World of Freight - P2E MMORPG Racing Game

DateDate11 Jul 2022

World of Freight (WOF) is a P2E racing game released in addition to the development of Supplain, a supply chain blockchain protocol. By combining this game, players can learn about supply chain in a fun way while making money thanks to the P2E principles.

The in-game collection of World of Freight consists of 10,000 unique NFT-vehicles. Each NFT is randomly generated based on 222 different features. Mint different vehicles for ground, water, air and sky. Later on the team added Freight Punks, distinctive avatars with certain powers. They are piloting these unique vehicles. Buy a World of Freight vehicle and mint your Freight Punk for free, you only pay gas. Enter the racing arena, compete in challenging racing tournaments and earn in-game $WOF-tokens. 

These in-game tokens are the backbone for the ecosystem. Customize your car, mint new cars or give your car a unique name. This is all possible with WOF-tokens. Each holder of a World of Freight vehicle receives 25 WOF-tokens every day. This is a daily reward that they pay out to their community. Watch the official trailer here.


There is still very little transparency when it comes to supply chain infrastructure. Where does the material come from, in what way is it transported, and is it all done in an ethical way? We see companies all using their own infrastructure and programs that are not compatible on a large scale. The creators of World of Freight therefore launch this P2E racing game to create awareness about supply chain in a fun way. How? Through a rock-solid community. All community members have access to the Boardroom, where the further development of Supplain is being carried out. 

In addition to this supply chain, the creators have launched World of Freight to learn more about supply chain in a fun and interactive way. Not interested? Then you can just take on opponents, upgrade your car and steal the show in World of Freight.

World of Freight 1


World of Freight was born out of the ideology of Supplain, a supply chain blockchain protocol. In today's world, there is a lack of traceability and transparency. All logistics companies use their own tools that are not compatible with each other. As a result, numerous information is lost and there is a lack of collaboration on a large scale. There are numerous companies involved where transparency is the biggest problem. Each system is an end-to-end solution that does not cooperate and communicate with each other.

World of Freight 2

The goal of Supplain is to connect all systems with each other where they could start tracking packages real-life. Creating one integration to enhance all networks and to bring all those companies into one standard.  To build a community, they launched World of Freight, a P2E racing game. The founders have now managed to recruit over 1500 community members with a direct interest in supply chain. 

The NFTs have created a positive cash flow, which makes Supplain more attractive to institutional investors. Eventually, World of Freight could stand on its own as a separate decentralized entity. The game itself is almost completely community developed. 


The free-to-play P2E game World of Freight consists of 10,000 unique NFTs. Each vehicle is generated with 222 possible randomized traits. These range from drone-controlled cargo containers, to trains, to futuristic missiles. Participate in races in the racing arena and earn additional $WOF-tokens.

Each vehicle has a different trait and strength, so there is a distinction between:

  • Ground

  • Water 

  • Air 

  • Space

Every single race gives you an advanced overview, so you can decide whether you are or aren’t capable of winning this race. Is your vehicle capable of competing long-distance races? And what about the weather condition and the cargo. Look at your opponents and decide if you want to compete. Are you able to beat your opponents and win the race? 

World of Freight also has a leaderboard where you can see the best racers. How many wins, podiums and races have they won? These are the opponents you have to watch out for!

Play to earn

You can only participate in races if you own one of the World of Freight NFTs. Mint your own vehicle for 0.08 ETH or buy an existing vehicle on the secondary marketplace of OpenSea. Owners get 25 $WOF-tokens on a daily basis, without even competing in a race. The more you participate and win in races, the stronger your vehicles becomes. This is essential for earning more in-game $WOF-token.

  • Minting price: 0.08 ETH

  • Daily rewards: 25 $WOF-token

World of Freight 3

Assets & Ecosystem

$WOF utility token

The native in-game token $WOF is an ERC20-token, the token standard for Ethereum's network. This is the backbone of the ecosystem and is used to complete transactions as well as receive rewards.

Racing fee

In addition to numerous free races, there are also exclusive races with higher prize money. These races are not free of charge, you have to pay a participation fee of 100 $WOF-tokens. These will be added to a prize pool for the winners. 


