DateDate13 Apr 2022

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MetaGear 1


Originated from Unity, the availability of playing MetaGear may go as far as playing it in PC, Android, or even IOS versions. The game is known to be Free-to-Play but sides more with the Play-to-Earn mechanics as it does not have a utility token. The capability to expand in terms of game features is possible, even with the given gaming graphic design. Using the popular graphic quality of Pixel Art, some of the games that may reminisce the retro arcades from before are the famous Pac-Man from the 1980s and the Coffee Talk from 2020, which introduces a visual novel that was really popular with the players. It is truly exciting for MetaGear to have the same feeling that is continuously mixed with the smooth graphical design and modern publications of today.

Moving forward with the physical logic of MetaGear, the game revolves around physical science, which is why the team formed a perfectly synced mechanism to make the game revolve around the unlimited tactical skills that the players are generating. Creating transaction security was also prepared by the MetaGear team as well, giving importance to any malfunction of smart contracts which includes the Token and NFT contract. Tokenomic operations will be cautiously monitored for any off-chain and on-chain transactions, to ensure the accuracy and safety of the players.

In addition to that, the $GEAR token which is connected with the smart contract will be audited and certified by leading Blockchain audit companies. Public announcements are to be made public, Audit results, contract source code, and token allocation will all be part of the disclosure for transparency.


The possibility of expanding the functions is all made possible with the new features that will be shown in the long-term roadmap. According to the roadmap, Players will have the opportunity to participate in different events and updated features in the future without being restricted by the features of the first phase. Also, the possibility of connecting to other blockchain ecosystems such as Solana, Polygon, Near, etc. will be made sure to be considered in the next phases in order to expand the players’ viewpoint in near future.

MetaGear 2


MetaGear is pretty simple if you look at the overall system of it, important details such as machines, game modes, and the marketplace are all the things you should be able to take note of. The game revolves around fighting and strategizing most of the time, clever moves such as taking off machine parts are possible too.

Starting off with the basics, Machines are vital to be knowledgeable when it comes to playing MetaGear. The Machines cover two parts of the game which are known to be the Genesis Machine Parts and the Machine Parts

Genesis Machine Parts caters to the endless durability that the players can use to use it for a lifetime without going through the ruckus of restoring its durability. Approximately 250,000 are released within the game which amounts to the total of a maximum of 50,000 gears for the genesis machine parts to be crafted.

The 4 main parts consist of Chassis, Weapon, Gadget, and Wheels. Different parts mean different roles, with that in mind the ability of the machine will depend on the build of the gear. Even so, participating in a battle doesn’t require the Gear to be fully equipped. Occasionally, missing parts can and may serve as a compulsive tactic to the opponent, keep in mind that such actions will all depend on the planned action of the player to win the round.

MetaGear 3

The assembling mechanism on the other hand opens up slots on the chassis, players will choose other parts such as weapons, gadgets, and wheels to create a complete Gear for the battle. Body parts may be replaced if desired to do so, again, this will all depend on the player on whether it is part of their tactics or not. Also, acknowledge that the higher power of Gear is equal to a higher percentage of winning against opponents, the rest will be based on the physic itself.

Additional note: Some Gears may counter each other regardless of how high power the other could be.


The Chassis will serve as the body of the machine, shapes, slot position and other features may differ depending on the shape of the chassis that you will choose.

Players will assemble parts that are given per slot as each slot serves its respective functions. Two parameters of Chassis are HP or Health Points, and Power. The power stats will depend on the ability of how well the players have assembled their parts.

Additional note: The higher the power stats, the higher the high-power parts can be assembled. For instance, If the chassis’ power is placed at 8 then you have the total power of 8, no more, no less.

MetaGear 4


To cause damage to the opponent, weapons are the way to go for that to happen. Damage stat per second or the DPS will rely on the weapon’s type of rarity and of course, level.

Having said that, there are two kinds of weapons for the players to assemble, the Melee Weapons which caters to convict damage only when crashing with each other’s machine, and the Ranged Weapons which cause damage from a distance.

MetaGear 5


Some of the slots of the Chassis are called the Gadgets, Gadgets are the term for the players to have their special abilities and to produce special features.

Some of the special abilities and features are: Speed up(Booster), Move backward(Backpedal), Push back opponent(Repulse), Flip the opponent (Forklift), HP Recover(First-aid kit), Lift the opponent(Lifter), and finally drag the opponent(Harpoon).

Players may use their Gadgets to their advantage to fight their opponents, if they are in a tight situation, some of the abilities above are the key.

MetaGear 6


For the player to move their Chassis, wheels are required to be able to make their chassis step forward to backward depending on whatever situation they are into.

HP or Health Point also increases whenever wheels are added, HP added will be based on the wheels’, level, rarity, and size.

MetaGear 7

Machine Parts Rarity

Rarity covers some of the stat and features of machine parts and is also the reason why the rarer the parts are, the more exceptional their abilities are. Levels of rarity include Common, Rare, Mythic, and Legendary.

MetaGear 8


To control the machine, pilots are given for the players to use during the battle, three default pilots will be available during Phase 1 of MetaGear. Other usages of the pilots will not have an effect during the game, however, the launching of Phase 2 will include additional pilots with special abilities during the competition.

