Golden Bros - Simple controls! exciting battles! real-time 3 vs 3 combat shooter

GameGameGolden Bros
DateDate11 May 2022

Grasping victory can be made possible with the help of your friends as the game caters to a PvP style, making it the core of the game. Battling or even teaming up with your friends within 3 minutes of gameplay that consist of 3 versus 3 crypto battles which may result in a complex strategy based on your chosen character skills and abilities. 


Coming from the great Netmarble Company, Golden Bros are produced with a Free to Play and Play to Earn combat royale in real-time. From the AAA global game studio, the first crypto battle entered the traditional gaming industry that is said to be entertaining and profitable in quite an organic way.

The higher ranking rewards the player as they climb their way up the ladder to earn blissful rewards. Different exceptional modes and clever gameplay are also put into place for the players to enjoy. 


According to the whitepaper of Golden Bros, Their main goal is to generate a sustainable game ecosystem, with this in mind, continual updates are expected to launch every now and then. Furthermore, Golden Bros added that Additional crypto services will also be made throughout the updates to further improve the Play-To-Earn experience for both casual and professional players.

Golden Bros 1


To start off with the gameplay, one of the essential players in the game is the Bros Character. Each Bros character was intended to be special and comes from their different backstories. The 9 diverse characters are named uniquely and accordingly. 

  • Gregory - Shoots three missiles in a cylinder region in front of him.

  • Lady Thunder - Initiates a chain-reaction strike against targets within reach.

  • Margaret - Shoots 1 missile.

  • Master Kung - Releases 2 melee attacks.

  • Braine Newey - Shoots 1 projectile ahead.

  • Sugar Sugar - Launches four curved bullets ahead.

  • Shooting Star K - Shoots 1 projectile.

  • Jennifer - Hurls 2 projectiles ahead. 

  • Crown Hunter - Blazes 1 projectile.

To view the full character description, and basic information on attacks, ultimates, and capsule abilities, click here.

Golden Bros 2


With over 9 characters to choose from, players can acquire this for free as this covers their Free to Play system. However, the functions of costumes cover the Play to Earn system as costume owners may acquire GBC tokens just by having costumes together with their characters. 

Furthermore, the GBC tokens may differ from time to time as they rely on the costume's grade and battle results. Several costumes may be formed via the player’s strategy and may result in more earning tokens than that of a single costume. 

As mentioned above, costume grades have their own differences, Classic, Luxury, and Premium grades provide finer rewards. Players may obtain their classic grade costumes as long as they have achieved their specific league tier in the pre-season. On the contrary, players may only possess Luxury and Premium through GB mystery boxes. 

Golden Bros 3

A Victory Bonus is also implied after engaging in a successful Bros battle, given that players should have costumes attached to their characters. Moving forward to things like Daily Battles, this segment shows the number of battles the player can use per day. Daily battles constitute the number of earnings of $GBC.

Costume Durability comes with every acquired costume that the players currently have. Costume durability reduces every time it is used in Bros Battle. The costume will be no longer usable if the costume durability reaches 0. It can, however, be recharged so that the players can use it again.

Additional Note: Costumes that are obtained during the pre-sale will have unlimited access to durability early access period.

For recharging your costume's durability, Costume Durability Recharge Rules are applied. Regenerating the durability of the costume will reduce the max durability of the specific costume. Players can discard their Costume using the GB Buyback System once it can no longer be recharged.

Golden Bros 4

To enable the players to trade off the costumes with 0 costume durability, the GB Buyback System is placed for certain rewards. This can be seen within the game market. 

Additional Note: The optimum replenishing count is determined by the MAX durability of the costume.

Golden Bros 5

Lastly, the Duplication of Costumes caters to the additional increase caused by the costume’s present durability, max durability, and total daily battle count.

Golden Bros 6

The ultimate aim of Bros Battle is to eliminate the whole opposing squad. To begin with the whereabouts of the game, players are immersed in the basic controls, basic attacks, evasion, ultimate, capsules, and revival. 

Golden Bros 7

In the midst of Bros Battle, capsules can be obtained by eliminating zombies, conquering bosses, or by getting some capsule pumps. The capsules include Power (red), Survival (green), and Special (yellow).

Players can also bring 2 capsules. They also have the freedom to choose from the 2 abilities as seen in the picture above. Utilizing the Revival Feather, players have the ability to revive their teammates. However, players can only resurrect their teammates once.

Stepping more into the information about the poison gas, poison gas emerges from the center of the map and decreases the safe area. 

Additional Note: Players take damage if they are in the area of Poison gas.

League Battle

The matching conditions in the league battle will continue with the agreement, such as matching the players with their league points, the priority will be given to the players who wear costumes, and matching will not be achievable between the same IP addresses.

Additional Note: Matching is automatically canceled if no match is detected within 3 minutes.

The League will be conducted in seasons, and points may be acquired through participating in PVP content such as Bros Battle, among other things. Prizes and perks will be distributed in conformity with the League’s season. Seasons are only available for a specific, limited duration. The prizes and perks gained are determined by the score earned during the period. Particular points will be gained by the players through winning the battles in PvP during the seasonal phase. 

For League grades, please refer to the table below: 

Additional note: according to the whitepaper of the game, the guide is subject to further change as it was based on the test environment. 

Golden Bros 8

Bros Pass

Using the Bros Pass, you may earn gifts by completing assignments and increasing your tier in the current league season. During a season, you can raise your tier by completing objectives. You cannot ascend your tier once the season ends.

Golden Bros 9

Additional note: The Bros Pass will be available till the completion of the league season.