Customize your race car to impress your fellow racers. You get a random car at the mint with a default name. You can choose to fully customize your own car. Do you want to give your vehicle a different name? Then you pay an amount of 250 $WOF-tokens. Or what about different tiers or a different colour? Visit the "Garage" to get an overview of all the possibilities.


Are you absolutely not satisfied with the car you minted? Or maybe you just want something else? Then you can take your car to the junkyard and swap your vehicle.  Pay a fee of 10,000 $WOF-tokens and receive a brand-new car.

Freight Punks

What is a vehicle without a driver? To further expand the ecosystem and give the P2E more of a future, World of Freight launched their own in-game Freight Punks. Each Punk is an ERC721-token and generated randomly over 161 traits. They all have their own character and power. Every owner of a World of Freight Vehicle can mint a Freight Punk for free, you only pay gas price. If you want, you can rename your own avatar, for which you pay $WOF-tokens. These punks can also be used during the racing game to receive additional rewards. The team is looking into making further content and games specifically for these Freight Punks. 

World of Freight 4

Good to know: this Freight Punk collection will have an initial 10% royalty fee on their secondary sales on OpenSea. These revenues will be used to buy a valuable CryptoPunk. This CryptoPunk will be fractionalized amongst World of Freight NFT-holders, all holders will share digital ownership of this CryptoPunk. After the purchase, the royalty fee will change. 


Each holder of a World of Freight Vehicle will receive 25 WOF-tokens per day as a reward for their in-game activities. In the future, these future holders will provide additional benefits such as access to exclusive merchandise and content. There is a total stock of total of 91,250,000 $WOF per year over a period of ten years. The team will also burn tokens in the future to make it deflationary. 

All the NFT owners are equal, meaning that there are no reserves for the team. Everyone has to earn their own $OWN by minting en owning their vehicle.

Use $WOF-tokens:

  • Customizing vehicles 

  • Racing with vehicles

  • Swapping vehicles

  • Rename Freight Punk names

  • Purchases marketplace World of Freight

Team and Partnerships

The team is fully doxxed and consist of 5 founders from Estonia:

Sander is born to build communities and maintain public relations. He makes sure every idea is well-implemented, so he can track every project individually. He’s also a CEO of a marketing strategy and management agency and co-founded and sold a European-based logistics management platform. 

With master’s degrees in BA, Keirin is well-equipped to run all sorts of teams. She runs the design processes and is also leading the product team for Supplain. Outside WOF, she’s also a CEO of a software development company.

Artur is a full-stack developer with tech-leading skills and manages all the technical aspects of the projects. From algorithms to smart contracts and token management. He also leads a software development company and co-founded a European based logistics exchange platform. 

Alex is the sales wizard with more than 30 years of experience in building partnerships. He focuses on business development and is also running an advisory business for early- and late-stage companies. 

Andre have spent most of his lifetime leading various logistics, advertising and media companies. He helps with strategy generation and market exploration. Andre is also CEO of Omniva, the biggest Baltics last-mile delivery company.

How to get started

A step-by-step guide on how to start racing in World of Freight:

Step 1: Wallet

World of Freight is built on Ethereum's blockchain. You need  MetaMask or Walletconnect to connect to the ecosystem of WOF. 

Step 2: Mint WOF-vehicle

Mint your WOF NFT on the official website of World of Freight.

World of Freight 6

Step 3: Upcoming races

Find out about upcoming races and decide whether you want to compete or not. Each race gives you more information about the conditions of the race. Determine if your vehicle is capable to win this race.

Step 4: Join 

Ready, set, go!

World of Freight 7


World of Freight is a P2E racing game to draw more attention to the issues of supply chain management. To do this, the team uses the popular P2E mechanism. This not only creates a community, but also provides a healthy cashflow. They hope this will attract more awareness and investors to Supplain. Besides the game element, all members are also part of the Boardroom where they can learn more about supply chain and these developments. 

In the future, they want to implement more and more applications so that World of Freight's ecosystem continues to expand. For example, there will be separate games for the Freight Punks and the races will also receive regular updates. 

Mint your own vehicle, receive 25 $WOF-tokens each day and compete in various races. Pimp your vehicle, challenge competitors, and spend $WOF-tokens to customize and upgrade your vehicle. Do you have what it takes to win the next race?

DateDate11 Jul 2022