MetaGear 9

Pilot NFTs will be available with a given limit, it can also be acquired from tournaments or any special events of MetaGear.

Game Balancing

The game mechanics of MetaGear which are described as easy to approach, and simple gameplay, still balance the impact of science in real life which makes it more logical for players to play with. This will now create balance for the players to think and at the same time operate on what is only logically right.

Earn NFTs

The NFT creation pool is created for it to be endless and at the same time for the very specific reason of how every machine parts differ from one another as a new NFT banner arrives every month. Apart from that, gears that are built from such NFTs will become absolute. Please refer to the table below for reference:

MetaGear 10


To manufacture a new Genesis machine, and build vital materials for the players to upgrade their booster or materials, the blueprint is required for that to happen. Blueprint is considered to be one of the most beneficial assets for the players to earn and at the same time for them to complete certain upgrades. To earn these precious blueprints, players can either craft them or buy them from the Marketplace. To craft a blueprint, 1000 Blue shards are needed for it to be completed, blue shards are earned during in-game rewards when players participate in different game modes.

However, take note that blue shards are not tradable so you have to earn them by yourself. To buy or sell your blueprint, just go to the marketplace and look the item up.

Securing the balance between growth and inflation control, generated machine parts will have the ratio of:

25% rate for opening a Blueprint and getting the machine part.

type of machine part received will be distributed by 25% for Genesis Machine Part and 75% for Durable Machine Part

Note: random items are to be expected after using a blueprint.


Upgrading materials such as common, rare, mythical, and legendary, green, gold, and purple materials will expand the rate of upgrading. Please refer to this link for reference.


Boosters are known to be consumable items, this will gradually increase any of the following stats: Attack, HP, Energy, Mass, and Kinetic.

MetaGear 11

This may also help players to win the game as it will amplify your machine’s combat performance.

Core Loop

MetaGear 12

Game Modes

The Quick fight is a PVP type of fighting mode, random players are assigned to fight each other depending on their strength. Players may take a look at each other’s indexes and features to indicate tactical skills for the win. If the player manages to take the win, blue shards are given as a reward.

MetaGear 13
Additional note: Players can still be attacked by one another but will not affect the rank, however it is preferable that the last machine you have used during your last battle is the best to prevent your opponent from ranking up.

The Campaign on the other hand is a type of ladder battle, 14 continuous matches must be made, every game won by the player will result in a point, and every game lost by the player will result in missing the chance of getting a point. The leaderboard will be focused on the player who has the best performance, rewards will be given depending on whether they will claim their first reward after winning with a single opponent, or after 1 day with a 12/14 match wins. Going by the second choice of claiming the rewards, players are given the chance to receive a special reward. Top of the Leaderboard will also get a special reward.

Note: the player should be able to play all the 14 matches to be ranked, if the player failed to meet the requirement, then the player’s matches will not be counted or recorded.

The Tournament caters to the 7 divisions of groups which will last for 7 weeks, the top 10 in the said group based on the medal points will further advance to the next ranking. This game mode is acknowledged as the most intense mode for the players to go through tons of rounds before winning the final round. The rewards here in the Tournament are much more opulent than the first two game modes, the weekly rewards consist of 10 players who rank up will receive a blueprint and $GEAR, the 30 people will receive a blue shard, and the last 10 people of the group will receive no reward.

Note: each group has 50 participants and will only last for a week.

The Guild Building, phase 2 of MetaGear will soon welcome the game more wherein players can collaborate with one another. Performing different tasks to share resources, level up their guild, and obtain rewards from contributing. Guild Fighting will also be available under the Guild building, it is a 3v3 PVP type of battle, a guild should be able to complete a group of three members to compete in defiance of the other guild. Strong interaction will be built through this game mode as it should be able to conquer the communication of the guild.


Under the Marketplace, different types of interaction can be made, some of these are NFT Trading which includes the in-game assets of the players. Some of the NFTs that players can trade off are the following: Blueprint, Machine parts, boosters, and other materials. Buyers may also bargain and lower the price if the seller acknowledges the buyer’s request, if not, the price will be sold for the same price.

Rare NFTs can be found here in Auction, the goal of this feature is to find buyers that are prepared in paying the item at the highest price available, whoever has the highest bidding price will take the item and pay to receive the NFT. The floor price and auction time will be given by the seller.

Leasing out different NFTs is available as well, Renting an NFT is a way for the players to have a variety of choices to choose from and pay the price at a lower cost. Winning matches from time to time can be hard especially if many of the players own their NFTs, other players can keep up by availing of the NFT leased out in the marketplace.

Due to the transactions that are to be made in the marketplace Fee & Token Burn charges the players a fixed rate of 3.5%, the basis of this percentage will be used for 50% system operating cost, 30% for treasury which includes farming and staking, and 20% for game rewards and events.

Team Info

MetaGear 14

The team is made up of 21 talented and skillful members, each member are ought to have years and years of experience to ensure the quality of building MetaGear. Starting off with the two co-founders of the game, Tony Vu has conquered his way into an experience of 8 years as an acting CEO of the company in Vietnam, one of the leading technology companies in Vietnam.

