Arc8 - Play arcade games, win matches & earn tokens

DateDate26 Jun 2022

Meet Arc8, a virtual mobile-driven arcade where people can play all sorts of games while earning all kinds of rewards. The gaming platform of Arc8 is built on the Polygon blockchain and used as a gamified launchpad where partners can bring token rewards, branded games or even sponsored exclusive content for NFT-holders.

The high-adrenaline mobile game arcade is powered by GAMEE, a play-to-earn mobile gaming platform with more than 40 million users globally. Their mission? To connect gamers, brands, and crypto projects throughout gaming. 


There is no industry that can compare to the growth of the gaming industry. Gaming generated 198 billion dollars in revenue in 2021 and the growth will only continue. According to the team of GAMEE, they even predict that the game market will grow to more than 200 billion dollars in 2024. Arc8 already reached an astonishing 100,000 users in less than 24 hours. 

Arc8 1

With the development of blockchain, there are more possibilities and chances to expand games onto the blockchain. GAMEE is a play-and-earn mobile gaming platform which attracted over 40 million users worldwide who have played over 6 billion games. Partners can enter this digital arcade and integrate their token as in-game rewards, but also branded games or sponsor deals for exclusive NFT-content. GAMEE wants to be the place to be for all your mobile gaming needs.

Note, that they market themselves as play-and-earn, instead of play-to-earn. Why? They want to serve one and only purpose: entertainment. Attracting users solemnly to earn isn’t enough to conquer the gaming industry. The gaming experience must come first, only then can the earning possibilities be introduced. 


GAMEE is the subsidiary of Animoca Brands, a well-known gaming software company located in Hong Kong. Its mission is to create engaging gaming applications, using blockchain technology. They have worked with well-known projects in the field, such as The Sandbox, and they are also invested in Axie Infinity. The platform of GAMEE itself launched 3 different projects, at the time of writing:

  • Arc8 App

  • G-Bot Metaverse

  • Prizes App


Arc8 has 10 immersive and hyper-casual games where players can play and earn different awards across multiple style games within the platform. The place where esports meet crypto gaming. One of the rewards is the in-game currency, $GMEE. Other rewards could be other tokens or NFTs established through partnerships. The virtual arcade is updated regularly, and they aim to add up to 50 games, including live multiplayer gamers. 


To enhance the competition, Arc8 uses different seasons. The best player in every season gets the biggest rewards. During every season, players compete in tournaments and different matches in order to get ranked by their skill level. Based on this level, players will compete against each other in a 1v1 battle. The leaderboard and ranks are different in every individual game. 

Player experience

The player experience is powered by the native token $GMEE. This is used to access the tournaments, as well as the 1v1 matches. But you can also earn GMEE-tokens by performing daily in-game tasks. 


Are you ready to challenge your opponent? You will be matched based on their skill level in order to join a 1v1 battle. The entrance fee is paid in GMEE-tokens. GAMEE charges a platform fee up to 20% for hosting a match. Prize pools are created from these fees and consist only of GMEE-tokens.

Arc8 2


These time-limited tournaments are skill-based games for multiple players of áll levels. Just like the 1v1 battles, you pay an entrance fee of GMEE-tokens to participate. But the stakes are higher, you can also earn sponsor tokens or sponsored NFTs thanks to partnerships. 

Sponsored Tournament

Like the regular tournaments, these battles are skill-based for multiple players of all levels. Only the highest score by each player is uploaded to the leaderboard. In these sponsored tournaments you can earn GMEE-tokens, sponsor tokens, or sponsor NFTs. Note that the prize pool is fixed and communicated before the start of the tournament. 

Premium Experience

The team is working hard to release a premium experience, in which NFT-holders get a gamified utility exclusive for their NFTs. More information is to be announced soon!

Arc8 Hubs

The virtual environment of Arc8 is organized around Hubs owned by the community. These hubs are NFT’s representing a virtual piece of real estate. Do you own one of these NFTs? Then you have the opportunity to host gaming tournaments, set prize pools, select sponsors and other games, or customize the experience for the community. Want to earn even more? Get rewards for the activity of these community members. 

Arc8 3


Arc8 is a gamified launchpad for Web3 brands to provide play and earn experiences for all players. With this launchpad, they want to create a customizable space for all developers who want to create a game and promote their token or NFT collection. The launchpad tries to create bridges between the gaming audience and various Web3 projects by integrating tokens and NFTs to the space.

Arc8 4

Games Overview

At the time of writing, Arc8 has a total of 10 casual games. Nothing overly complicated or time consuming, but accessible and easy-to-play games. These games consist of partnerships and sponsored deals. The latest games added to this virtual arcade are games in cooperation with global brands, such as ATARI and the Sandbox Metaverse. Arc8 is a combination of content from third-party creators as well as their own games. Over time, their goal is to offer up to 50 games, including multiplayer gameplays.

Arc8 6

Assets & Ecosystem

The backbone of Arc8 is the in-game utility token $GAMEE. It is used for different kinds of in-game aspects, such as:

  • Access games

  • Access Hubs

  • Purchase NFTs

  • Rewards

  • In-game marketplace

Arc8 6

$GAMEE has a total supply of 3,180,000,000 tokens which will be gradually released as the utility of the token gets more usage inside the gaming platform. A part of these tokens will be allocated to the treasury, so people can continue earning tokens while playing a wide variety of games. 

An important part of their ecosystem is the sponsorships and collaboration with all kinds of Web3 projects. Hereby, they can implement the use of NFT rewards from various companies and other token rewards to create a diverse and multi-leveled gaming platform. 

In-game marketplace

GAMEE has an in-game marketplace where you can buy and trade unique NFTs. However, this rather small marketplace is now limited to G-Bots, another project released by GAMEE. In the future, this marketplace might function as a cross-game NFT marketplace where you can trade your valuable assets.

At the time of writing, $GMEE is tradable on several decentralized and centralized exchanges:

Arc8 7

Team & Partners

Bozena Rezag - Co-founder & CEO

Bozena Rezag is CEO and Co-founder of GAMEE since December 2014. Her mission is to introduce the value of blockchain to the mainstream gaming audience, to create a place where blockchain meets mobile entertainment.

Arc8 7

Jan Castek - Co-founder & CPO

Jan Castek is Chief of Product and therefore responsible for product management, data science,  data analysis, and design. He is also co-founder of Spandee, a multiple award-winning company that helps users over the world to make smarter financial decisions. His specialties according to him? Entrepreneurship and product strategies. 

Miroslav Chmelka - Co-founder & CTO

Miroslav is passionate about startups and technologies. He has 15 years of experience, in which he helped startups to grow into global businesses with millions of users. As Chief Technology Officer, he helps GAMEE to reach millions of users. 

GAMEE partners with big brands in order to create the best games:

How to get started

Step 1: Download the app on their website. Choose IOS or Android. 

Step 2: Log in with Apple, Google or Facebook.

Step 3: Only use the built-in Polygon wallet to transfer assets

Step 4: Start playing and earning GMEE-tokens.


Arc8 is where gaming meets crypto. A list of casual mobile games where you earn various crypto rewards. From Solitaire to Tetris-like block games. There is a game for everyone. They use their in-game token $GMEE as a reward, but thanks to many partnerships, you can earn other tokens but also NFTs related to sponsordeals. 

Arc8 wants to become a gamified launchpad for Web3 brands to provide play and earn experiences for all players, and aims to list up to 50 games on their platform. Playing games at Arc8 will never get boring. 

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