Bullieverse - A multiverse island with different genres of gameplay

DateDate09 Aug 2022

Bullieverse is a Play-to-Earn open metaverse island that is based on Ethereum. The game is based on fantasy and features socializing, playing games, and winning rewards. Visit the island to experience games with different gameplay. Take part in the intense social and gaming experience as you compete for the top spot.


Bulliever Island is about three miles long and wide. It offers you a wide range of games, opportunities, and rewards. The game will also allow you to create, publish, and play games. Assets may also be created, bought, and lent (like NFTs, Land, and Portals).

Bullieverse allows you to play the role of a player, a game creator, or an asset owner. It aims to create and experience a metaverse. It will allow you to be creative and immerse yourself in the realm of fantasy. Are you ready to compete in an endless world of games? Let’s begin!


In the game, players are able to build and experience the metaverse simultaneously. By participating in these activities, the Bullieverse community will be able to contribute to the creation of the metaverse. An approved game is published in a game portal after it has been submitted for curation. Listed below are the highlights of building Bullieverse’s metaverse. 

Building the Metaverse

  • Create games — Using SnowCrash which is based on Unreal Engine, you can create games. A game template can be selected to help you quickly put together a game.

  • Curation — This involves assessing your game’s quality and checking for malicious content.

  • Create Assets — SmartFlake creates an asset token along with metadata for each asset published in the market.

Experiencing the Metaverse

  • Arcade of Games — Bullieverse will develop and publish games across multiple genres. The games will be available in Bullieverse, with exciting gameplay, and play-to-earn opportunities.

  1. Bear Hunt Game — A single-player objective gameplay powered by Unreal Engine. Earn rewards by playing through three progressively difficult levels.

    Bullieverse 2
  2. Treasure Hunt — A multiplayer or a single-player game. Identify the hops that will lead to the treasure by solving puzzles.

  3. The Bull Royale — An online MMORPG where teams of bulls have to survive for a finite amount of time on an island. Teams that survive the longest win.

  4. Hooves in the Hoops — Play the game like basketball: dribble, shoot, and guide your team to a title.

    Bullieverse 3
  5. Bull run — Runners who can run the longest.

    Bullieverse 4
  • Competitions — Contestants pay a fee to participate, and the winner receives a prize.

  • Community Events — These events bring you and other islanders together, just as competitions do. Any music or culture-related event can be celebrated, from concerts to launch parties to movie premiers.

Team and Partnerships

Bullieverse 5

Srini Anala, the CEO, had various leadership positions in engineering and operations at Goldman, UBS, Capital One, and Reuters. Srini established the business, which was initially known as Cognitochain. 

Murali Reddy, the COO, has significant experience building and directing high-performance finance teams at Oracle, IBM, and Yodlee. He is essential to their impactful and flawless operations.

Likewise, CGO Arun Krishnakumar has more than 18 years of experience in finance and technology. He has worked in consulting and venture capital, and he has written several books along his journey. Some include blockchain and quantum computing.

Assets & Ecosystem

The Bullieverse has two tokens, the bull token, and the shell. The Bull token will serve as the governance token and will serve the three actors below. 

  • Bullieverse Foundation — Using a smart contract, assets created on this platform will share a portion of their revenue with the foundation. 

  • Staking Pool — This will increase bull token holders' potential to earn.

  • Bullieverse Treasury —This will represent the proceeds from the sale of assets owned by the DAO to the foundation with a 12-month lock-up.

Bull Token Vesting Schedule

Bullieverse 8

Meanwhile, the shell token will serve as the in-game currency. The money can be used to buy in-game items like weapons, special abilities, health potions, skins, and so on. Additionally, it will be used as a reward for the play-to-earn and create-to-earn systems.

Bullieverse 9


Currently, the following check marks have been achieved by the team. The team is currently working on Q2 of 2022 and has yet to announce an update. Listed below are the future plans for the game. 

Bullieverse 10a

How to get started

The Bullieverse offers several options for joining. Tokens can be staked or bulls can be bought to play games.

You can purchase a Bull Token by following the instructions below.

Step 1: click here to go to their main website.

Step 2: By clicking “Buy Bull Tokens”, you will be redirected to Quickswap for coin swapping.

Bullieverse 13

Step 3: Upon receiving your coins, go back to the main website and click the fourth dot.

Step 4: Click Staking.

Bullieverse 15

Step 5: Connect your wallet and stake.

Bullieverse 16

Here are the steps you can follow in order to purchase a Bull.

Step 1: Click here to go to their main website. 

Step 2: On the main screen, click on the third dot.

Step 3: When you click on “Buy on OpenSea,” you’ll be taken directly to the collection of bulls available for purchase.

Bullieverse 19

Step 4: Choose your bull and enjoy playing.

Bullieverse 20


Bullieverse aims to immerse you into a world where you can build and experience metaverse itself. There are a variety of games, opportunities, and rewards to choose from. With a Play-to-Earn system, the game is flexible and interesting. Using your creativity is also an option! Create games and assets. The role you choose is up to you. Are you ready to take your goals to the next level? Embark on an adventure!