MetaGear 15

Co-founder Nang Doan on the other hand is also the co-founder of Onesoft and CEO of rocket studio, fast-growing companies are known to be of that due to the leadership that offers.

MetaGear 16

The community of MetaGear has a complete set of social media where they can reach their players through online support, this only shows how hands-on they are with their players as they provide a friendly and fast response. Ideas are distributed in the chats as well, their discord server also contains suggestions and Feedback where players get to suggest their own recommendations to the game and voice out their thoughts for the game to be more effective.


The game is known to be an expanding community with different backers and partners, due to this sole reason, partners of MetaGear have been evolving monthly with the additional partners of Cryptoon ventures, Nextz ventures, Cryptocup, Earn guild, Poolz, Tradecoin vietnam, Leviathan knight guild, AV Star capital, and Admix. As of now, they are still currently announcing and updating their partners through the discord server for the betterment of the game.

MetaGear 17

Assets & Ecosystem

The goal of the project is to control NFT inflation, create scarcity, and enhance NFTs value, at the same time empowering the community to release NFTs from playing games and these can all be measured with the help of NFTs Quantity controlling.

Limited Genesis Machine Parts as stated earlier, will only have a maximum of 50,000 which is equivalent to 10,000 Gears only crafted from genesis machine parts, part of the Genesis machine parts will be traded in an organized sales.

The $GEAR obtained from the genesis machine parts will be burned at the percentage of 100, most of the quantity will be earned from being active and playing the game, and will be owned by the respective players.

Conversely, the Unlimited Durable Machine parts will be available only with the arrangement of the players to play the game. Players are able to earn their profit by playing, given that the machine still needs to recover its durability, they can also buy, sell or lease out their machine parts to earn. The durability decreases if the player participated in the battle and receives its rewards.

A machine’s part durability will be reduced by 0.02% when earning a blue shard, repairing the machine is reduced to 10% as calculated below:

MetaGear 18

Economic Model

Making the $GEAR the main currency of the MetaGear ecosystem, this will also be used to trade-off NFTS throughout the economy.

Metaverse Building will also be present in MetaGear, garage metaverse which caters to the area of players where they can freely move. Garage sizes also have small and big sizes, garages are considered to be one of the central areas of the players and are considered to be connectively modern.

For the economic loop, please refer to the picture below:

MetaGear 19

This may serve as a Land NFT, Garages can be brought through the marketplace and two types of players will now play a part in the game, garage owners and car owners. Car owners may lend slots while garage owners may be able to store cars.

Elaborating more on the two types of players, garage owners as stated will serve as the center area to expand the effectiveness of car upgrading, more options will be provided in the car customization.

Players can also build their own stalls in the marketplace as they can also lease out their garage slots, garage owners will earn a part of the fan shards that will be coming from the car Owners.

Moreover, car owners are in for having access to the special features that can be unlocked once the cars are being stored in the garage, these special features include car paint, engine degradation, and garage fight. Painting and upgrading the car will increase the car’s power, however, it will all vary to the size that the players will be upgrading it to and the type of garage they are storing it at.

Fanshards are required to pay the garage owners their fair share, and to rent the garage it has to be empty, take note that the bigger the garage is, the more slots it contains. Pre-paying the renting fee is also required if the renting period is over and the car owner did not pay for extending the renting hour, then the car owners will have to evacuate their spot.


The official symbol of the MetaGear’s toke would be GEAR ($GEAR) with a total max supply of 1,000,000,000 and a blockchain of BSC. For token allocation, refer to the table below:

MetaGear 20

Transactions from deployers are all recorded and stated by MetaGear as they want to focus and provide transparency to the community. Refer to this link here to see details and click here to view all transactions.

Token Utility

Making $GEAR as the governance token appropriately used in the economic system of MetaGear, the $GEAR will be used for the intention of Staking the $GEAR with the determination of the total value lock and the current price of $GEAR. Farming in which investors are welcomed to participate in contributing to the liquidity of the currency pairs as this includes $GEAR/BNB to acquire the LP Token, To make sales, rentals of NFT, or to basically buy in the Marketplace trading. Buying of NFT by using the $GEAR and Events that will be using $GEAR for the rewarding of tournaments and special events in MetaGear.

MetaGear 20

How to Get Started

The game is Free-to-Play and Play-to-Earn as well, you can check their website here and explore more before diving into the in-depth system of the game.

MetaGear 21

Step 1: Click here to go to their website and choose either of the four to start.

MetaGear 22

Step 2: To register, click SIGN UP.

MetaGear 23

Step 3: Fill up the details that are being asked above.

At long last, we’re done! For other information, useful links are given at the end of the article for your advantage.


Like every other NFT games, MetaGear has its own system and gameplay to begin with. We can familiarize ourselves by studying and taking note of all of the important giveaways of how we can manage our accounts, and how we can earn by simply playing the game and inserting effort on the way. As always, critical thinking is required to win most of your battle and to boost your way up to the top, remember that hard work and determination pays off and that the success of your adventure will always be based on how much effort you put through the game.

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