MetaGear - Multi platform robot battling arena

DateDate13 Apr 2022

MetaGear is a robot battling arena game where your robots are constructed with NFT machine parts. Created with Unity, MetaGear will be available on multiple platforms: PC, Android, and iOS versions. 


MetaGear is a tactical robot fighting game based on real-world physics, this advanced physics' mechanism is what distinguishes MetaGear from other similar games. 

The physical impact mechanism requires thorough study and rigorous calculation from the programmers. With generic games and simple in-game factors that use regular strength indicators, forming equations and functions are much easier. However, integrating a system that utilizes physical impact factors demands computation of many complex functions.

According to MetaGear, they claim to have developed a system to scientifically calculate physical impact factors. 

Play to earn mechanics are present in the standard version. There is also a free-to-play version of the game where players can enjoy the game without needing to invest in NFTs, but in this free version earning will not be possible. 


Starting off with the basics, Gears are the core of the game when it comes to playing MetaGear. 

Gear machines are divided into 2 categories below based on their durability characteristics.

  • Genesis Machine Parts 

Genesis Machine Parts have endless durability, which means players can use it for a lifetime without going through the trouble of restoring its durability. Approximately 50,000 parts are released within the game.

  • Machine Parts

Basic Machine Parts are functionally the same as Genesis Parts, with the exception of having a limited durability that must be repaired. Durability decreases over time, when it reaches 0 the part can no longer be used until repaired. Durability of Basic Machine Parts is dependent on the rarity of that part. 

MetaGear 3

The 4 main parts consist of the Chassis, Weapon, Gadget, and Wheels. Different parts have different roles and affect different stats. With that in mind, the capabilities of your machine will depend directly on what parts it consists of. Even so, participating in a battle doesn’t require every slot of Gear to be fully equipped. Except for Chassis. Occasionally, removing parts may even serve as a strategic choice to the player, allowing for endless tactical variety in builds!


The Chassis will serve as the body of the machine. Shapes, slot position and other features may differ depending on the shape of the chassis that you will choose. 

MetaGear 4

Players will assemble parts that are given per slot as each slot serves its respective functions. Two parameters of the Chassis are HP or Health Points, and Power. The power stats will depend on the ability of how well the players have assembled their parts.

Additional note: The higher the power stats, the higher the high-power parts can be assembled. For instance, If the chassis’ power is placed at 8 then you can have a total power of 8, no more, no less.


To cause damage to the opponent, weapons are what you need. Damage per second or the DPS will rely on the weapon’s rarity and of course, the level. 

MetaGear 5

Having said that, there are two kinds of weapons for the players to utilize: Melee Weapons which inflict damage up close, and the Ranged Weapons which cause damage from a distance. 


Some of the slots of the Chassis are for Gadgets. They provide special abilities to your Gear. Some special abilities are: 

  • Speed up(Booster)

  • Move backward(Backpedal) 

  • Push back opponent(Repulse)

  • Flip the opponent (Forklift)

  • HP Recover(First-aid kit)

  • Lift the opponent(Lifter)

  • Drag the opponent(Harpoon)

Players may use their Gadgets to their advantage to fight their opponents. Are you struggling in your battle? Strategically choose one of the gadgets to conquer your opponent.

MetaGear 6


For the player to move their Chassis, wheels are required. The type of wheels affects the speed of movement and type of motion. HP or Health Points also increase whenever wheels are added. HP added will be based on the wheel’s level, rarity, and size. 

MetaGear 7

Machine Parts Rarity

Rarity affects some stats of machine parts and is also the reason why the rarer the parts are, the more exceptional their abilities are. Levels of rarity include Common, Rare, Mythic, and Legendary.

MetaGear 8


To manufacture a new Genesis machine, and build vital materials for the players to upgrade their booster or materials, the blueprint is required. Blueprint is considered to be one of the most beneficial assets for the players to earn and at the same time for them to complete certain upgrades. To earn these precious blueprints, players can either craft them or buy them from the Marketplace. To craft a blueprint, 1000 Blue shards are needed for it to be completed. Blue shards are earned during in-game rewards when players participate in different game modes. 

However, take note that blue shards are not tradeable, so you have to earn them by yourself. To buy or sell your blueprint, visit the in-game marketplace. 

Securing the balance between growth and inflation control, generated machine parts will have the ratio of:

  • 25% rate for opening a Blueprint and getting the machine part.

  • Type of machine part received will be distributed by 25% for Genesis Machine Part and 75% for Durable Machine Part.

