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Widi Land

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GenreGenreRPG, DeFi, Breeding

WidiLand is a story is about a group of elite people finding a new home for humanity after the post-apocalyptic events that occurred on their planet. Natural resources have been depleted, Environment have been polluted, and the release of prehistoric viruses which killed most humans on their planet.

Using their spaceship, they moved to a different planet called WidiLand, a green-blue Earth-like moon and slowly started a new civilization. Players will immerse themselves in the game doing many kinds of roles and enjoy different game modes to build, sustain and preserve their new home.

The game is a dynamic game based on blockchain technology which aims to become a globally well-known social networking game thru building a social and virtual metaverse, combining usability of GameFi and NFTs. Their play to earn GameFi land management game gives off a lot of interesting features.

Just like the Farmville and Stardew Valley, you also get to enjoy Cultivating, Breeding, Cooking, Collecting/Trading items, and Daily quests! The fun doesn’t stop there, you can also earn through their other activities which we will discuss later on.