Apeiron - Be worshiped through the galaxy and earn

DateDate19 Jul 2022

Apeiron is a God simulator, Action RPG currently in Alpha and soon moving to Beta testing. This game takes the concept of a God Simulator game and combines it with both earnings mechanics as well as Action RPG elements as you progress and become a stronger Godling. Apeiron uses both PvE and PvP game modes and rewards social players through world events. A passive mode of earning is available. 

What is covered in this article:

  • Introduction

  • Gameplay

  • Team & Partnerships

  • Assets & Ecosystem

  • How to get started

  • Conclusion


If you enjoy playing God every so often or like playing games such as Black & White, Spore, or Slay the Spire (a little further in the game), then Apeiron might be a match for you! This God simulator has you growing your followers and power through good or evil deeds. When you are strong enough you can walk on your own planet to solve puzzles and have battles with your followers fighting along.

The game takes place on your vibrantly animated and colourful NFT Planet. This depends on which elements are most present on your planet and can have various other effects. For instance, the powers of your Avatar are dependent on the elemental mix between Air, Water, Fire, and Earth. 

There are multiple goals for you to chase in Apeiron. First, you must create your Avatar on your planet. Then you can fight PvE and PvP battles or solve puzzles so you and your Doods can become even more powerful. Then you have the choice of exploring the galaxy for stories and challenges, or to reset your planet to power your God with souls and start over from a better base. 

Apeiron 2

This leads to a broad selection of ways to play the game. You can focus on gaining planets and growing your followings, and keep resetting them for more power in a Rogue-like way. You could go for the campaign across the galaxy as a PvE player, or decide to test other Avatars in battle through PvP. The team is currently exploring ways to make mini game rooms for just friendly competition and social interaction.


Phase 1: God Sim

In the first phase, you as a fresh Godling are in need of more power. You can do this by showing miracles to the Doods on your planet, based on the four elements of water, fire, earth, and air. Depending on how you react to your Doods’ prayers with your miracles, you can shift towards good or evil. Maxing out your alignment one way or the other gives rise to potential special Hero Doods. 

Apeiron 3

Phase 2: RPG Action

The more you level your EDEN, or Godling, the more of the planet opens up and the more of the population you can convert. After becoming strong enough, you can create your avatar on the planet to use in the Planet’s dungeon. Your Avatar can be one of three classes each with special abilities, also dependent on the elements present on your planet:

  • Fury: A close combat heavy fighter. 

  • Wisdom: A ranged spellcaster.

  • Fate: A commander using auras and effects to boost their allies.

The RPG fighting is based on card skills and slowly generating action points or mana. You can choose the skills you want to take with you into battle, which will then be randomly handed to you during the fight. Your followers will follow you into the battle together with your chosen Apostle Doods or heroes, with their own respective skill sets. 

Phase 3: Reset or Explore?

The third phase allows you to sacrifice your whole planet in an Armageddon event. In this, your Godling resets the planet and uses the sacrifice to increase its base power. You can also wait a while to do this and see how far you can get with your Apostle Doods and Avatar in campaign battles or ladder PvP. During Armageddon, your Doods or planetary wonders may turn into an NFT relic, which can boost your planet. 

So the main gameplay ‘loop’ takes place on your planet. The element levels in your NFT planet are randomly generated, where the more you have of one element, the stronger your Avatar will be. Because of this, pure planets are also rarer. You can condense the elements of your planets into a new one by “breeding” two planets into a third, through a Celestial Conjunction event. 

Each planet also has its own trait ranging from just a cosmetic addition to the planet's landscape, to higher Dood production or extra Avatar Skills. All this combined creates diverse planets, Avatars and Apostle Doods. If you want to try Apeiron, then you can ask for a non-transferable seed planet before making a planet purchase. 

Apeiron 4


The roadmap shows that Apeiron has recently finished phase two of the project and on time. Meaning that the focus will turn to the Apeiros token launch, continuing the NFT presales, and getting all marketplaces up and running. The aim is to have the open beta ready in Q4 2022, and have the full game cycle ready shortly after, so that we can enjoy the base game of Apeiron and our Doods. 

Apeiron 5

Team & Partnerships

The team is almost entirely doxxed and has clear links to their LinkedIn pages in the whitepaper. Here we can see that many key members have worked at a previous game studio called Aither Entertainment Limited, which has created Acid Rain World & Acid Rain World Gray Dawn, for up to seven years. 

In addition, the Discord for Apeiron is quite lively with over 50.000 members and generally has multiple moderators and other staff online to assist with any questions you might have. 

Apeiron 6

Furthermore, the team has notable partnerships with familiar names in the sector, like Spartan, Morningstar, and AvocadoDao. This means that the team has a wealth of experience to draw upon in case they might need additional knowledge. 

Assets & Ecosystem

The Apeiros system works based on a three coin system in order to incentivise the different parts of the gameplay. Each coin has its own unique characteristics and utilities to achieve this. 

Apeiros (APRS)

The APRS coin the project’s governance token and will be usable by the holders to cast votes on the future of the game and project. In addition, APRS will be required in the Celestial Conjunction and in forging Avatar armour.  It will have a fixed supply of coins. The image below shows that most coins will be used for investment rounds, development and liquidity.

Apeiron 7

Anima (ANIMA)

The ANIMA coin will be the main play-to-earn incentive and is generated by completing quests and tasks. It will be a second requirement for a Celestial Conjuncture. The amount you can generate will have a maximum per week, and the ANIMA coin will not have a supply cap. The health of the system will be monitored by the team, in case a burn is required. 

Singularity (RINGU)

The RINGU coin will be the main incentive for creating a tight, social experience in the broader Apeiron world. This will be granted to people participating in world events, social events and Guild vs. Guild events. This will also be required for the most exciting venues in the world, like the shop and yield farming. 


As mentioned, the planets will be the main NFTs where most of the game will happen. These planets have a random distribution of the 4 elements and an additional trait. The more ‘pure’ a planet is, or the more it has of 1 specific element, the more powerful it will be. 

Planets can breed in generational fashion, where the gen 0 planets can “breed indefinitely” and subsequent generations lose breeding power. This is called the Celestial Conjunction and costs both APRS and ANIMA. 

These planets orbit around stars, which will function like “land” to be rented out to planet owners. Each star has different bonuses for the planets in its orbit, creating a cooperation between the star & planet owners.

Apeiron 8

Lastly, remains from your previous Doods have a chance to be turned into relics. Through these relics you can either give your planet a boost or summon an Apostle Dood. As a planet ages it will receive more Relic Slots, so that it can house more of your previous civilisations to make the new ones grow faster. Or they can be sold on the in-game marketplace. 

How to get started

As of writing, the game is still in alpha, moving into closed beta. This means that for the moment, you can try and get a gen 0 planet on the market place, but the game itself is not yet playable. The open beta is planned for the third quarter of 2022, so hopefully, we will soon be able to try the base mechanics of the game and meet our Doods.


The Apeiro project is being led by a team with a lot of experience, and have the creation of a fun and social game front and center in their minds. Depending on the reaction of the extensive following they have built on the open beta, they might create one of the first proper MMO games in the space. 

DateDate19 Jul 2022