Note: random items are to be expected after using a blueprint.


Upgrading materials such as common, rare, mythical, and legendary, green, gold, and purple materials will expand the rate of upgrading. Check this link for reference. 

MetaGear 10

Game Modes

  • Quick fight

is a PVP type of fighting mode, where random players are assigned to fight each other depending on their strength. Players may take a look at each other’s profiles to try and create a counter build for a certain play style. If the player manages to take the win, blue shards are given as a reward. 

🥇 Rarity Bonus

The rarity bonus will be counted based on the total rarity of Machine Parts on a complete Gear machine. The rarity of a Common, Rare, Mythical, and Legendary part, respectively, is 2,4,10 and 20.

👉 Example: A complete Gear machine made from 2 Commons, 1 Rare, 1 Mythical, 1 Legendary machine parts, then the Rarity Bonus will be: 2+2+4+10+20=38

🥈 Reward calculation:

The Reward in Quick fight mode will be the same as we mentioned in the previous post: (base shard reward) multiplied with Rarity Bonus.

📌 Notice that the “base shard reward” differs from the “shard reward.”

  • For quick fights, base shard reward = 1 per match.

  • For the campaign, base shard reward = earn shard before multiplying with the rarity bonus.

  • “Shard reward” = “base shard reward” x “total rarity bonus.”

🥉 Machine part's durability

The machine parts’ durability will also be reworked.

  • Before: durability lost = 0.02 percent x total shard reward

  • After: durability lost = 0.2 percent x base shard reward.

For example, a winning quick fight match = 1 x 0.2 = 0.2 percent durability lost

  • Campaign:

on the other hand is a type of ladder battle: 14 continuous matches must be fought. Every game won by the player will result in a point. The leaderboard will be focused on the player who has the best performance. Rewards will be given, depending on whether they will claim their first reward after winning with a single opponent, or after 1 day with a 12/14 match wins. With the second method of claiming the rewards, players are given the chance to receive a special reward. The top player of the leaderboard will also get a special reward.

Note: the player should be able to play all the 14 matches to be ranked. If the player failed to meet the requirement, the player’s matches will not be counted or recorded. 

🥇 Rarity Bonus

The rarity bonus will be counted based on the total rarity of Machine Parts on a complete Gear machine. The rarity of a Common, Rare, Mythical, and Legendary part, respectively, is 2,4,10 and 20.

👉 Example: A complete Gear machine made from 2 commons, 1 rare, 1 mythical, 1 legendary machine parts, then the Rarity Bonus will be: 2+2+4+10+20=38

🏅 Campaign Reward Calculation:

We will also modify the rewards of the Campaign mode. The rewards of the campaign mode will be modified as follow:

Like Quick fight mode, “Shard reward” = “base shard reward” x “total rarity bonus.”.

👉 For example, if a player enters campaign mode for the first time and gets 10 wins total, then that player will get 10 baseshard rewards (=0+0+1+0+2+0+3+0+4+0) x his total rarity bonus. If that same player plays another round and gets 13 wins total, he will get 10 (=5+0+5) x bonus rarity rewards.

🥉 Machine part's durability

Each fight in Campaign mode will reduce all machine part that used in macth by "base shard reward" x 0.2% durability

  • The Tournament caters to the 7 divisions of groups which will last for 7 weeks, the top 10 in the said group based on the medal points will further advance to the next ranking. This game mode is acknowledged as the most intense mode for the players to go through tons of rounds before winning the final round. The rewards here in the Tournament are better and more unique than the first two game modes. The weekly rewards consist of 10 players who rank up will receive a blueprint and $GEAR. The next top 30 people will receive a blue shard, and the last 10 people of the group will receive no reward.

Note: each tournament group has 50 participants and will only last for a week. 

Guild Building

Phase 2 of MetaGear will come soon, wherein players can collaborate with one another by forming guilds. Players must perform different tasks to earn resources, level up their guild, and obtain rewards from contributing. 

Guild battles will also be available in a 3v3 PVP mode.


In the marketplace, players can engage in NFT trading of the in-game assets. Some of the NFTs that players can trade with are the following: 

  • Blueprint

  • Machine parts

  • Boosters

  • Other materials. 

Buyers may also bargain and lower the price if the seller acknowledges the buyer’s request.

Rare NFTs can be found here under Auctions. The goal of this feature is to find buyers that are prepared to buy the item at the highest price available, whoever has the highest bidding price will take the item and pay to receive the NFT. The floor price and auction time will be given by the seller.