Players can find their rewards by clicking the Bros Pass screen, and they may also check their given rewards that are accessible to their current tiers. The two main varieties are separated into Bros Pass and Golden Pass. The golden pass, on the other hand, may be obtained through an in-app purchase. 

Some of the benefits of the golden pass are the following: unlocking of additional rewards that are inclined with the Golden pass, additional two slots for Bros Pass will also be attached to the account, and the ability to advance into the 1 tier by using gems to avail the specific tier. 

Survival Mode 

As the mode states, survival is the goal for the 10 people as they compete until only one person lives. It’s a mode in which the last man standing wins. 

Refer to the table below for the rewards of Survival mode. 

The first to third placers will be weighed as the winners and will receive their GBC accordingly. 

Additional Notes: Only the attained ranking determines the distribution of awards. The wearing of costumes will not vary. Survival mode will not have an on the league score. 

Golden Bros 10

Event Mode 

Some of the modes that the players can play are the daily mode, story event, mission event, and tier reward event. Daily mode caters to the defeating of the zombies as it will give you more gold in the long run. The story event compels players to have an event ticket. Stages are required to be cleared as they will earn the players XP points and additional rewards.

The mission event is made for the players to complete the mission. Unlocking it on a daily basis will also earn them rewards. 

Additional note: Fixed amount for the event rewards is placed at 3. 

Lastly, in the Tier Reward Event, event tickets are also required to join the event, In a certain PvP mode, rewards are provided based on the number of victories. When you win an event, your awards will be delivered in waves.

Team and Partnerships

The two collaborations from the great Netmarble F&C together with CUBE Blockchain team are the ones behind the Golden Bros. 

The quality and graphics were immersed in the Unreal Engine to further level up the AAA-level graphics, including the mobile devices. The CUBE Blockchain team, on the other hand, has supplied the Play to Earn system starting from the NFT Marketplace to the services that include DeFi.

Assets & Ecosystem

The Free to Play system of Golden Bros allows players to join with no borders. However, players should take note that free-to-play users will not be compensated with GBC tokens but can still obtain in-game currencies such as Gold and Medals.

To acquire Bros Genes, Gold will be the currency that the players may use to acquire Bros Genes which can help them boost their chances of winning. Medal on the other hand may be used in opening the Camping chest. The chest may contain several items such as Bros Genes, Gold, and other advantageous items. 

The Play to Earn system, on the other hand, is an integral part of Golden Bros. As stated in the gameplay, the NFT costume owners will attain $GBC tokens via 3 factors, such as the Costume Grade, League Tier, and Battle Result. In addition to that, the Golden Bros are also considering the streamers and influencers who are placed in the higher ranks to support them. According to the white paper, chosen players will be given extra benefits as an alliance of the Golden Bros team.

The official in-game and utility token would be the GBC Token and will be accessible at the Grand Launching (refer to the roadmap for details). GBC’s worth is ensured by the value of in-game commodities and the long-term input of user interaction.

Golden Bros 12

To stabilize the GBC supply, the GBCs that were utilized in the CUBE Store will be completely burned. Furthermore, when pulling GBC from the game, 4% of the transaction value (GBC) will be deducted. This 4% will be totally burned during the procedure. CUBE Swap is also an option for the players. Players may swap $ITAMCUBE for GBC and GBC for $ITAMCUBE. The swap amount for this is priced at 0.5%. 

Golden Bros 13

For the NFT trading, the trading charge will be 7% of the total cost ($ITAMCUBE). It will be deducted during the process. The distribution of the 7% is shown in the table.

Golden Bros 14

Diving more into the sustainable value, GBC’s functionality and value will be preserved via varied in-game usage and external demand. Apart from that, the launching of new products will improve GBC's usefulness and demand, retaining GBC's value. The max supply of the NFT costume is placed at 300,000, and it will also be relayed accordingly. 

For liquidity, players who are active and are part of the Golden bros can take part in the Golden Bros and can trade freely.

Golden Bros 15

Token Flowchart

The goal of Golden Bros Token Economy’s purpose is to generate monetary benefits for active individuals that engage in the GBC ecosystem, with two primary tasks: to offer benefits and provide true digital ownership and governance. 

Golden Bros 16

The GBC will supply the ecosystem and maintain its token value by providing liquidity and producing limited NFTs. 

Golden Bros 17

In terms of the NFT Assets, Golden Bros will have a variety of NFTs that will enrich the P2E experience. Some of these are the costumes and action parts that may be seen throughout the gameplay. 

Golden Bros 18

For the Return on Investment (ROI), calculations are given for the return of GBC. Please refer to the formula:

Golden Bros 19

League Tier can also earn the players their GBC, When players attain a higher Tier, users will have a stronger chance of earning more revenue in each combat on average.

Golden Bros 20

How to get started

To start playing the Golden Bros follow these steps for reference. Click here to be redirected to their website. 

PC Version

Step 1: Click the “Download Now” for the PC Version.

Step 2: Click the downloaded file and install the application. Take note that the launcher program is under the hold of CUBE. Wait for the game to be fully installed.

Step 3: When the installation is complete, click the Golden Bros under the Home screen.

Step 4: Press “Download”, then click Start installation to further install the Golden Bros.

Step 5: When the game has finished installing, you may play it by clicking “Start Game”. Finally, we’re done! 

Golden Bros 24


The useful links below would be a great help in finding your connection with the game, especially for the new players. The game was only released recently so better stay updated for future updates. 

GameGameGolden Bros
DateDate11 May 2022