


They are also on the works for the marketplace website where you can buy and sell the NFT’s that are available in the game. They planned to release it at stage 3 of the roadmap which we anticipate to be finished at around Q2 or Q3 of this year together with the Beta gameplay and the Land Sale.

How to get started

Since the game has not yet been released, we can start off by buying CHMB tokens and staking them. The next one is getting our Chumbi’s in the secondary markets for preparations upon the release of the game.

Chumbi Valley23

First thing we need is to create account in Kucoin. We can only buy the CHMB tokens in the following platforms in the above image.

You can also bridge your funds to BSC and use pancake swap.

How to Buy CHMB on Kucoin click HERE

How to Withdraw from Kucoin click HERE

As soon as you bought CHMB tokens you can now stake them in their website. You can choose from the 3 options given(90days, 180days, and 365days)

Chumbi Valley24

NOTE: The staked tokens will be locked for the whole duration of the options so choose carefully.

Chumbi Valley25

Now we got our CHMB tokens, the next is buying Chumbi’s in the secondary market by clicking HERE.

For the full guide on how to buy Chumbi’s click HERE.

NOTE: We will be needing ETH here to buy those Chumbi’s.

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There you have it! You’re all set for the upcoming release of the game which will soon be announce in their discord channel.