Vulcan Forged

Market CapM. cap$67,314,860
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NetworkNetw.VeChain, Vulcan-Forged, Polygon

Vulcan Forged started as an NFT marketplace in the first place but now has grown to become a NFT game studio powering multiple games and is becoming a gaming ecosystem with over 20000 players. It also operates its own NFT marketplace which serves as the trading venue for its in-game assets and has seen surging volumes since its games have launched.

When we look at Vulcan Forged, it is an ecosystem rather than a single metaverse game. The studio has a full lineup of at least 6 games that are currently available and these range from metaverse MMORPGs to trading card games like Hearthstone and even a 3D Battle Chess!

Its flagship product VulcanVerse, is based around Greco-Roman mythology and the ecosystem has a lot of lore or references echoing these origins. The project team are based in Greece as well, so players are expected to get immersed in Greek mythology inspired MMORPG world!