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Mouse Haunt

GameGameMouse Haunt
DateDate20 Mar 2022

Today’s game review will be on MouseHaunt! Mouse Haunt is a 3D isometric team based multiplayer game with Play-to-Earn mechanics! It is being developed by IsoForce Games on the Unreal 5 engine.

What is covered in this article:

  • Introduction

  • Gameplay

  • Tokens and economy

  • NFT assets

  • Play-to-Earn mechanics

Mouse Haunt 2


Mouse Haunt is a 3D isometric team based multiplayer game. There are two teams, the Mouse Heroes team who’s trying to reach the Fragrant Cheese of Yore — and the Ghost Team, whose goal is to kill all the Mouse Heroes before they get the Cheese.


As the Mouse Heroes shoot, dash and use special abilities while navigating their way through the haunted Castle, the Ghost Team possesses objects, activates traps, and uses their own uniqure ethereal abilities to kill the pesky mortal rodents.

However, when a mouse dies, it’s not the end! They come back as Ghosts, switching teams mid-game and changing the tides of battle. Now they have a new objective and earn their score (and $MHT tokens) by going against their former teammates!

Mouse Haunt 2

To keep the gameplay interesting and appealing for both teams, victory should be always achievable for both teams at any given moment.

At the start of the game the proportion of mice to ghost is high, so the mice have more control of the game. Towards the end of the game, the number of ghosts increases because mice have died, shifting the control of the pacing to the ghosts.

Level design plays an important role in this sense. Level geometry, line of sight, prop positioning and the overall danger level of rooms are used to indirectly control the death ratio of mice, assuring balance is kept during pacing shifts during gameplay.

Tokens and economy

The Mouse Haunt Universe will start with the original Mouse Haunt game. However, that’s only the beginning — the team has a strategy to grow their universe further by adding to the rooster of games and developing a strong economy with a governance token and a burn/reward token. With that, they will be able to offer multiple games and game modes that co-exist in the same Universe, and thus can be enjoyed by players using the same NFTs for multiple games!

For now, there will be 2 tokens in the Mouse Haunt ecosystem:

  • $MHT — Mousehaunt Tokens will be the deflationary token with limited supply

  • $MCHEESE (Mouse Cheese) will be an inflationary token with infinite supply

$MHT is the only token currently available, and it will be the reward for players that participate in the first game mode being released for Mouse Haunt: the Lock and Load game mode. Eventually, $MHT will be used as the governance token for the Mouse Haunt ecosystem.

$MCHEESE is planned to be used as a payment token and a medium of exchange. It will be used for mechanics that require burning such as breeding and upgrading of NFTs. This token will be launched when these features become available in the game.

Furthermore, $MHT rewards earned will be reduced over time.

Mouse Haunt 4
$MHT logo

NFT assets

Mouse Heroes

Mouse Haunt 6
Mouse Hero cards

In the Mouse Haunt universe, Mouse Heroes will be the main NFT that players will own and trade. All Mouse Heroes have some standard characteristics, being able to shoot, dash and reload their weapons.

However, each Mouse Hero will be unique, with different fur, hats, weapons, clothes, tails, ears, eyes, noses, and teeth. These features are not purely cosmetic but will alter the characteristics of each hero. This will make each Mouse Hero NFT have a completely different and unique playstyle.

Rarities are important, as the rarity will determine what abilities each Mouse Hero has. While legendary abilities will make it easier for a player to do well in the game, players with common abilities will be able to do just as well with a good understanding of the game and skill.

Mouse Haunt 7
In game HUD

Some examples of what each feature affects:

  • Genetics (from Fur) — Determines the balance of base stats like base health, base move speed, base damage, and their personality trait. A trait can be as simple as “aggressive” where they take more damage but deal more damage, or as complex as “pyromaniac”, where they take more damage from fire but have a random chance of shooting fire bullets.

  • Passive abilities (from Hats) — Each Mouse Hero has a passive ability that is triggered by another action or event. Examples of passive abilities are increased move speed after taking a hit, gaining extra damage after reloading or deflecting damage when using the dash ability.

  • Active abilities (from Weapons) — Each Mouse Hero has an active ability that is used by pressing a button. This ability has a cooldown and can greatly swing the odds of the battle. A few examples of active abilities are — revealing all ghosts for 5 seconds, increasing the move speed or damage by inspiring all nearby Mouse Heroes, creating a shield barrier, or sucking up ghosts with their weapons and stunning them for a couple seconds.

For now, the team are focused on delivering an interesting and fun experience for the Mouse Heroes while maintaining a balanced game for all players, so the Ghost Gameplay will be kept standardized. However, to value the players that have the rarest NFTs, in the alpha release the ghosts will get bonuses only due to the rarity of the Mouse Hero that died and became that ghost.

Lands and Castles

Mouse Haunt 7
A Mouse castle

In the Mouse Haunt Universe, players can acquire an NFT land and build their own Castles! This feature allows players not only to own a land that generates passive income but also to create a level in the game for all the Mouse Haunt community to play in and enjoy.

Castles provide $MHT to the owner every time another player attempts to complete it.

After buying a land, players have access to a castle builder mode where they can organize the layout of the castle map, set up traps and customize the look and feel of each room. Castle traps, environment props and even unique bosses can be acquired through asset packs giving you the chance to make your castle well protected, stylish, and unique. When you’re done with your creation, a level will be generated and include your uniquely designed castle into the game maps, so all the other players can see your name as the owner of the castle and play the level.

Play-to-Earn mechanics

Players will be provided with 4 leagues to play in, to accommodate all types of players into Mouse Haunt. The 4 leagues will be Bronze, Silver, Gold and Platinum. Player’s earnings are related to which league they play in, where Platinum is the league that yields the most.

Players are divided between leagues depending on the aggregate power of their Mouse Haunt NFT wallet. Each NFT in the Mouse House Universe has a defined power, so Mouse Heroes, Ghost Villains and Castles all have an assigned power. Of course, the better and rarer the NFT is, the higher its power.

Each league will yield different reward amounts of $MHT and $MCHEESE per match. The higher the league, the better the rewards.

Mouse Haunt 9

Mouse Heroes!

To give a chance to players that either haven’t joined early to get the rarest NFTs or aren’t able to invest too much, there will be a feature where the best skilled and top 30 ranked players within each league will gain special rewards every two weeks!

Renting will play a key role in making the game available to the biggest userbase possible while creating value to our early adopters. If you are skilled, you can easily rent a hero and climb your way up to buy one.

Alternatively, if you own a good Mouse or Ghost NFT, you can rent it out for rewards!

Getting Started

Lock and Load was the first entry to the Mouse Haunt game collection, the alpha was released on March 23rd 2022, however the Alpha itself is a test version with no monetary benefits (real farming). Earning will start during the beta soon after.

Before your Mouse Heroes are ready to pull off a Castle Heist they must gather supplies and prepare.

In the Lock and Load game mode, your team of Mouse Heroes will explore a level of the castle, destroy chests and collect the MHT kept inside. Heroes can get tired so make sure you keep your team’s stamina level up by keeping them rested so they can collect as many tokens as possible.

You must have a Mouse Hero to play the game, which you can obtain from a booster pack or buying/renting a Mouse Hero directly from the Mousehaunt Marketplace.

$MHT can be traded for on Pancakeswap, which can then be used to purchase Heroes or Booster packs.

We hope this quick review was helpful! For more detailed information on progress and development visit the MouseHaunt Whitepaper which is being updated frequently!