Crystal Kingdoms - MMORPG in the Crystal Universe, who will prevail?

GameGameCrystal Kingdoms
DateDate05 Apr 2022

Crystal Kingdoms is a fantasy role playing game placed in a growing universe of digital games. The game is built with the Unity engine.


Crystal Kingdoms is a fantasy role playing game placed in a growing universe of digital games. The game is built with the Unity engine.

As the team behind Crystal Kingdoms states in their whitepaper: “Crystal Kingdoms is an ever expanding P2E Fantasy MMORPG/AARPG/Online Turn based game.”

The current Crystal Kingdoms gameplay is only part of a larger plan to build out an entire metaverse using the Binance Smart Chain (BSC). They will have MMORPG, AARPG and turn based gameplay to add to the options of gameplay.


Crystal Kingdoms 2

The board of Crystal Kingdoms.

Currently, gameplay consists of a single player board game: where you move through the board with your hero to complete different small quests. Every time you complete a round on the game board you earn token rewards in the form of $CKG and $SCS tokens.

The hero moves on the board (by throwing a dice) and landing on different tiles that represent different quests. The quests could be to solve a simple math puzzle on a time limit, or clearing out a dungeon of spiders and surviving.

When you have completed the board, you receive rewards and there is a cooldown period on your hero to play again.

Crystal Kingdoms 3

A dungeon.

When picking a hero there are eight different characters to choose from that each has their own advantage, for instance some have ranged attacks like Mage and Archer. The current characters are Mage, Knight, Archer, Druid, Monk, Paladin, Warlock, Mage, and Rogue.

A PvP mode is also stated to be launched in the near future on their roadmap.

Economy and Tokenomics

Crystal Kingdoms 4

Price graph over 90 days for $CKG/USD.

Crystal Kingdoms is built on the Binance Smart Chain (BSC) and is using two tokens: Shining Crystal Shard ($SCS) and Crystal Kingdoms ($CKG). Both tokens are earned in-game, and both hold utility for the game’s ecosystem, like minting or fusing heroes:

$CKG will have a limited supply meaning it is the deflationary token. The token has lowered in price and the current Market Cap is at $160K USD (Feb. The 20th –22).

Crystal Kingdoms 5

Price graph over 90 days for $SCS/USD.

$SCS will not be capped on supply meaning it is the inflationary token. The token has followed a similar pattern to $CKG and lost price since the end of January this year.

The team is committed to creating a sustainable ecosystem that enables players to earn consistent rewards over time. This can be seen in their way of controlling floor prices of NFTs be using an Oracle system.

NFT Assets


Crystal Kingdoms 6

Knight, Magician, and a Rogue Hero.

The Heroes in the Crystal Kingdoms are frozen inside of Crystals. By minting a Crystal of Time, you will gain access to one hero by releasing them back into the Kingdom.

If you wish to choose a Hero that is already released, they are also traded actively on TOFUNFT.

You can also fuse your heroes to make them stronger and increase their earning potential. This will also burn tokens since the fusing process will cost tokens to complete the action.


Crystal Kingdoms 9

Different types of Land.

There are no kingdoms without some land! Land NFTs are divided into several types depending on rarity: common, rare, and ultra (being the rarest). There are also two types of land for those that minted Crystals: Ancient Land and Crystalized Land.

Crystal Kingdoms 10

Different types of Land.

The utility for Land has not yet been implemented. But the potential use cases for Land are an ongoing discussion and they recently added a list to the Whitepaper showing their process of thinking: with ideas around staking, renting, leveraging the holder’s heroes with lower cooldowns and higher rewards per run, and much more to come.

Play-to-Earn mechanisms

Crystal Kingdoms 11

In the future there will be many ways to earn in Crystal Kingdoms, like staking, renting, or managing scholars. As of now you can start earning by just playing the game and have some fun!

Scholarships are the next big feature on the Road Map, which would add a way to earn and attract a new player base to the game, since the current buy-in price can be steep for some.

GameGameCrystal Kingdoms
DateDate05 Apr 2022