Leasing out different NFTs is available as well. Renting an NFT is a way for the players to have a variety of choices to choose from and pay the price at a lower cost. Winning matches from time to time can be hard, especially if many of the players own their NFTs. Other players can keep up by using NFTs leased out in the marketplace.

Due to the transactions that are to be made in the marketplace Fee & Token Burn charges the players a fixed rate of 3.5%. The basis of this percentage will be used for 50% system operating cost, 30% for treasury which includes farming and staking, and 20% for game rewards and events.


MetaGear 14

The team is made up of 21 talented and skillful members, each having years and years of experience to ensure the quality of building MetaGear. Tony Vu has conquered his way into an experience of 8 years as an acting CEO of the company in Vietnam, one of the leading technology companies in Vietnam. 

MetaGear 15

Co-founder Nang Doan on the other hand is also the co-founder of Onesoft and CEO of rocket studio. These fast-growing companies are known for their leadership abilities.

The community of MetaGear has a complete set of social media where they can reach their players through online support. This only shows how hands-on they are with their players, as they provide a friendly and fast response. Ideas are distributed in the chats as well. Their discord server also contains suggestions and feedback, where players get to suggest their own recommendations to the game and voice out their thoughts for the game to be more effective.

The advisors

MetaGear 16

The advisors working with the core team are seasoned entrepreneurs, venture capitalist, software and marketing professionals.  Vietnam is one of those countries where the adoption rate for finntech, gaming and blockchain is going parabolic. 

Throw the father of Angry Birds,  VC specialists and one of the leading software and telecom brands in the mix. And you end up with a match made in heaven for MetaGear. 


The game is known to be an expanding community with different backers and partners. Due to this sole reason, partners of MetaGear have been evolving monthly with the additional partners of Cryptoon ventures, Nextz ventures, Cryptocup, Earn guild, Poolz, Tradecoin vietnam, Leviathan knight guild, AV Star capital, and Admix. As of now, they are still currently announcing and updating their partners through the discord server for the betterment of the game.

MetaGear 17

Assets & Ecosystem 

One aim of the project is to control NFT inflation, create scarcity, and enhance NFTs value. At the same time, they empower the community by releasing various in-game NFTs.

Limited Genesis Machine Parts as stated earlier, will only have a maximum of 50,000 which is equivalent to 10,000 Gears only crafted from genesis machine parts. 

The $GEAR obtained from the genesis machine parts will be burned. Most of the circulating $GEAR will be earned from being active and playing the game, and will be owned by the player base.

A machine’s part durability will be reduced by 0.02% when earning a blue shard. Repairing the machine is reduced to 10% as calculated below: 

MetaGear 18

Economic Model

$GEAR is the main currency of the MetaGear ecosystem and will also be used to trade NFTS throughout the economy. 

Metaverse Building will also be present in MetaGear, an example being Garages where players can simply hang out and perform actions such as upgrading their Gears, similar to housing instances in MMOs. Garages also come in small and big sizes. Garages can be purchased from the marketplace from other players, or from open Garage Sales on the game map. They help increase efficiency in upgrading, as well as providing more options for customization. 


MetaGear is built on the Binance Smart Chain, with its native token GEAR ($GEAR). It has a total max supply of 1,000,000 with the following token allocation: 

MetaGear 20

Transactions from users are all recorded by MetaGear, as they want to provide transparency to the community. Refer to this link here to see details, and click here to view all transactions.

Token Utility

$GEAR will be used as a governance token and for staking and farming, in which investors can contribute in providing liquidity. $GEAR is also needed to make rentals of NFTs or to make purchases in the Marketplace

MetaGear 21


MetaGear 2

How to Get Started

The game is Free-to-Play and Play-to-Earn as well, you can check their website here and explore more before diving into the in-depth system of the game.

Step 1: Click here to go to their website and choose either of the four to start.

MetaGear 22

Step 2: To register, click SIGN UP.

Step 3:Fill in the information requested below:

MetaGear 23

At long last, we’re done! For other information, useful links are given at the end of the article for your advantage.


MetaGear is a simple, yet hard to master game with a huge variety of possible unique Gear modifications, thanks to the wide variety of NFT machine parts available. This should create a vibrant and fun metagame as long as the developers continue to focus on balancing the game. With a free-to-play version available, MetaGears should be able to reach a much wider audience than purely play-to-earn titles.

DateDate13 Apr 2022