Aradena - A strategy-based game set in the medieval multiverse

DateDate08 Aug 2022

Aradena is a Play-to-Earn medieval metaverse built on Ethereum. In this game, you must defend your base and win through a combination of strategy and turn-based gameplay. Your army of NFTs will battle other players during your adventure. By being brave and wise, you’ll be rewarded. Not only defeat your enemy, but also reach your goals as you experience the nerve-wracking experience of winning through each battle!


Aradena: Battlegrounds give players commanding points, traits, and power. The NFTs you train and build will face off against other players in competitive tactical modes on a hexagonal battlefield. Prior to the battle, you will load your army into a strategic form.

Knowing your strengths and weaknesses is important. You will also benefit from knowing the environment. Keep in mind that each soldier should have a specific purpose as you place them around the map. Decisions must be made before the battle begins. Have you got what it takes to survive?


In Aradena: Battlegrounds, your first earning phase is questing. It is a gamified way of staking NFTs. As Battlegrounds is being developed, staking will provide utility to Aradena NFT holders. It is possible for players to send warrior NFTs on quests, where they will earn rewards and new NFT commodities.

Furthermore, Questing will provide Aradena with an opportunity to reward early adopters with a valuable utility and establish a sustainable token price.

Listed under the noticeboard are three types of quests. There are many types of quests, each with its own narrative to overcome. Rewards will be given for each quest. Under the skill tree, three skill levels are learned. Having a high skill level will enable the warriors to unlock new titles.

Aradena 2

Battlegrounds will have four gameplay features once it is completely developed. Gameplay will be based on the following key dynamics.

  • Commanding Warrior — The game’s most important character will be Commanding Warriors. They are the most powerful commanders in the army, so they need to be protected at all costs. A warrior’s stats, properties, items, traits, and abilities will also be available.

Aradena 3
  • Army — This will serve as your soldiers. Various special abilities and skills will be available to each army unit.

Aradena 4
  • Combat — A game flow will be used for each battle. Below is a flowchart of the process:

Aradena 5
  • Maps or Terrain — The battlefield will take place here. The land formation, land type, and other features will be affected when maps or terrains are altered.

Aradena 6

Team and Partnerships

Aradena’s CEO is Liam Bacon. As a student at the University of Leeds, he developed a deep love for medieval history. Formerly, he owned a tech company where he hired people. It helped him develop the game in a number of ways.

Aradena 7

CTO Jacob Horgan holds a First-Class Honors Beng degree in Electrical Engineering from the University of Leeds, as well as professional experience in software and blockchain development. Jacob designed Aradena: Battlegrounds early on from the ground up after founding and leading a gaming agency that designed and launched a tabletop strategy game.

Aradena 8

Likewise, Thomas West, the CDFO’s artistic and community leader, is one of the organization’s leaders. He holds a Master of Engineering degree from the University of Leeds and has been active in medieval fantasy gaming for a long time.

Aradena 9

The following are some of their most popular partners. A number of reputable companies, including Animoca brands and Unity, cater to top-quality projects used worldwide. A few examples of Animoca brands include Sandbox and Arc8. The Unity platform, on the other hand, supports 50% of games across all devices. High-resolution studios and Riot Games are examples.

Aradena 10

Assets & Ecosystem

Aradena uses two types of tokens. There will be an Aradenean Gold ($AG) governance token and an Aradenean Silver ($AS) in-game reward token. The AG token will offer perks through staking and other features, so owning it will allow you to earn AS more efficiently.

Aradenean NFTs will be sold and bought on the Aradenean marketplace. In order to create a sustainable ecosystem for the P2E-model, all sales within the marketplace will be subject to a transaction fee.

Aradena 11

Allocation and Vesting schedule

Aradena 12a


The gameplay of Aradena Battlegrounds is currently being developed. They have yet to announce the BETA-phase or the testing phase on their discord channel.

On the map, you can see an Aradena logo along the track. A phase that has been completed and finished is indicated by the colored logo of Aradena.

Aradena 13a

How to get started

Aradena: Battlegrounds is currently in the phase of being developed. A warrior NFT can be used to play an in-game feature called “Questing.” To obtain one, follow these steps below for reference.

Step 1: Visit their website by clicking here.

Step 2: To purchase a Warrior, click the OpenSea button.

Aradena 17

Step 3: Become a warrior by choosing and purchasing one.

Aradena 18

Step 4: Go back to the main website and click play.

Step 5: You can begin playing your new warrior as soon as you connect your wallet.

Aradena 20


Aradena: Battleground is a medieval metaverse that offers turn-based gameplay and strategy. Share your bravery with your army as you conquer the world of historic battles. You will be able to own your gaming assets through a Play-to-Earn system in this game. Your performance will determine the rewards you will receive. Are you ready to face your enemies? Embrace the challenge!