Arrland - NFT and 3D high quality video game, play a your own pirate.

DateDate12 May 2022

Merging both NFT and 3D high-quality video games, the pirate-inspired NFT game Arrland is here to deliver adventure and action. Furthermore, the pirate’s attributes will have a substantial influence on the game’s elements, some of the features cover the underwater, land, jungle, sunset, beach, and even the ruby sea.


Constructed from the Polish company Anfata Games, Pirates of the Arrland was born and made to be a Play to Earn 3D Video game. Adventure comes from different settings of the place, it can be underwater, interface, jungle, sunset, beach, or even ruby sea. With the combination of both NFT assets such as lands and ships, NFT character pirates, $RUM Token, and the high-quality 3D graphics of the Unity 2021 HDRP Game engine, Arrland is set to present the pirate metaverse with the combination of video game and blockchain technology.


As shown below, the game is currently in the Q2 of 2022. Forthcoming features are set to be released according to their roadmap.

Arrland 2


The gameplay of Arrland is still in the process of getting more levels added to it. Furthermore, Arrland stated that the Demo Version will be released within the Q2 of 2022. Jumping more into what we know so far, from the beginning, players will be able to choose between first-person and third-person viewpoint camera settings, with arcade, puzzle, and adventure missions being the initial missions that they must complete.

To play the game, take note that pirates are the main characters. A collection of Genesis Men Pirates is numbered 10,000 with 300 different personalities. On the other hand, 5000 Genesis Women Pirates are generated as it may produce young pirates that may vary from the owner.

Arrland 3

Players should also take note of the definitions such as:

  • Pirate ranking — The pirate ranking will be based on the weight traits.

  • Visual traits — will not have an effect on the game but will create a more realistic vibe for the players.

  • Wealth traits— the ability to generate a $RUM token.

  • Functional traits  — traits that will take effect on the game, this may affect the players’ performance during playing. 

To have a complete display of the traits, click here.

Arrland 4

Pirates may also have different items as it will give them additional stats, Collection of items may be acquired through chests during missions or by crafting.

Arrland 5

Introduction of daily missions with a prize that consists of random rewards will be placed. Rewards may be identified as common, uncommon, rare, and legendary. The game’s internal and external testing phases were also reported to be included in the game’s announced plan.

Arrland 6

To cater more to the allocation of the pirate’s treasures, possible activities that are available are fishing, planting, and hanging a skeleton on a tree. Creativity may also be shown through arranging their stuff on their private island, buildings have also the possibility to be generated. 

The private islands exist in various sizes, each with its own set of prices and the number of structures that may be built on the island.

Arrland 7

Team and Partnerships

Marcin Bednarski and Dominik Szopa, co-founders, are both talented game developers. Marcin Bednarski, who has worked as a Steam producer for the last nine years, and Domik Szopa, who has worked in the IT business for the past twelve years.

Advisors Norbert Paszkowski, and Advisor Kryptoekipa who is known for a place wherein skilled individuals are present to assist people who are a beginner in the dimension of crypto, as well as to give further knowledge to those in need. 

Arrland 8

Assets & Ecosystem

Since it’s a Play to Earn game, the governance token of the Arrland will be the $RUM token. The token may be used in different settings such as the reproduction of young pirates, minting NFT items, crafting and production, and renting of pirates, long sea voyages, renting of parcels, and owning of resources for the engaging of the pirates in the economical side of the island. 

With pirates having their own private island, the usage of resources and $RUM should be kept from their own abode. Take note that the slots may vary from the island that you have availed. Cruising ships between islands are also made possible with the ships that you currently have.

You may refer to the table for the prices, slots, and ship sizes.

Arrland 9

The in-game currency for the game is called $ARRC, this will be utilized in some of the transaction exchanges in the resource trade. A variety of services that may be made by the NPCs will require the players to pay them the $ARRC. The in-game token may also be used for buying potions, and power-ups.

Additional note: $ARRC is exchangeable with the governance token $RUM.

For easier comprehension of the economic system, here are the visual representations of the following:

Business Model

Arrland 10

Token Allocation

Arrland 11

Token Metric

Arrland 12

How to get started

Currently, the game is not yet fully released. However, if you want to start minting some of the available NFT pirates, click here. The full guide on how to mint Pirates of the Arrland is indicated at the given link.


NFT games have been able to grow since their inception. Numerous blockchain games have joined the world of such, with that in mind, players should analyze and research their preferred NFT game thoroughly. Finally, they must also take responsibility and accountability for their conduct in light of their decisions.