WinGoal - Compete In The 2022 World Cup Finals With WinGoal

DateDate21 Nov 2022

Bringing real-life sports events to the blockchain? Thanks to crypto and blockchain technology. WinGoal brings the biggest soccer tournament to Web3. Watch your favorite World Cup match live, predict results, and play against other teams online! Are you ready to compete?


WinGoal is a free-to-play GameFi on Polygon's blockchain that brings the FIFA World Cup to the world of Web3. It is no longer just connecting real-life events in Web2 - but further interacting in the lucrative environment of Web3 also! 

Build your soccer team, compete against other star players, burn physical calories in exchange for in-game rewards, predict soccer matches, watch live World Cup matches… and so much more. 

In short: WinGoal is a one-stop-shop for soccer and World Cup enthusiasts worldwide. Play, Win, Watch and Earn with WinGoal!

Milestones Achieved

  • WinGoal NFT Free-Minting: 20,000 WinGoal NFTs minted with 24 collaborators in total.

  • Winning Program: 20,000 + Winners already registered in 2 weeks!

  • Beta - 09/Nov/2022 - 13/Nov/2022 : 4000 players from over 100 countries participated!Considering the BETA was on android only! Real Launch will support both IOS and Android!

  • World Cup Carnival - 50,000 participants in 3 days for 1M+ prize pool!

  • Game Tokens Listing - WT and SWT listed on Quick Swap

  • WInGoal’s NFT Pre-Sale - 1,500 NFTs Sold out in 10 minutes!

WinGoal 2



In the beginning, each player is given a team of 11 characters. These white grade character cards have basic attributes - they are not NFTs! You cannot trade them on the secondary market, nor can you upgrade them. They are provided to every player to experience WInGoal for free! 

To start earning in WinGoal, players can start with the basic grade NFT - the Green rarities. To further provide a true free-to-play experience, WinGoal had a series of free-minting events held during early November, which were great successes - Over 20,000 Green NFTs were freely-minted, collaborating with over 24 partners! 

Not only is WinGoal free-to-play at-heat, but it also provides free-to-earn mechanisms by allowing players to watch ads! WinGoal integrated a seamless advertisement system that does not compromise players' experiences. Players have a choice to watch ads in order to receive further bonuses in-game, or to shorten their waiting time for certain activities.

WinGoal 3

New Tokenomics


Sport is healthy, and WinGoal does not miss that. Players can even participate in real-world sports activities. How? Fitness data is collected via GPS and Gyroscopes in your mobile devices. WinGoal processes this data and approximates ​your burned calories. Think of your heart rate, your BMI, etc. But what is more! Exercise is not only good for your body, but also for your crypto portfolio:

  1. Earn crypto thanks to your own sports activities/fitness performances.

  2. In-game tokens are burned proportionally based on your achievements. 


WinGoal moves away from traditional ponzi-esque tokenomics by introducing the concept of Win-To-Earn-More. Players can win or lose their crypto stakes during real-time World Cup Predictions - the overall profit/loss ratio among all players are tending towards 1, avoiding the situations where

  1. All players win and no-one loses.

  2. Existing players' earnings must have been generated from newcomers.

WinGoal 4

Winning Program

Winning Program is a referral bonus program in WinGoal for you to make money daily. 

Invite and Introduce WinGoal to your followers and friends - it is free-to-play!

Register a WinGoal account, become a Winner, start inviting + introducing + persuading - Develop your club members in all directions.

When your club members also invite, everyone in your club makes money for you, directly or indirectly!

Your Club's bonus is based on your Club's Game Earnings and Predictions Rollover in WinGoal.

Your Personal bonus is the NET of Your club's bonus VS. All your direct invitees' clubs bonuses ! 

Learn more on how to joining the Winning Program

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Connecting with Reality 

WinGoal partnered with Opta Data, the British sports data analytics company. It provides data for 30 sports in 70 countries, and Opta Data implements all real-time World Cup data and immediately reflects it on your NFT soccer characters.

Scenario: Messi recently played a match in the World Cup’s Top 32. Overall live scores for Messi are generated by Opta, evaluating Messi's performance in that particular match. The algorithm then applies these scores to the attributes of our soccer characters, influencing Messi's attacks and defense.

WinGoal 6

Google Pay and Apply Pay

WinGoal will support popular Fiat payment services such as Google Pay and Apple Pay, thereby lowering barriers of entry for Web2.0 players into Web3.0. Web2.0 players will be able to make their in-game purchases of currency packs using fiat, without going through crypto exchanges and cumbersome KYC processes.

Idol system

It is, of course, not possible to own an official NFT of Messi or Ronaldo, but WinGoal works with an idol system. So soccer figures in the game are fictional characters, but each has a World Cup soccer idol. This allows in-game NFT characters to behave like their soccer stars in real-life. Is your favorite soccer player a success during the World Cup? Then your character will also perform well: giving you a better chance in winning during your online soccer matches. 

Game modes

WinGoal has a total of 6 different game modes, each with its progression system and eligibility: 

  • Daily Missions

  • Leagues

  • Tournament

  • Qualifier

  • Cup Series

  • World Cup Predictions

Complete daily and weekly missions and receive various in-game rewards. You will receive in-game tokens such as $WT, medical packs, training coupons and more! —everything to train, upgrade your team and compete for the best. And who knows, you might win a place in the leaderboard for season rewards.

Learn more here: Game Tasks and Modes - WinGoal (

WinGoal 7

Assets & Ecosystem

In-Game Tokens


Metaland Shares ($MLS) are WinGoal's governance token and will also be used in upcoming games developed by Metaland. $MLS has a total supply of 200,000,000 tokens and cannot be earned during in-game activities but will be used for the following:

  • Match conditions changes;

  • Appearance adjustments;

  • Unlocking certain facilities. 

$WT / $SWT

  • $WT has a total supply of 10,000,000,000 tokens and is the general in-game token that players earn for their daily activities.

  • $SWT has a total supply of 1,000,000,000 and is the rarer in-game token players earn in higher-level gameplay.

  • There are many use cases for both in-game tokens for game progression purposes. But more importantly, for the exciting World Cup Predictions, players will use $WT tokens to predict the outcomes of the 64 World Cup Finals matches!

Learn more here: Tokenomics - WinGoal (

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Team & Partnerships

Team - Metaland Technology Foundation

Metaland has been a Web2 mobile gaming studio now transitioning into Web3. Their first project is Pikaster, a GameFi project and WinGoal is their second project. Metaland consists of a group of game developers with experience in DeFi, GameFi, and various start-ups. Some of the key members: 

Jay Lau - COO & Co-Founder, is the Chief Operating Officer of Metaland. He studied at HKUST Business School in Hong Kong and has experience in launchpads, crypto mining and gaming.

Stevie Ong - BD & Co-Founder, is responsible for Business Development and Marketing at Metaland. Stevie graduated from the LSE and had prior BD experiences in various crypto platforms. Stevie was also an entrepreneur in the F&B sector himself

Ronny Song - CTO & Software Engineer, is the Chief Technology Officer (CTO) of Metaland. As a software engineer, he already has the necessary experience in Fintech, but crypto trading is also familiar to him. Now Ronny's primary goal is to introduce Web3.0 to the general public and lead crypto to mass adoption.

Learn more here: Metaland Team - WinGoal (

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WinGoal sees it big and rightly so. They have already managed to secure more than 25 official partnerships. Some of them are:

  • Polygon

  • KuCoin


  • YGG JP

  • TronDAO


  • Bybit

  • OpenMeta

  • Project Galaxy

WinGoal 10


WinGoal is truly the one-stop-shop for all soccer and World Cup fans. Thanks to the free-to-play mechanism, there is no barrier-to-entry. Opta ensures real-life integration of all data during the World Cup and immediately reflects it in-game - essentially making all World Cup data available on-chain. Start free with your own in-game NFT characters and score yourself to the top. The diverse nature of WinGoal means they are at the forefront of Web3. 

DateDate21 Nov 2022