BombCrypto - NFT Pixel game, farm, play and earn

DateDate21 Jun 2022

BombCrypto is a Play-to-Earn action and strategy game on the Binance Smart Chain (BSC). You can collect heroes and navigate through arenas with monsters, treasures and other players in order to find BCOIN-tokens and SEN-tokens as rewards. You can do this in fights against players (PvP) or computers (PvE), allowing you to get more heroes, upgrade them, and get them a house to live in for better rewards.


BombCrypto has a clear inspiration from games like BomberMan and Play With Fire. This type of game is a little older, but holds sentimental value for the people growing up with the earlier forms of games, and gives the genre a fun twist by turning a fond memory into a play-to-earn game by adding different types of heroes and characters.

This pixel-art game has a simple set of mechanics. You enter an arena with a hero, your own in-game NFT. In this arena, you find either rocks and monsters, or rocks and players, depending on your game mode. The goal is to blow up the environment or other players for rewards.

If you do not want to play actively, your heroes can also work in the Treasure Hunt area, where they will automatically blow up chests in order to find $BCOIN and $SEN. Here they might also find new heroes to add to your team. 

These rewards can be used to upgrade your heroes so they can harvest rewards for you faster. You could also buy more heroes with your rewards and combine five of them into a stronger Super Hero for faster rewards, or you can buy an NFT house, so they recover faster after an intense session of work. 

BombCrypto 2


The game uses the basic mechanics of a bomberman game. The arena is made up out of pathways and pillars, with destroyable obstacles in the paths. You can blow these obstacles up with your bombs, or use the obstacles to block your enemies and try to take them out.

The Team also added an energy mechanic to the game. Your heroes have a limited amount of energy. This is a variable part of their NFT characteristics. They lose energy by placing bombs in Treasure Hunt mode, or by taking damage in story or PvP-mode. If your heroes run out of energy, the game is over, and they must recharge before they can go on bombing. 

Your NFT heroes can simply be bought and minted at the site of the game and will either cost 10 $SEN or $BCOIN. At the time of writing, that is about $0.40. These are ‘common’ heroes and can be combined into more powerful superheroes per five. Your hero will get one of twelve skins, all being about equally common. 

Each of these minted heroes gains a random set of stats to start out with and explore the world, being:

  • Power: The amount of damage one bomb does

  • Range: How far your explosions reach

  • Stamina: The max amount of energy

  • Speed: How fast your hero moves

  • Bombs: How many bombs can be placed at the same time

  • Ability: A random passive ability, like faster regeneration or higher damage against chests. 

A common hero can also have their Power upgraded for one $BCOIN, but this requires the sacrifice of another hero. All this creates the need for strategic resource management in order to have the best possible return on investment. You must place your heroes where they can use their skills best. 

In addition to hero NFTs, you can also buy a house NFT for your heroes where they can recover faster from losing their energy. There are only 5000 of these houses available, making them quite rare.

The team has a simple and clear roadmap, with just a couple of bullet points for every quarter. This manages expectations and ensures that the team isn’t splintering their focus trying to do too many things at once. 

For the moment, the focus seems to be on building out the base game by adding new features. Questing, PvP, more NFT items to name a few. This gives you a steady flow of new places and game modes to explore while your heroes build up your $SEN and $BCOIN.


Team and Partnerships

Senspark has been a long time developer of casual games, opening its doors in 2011. It has built games like Stickman Battle 2021 with over 18 million downloads and All Gold Miner Game with over 20 million downloads. 

The team currently sees over 50 full time employees, with Ho Chi Minh City as their base of operations. The founding team and their advisors are fully doxxed and shown in the picture below. 

BombCrypto 4

In addition to an impressive team working on BombCrypto, they also have an extensive list of partners. A few of which are CRVN Capital, Astronaut and CoinLab. Because of this, the Senspark team has even more experience.

BombCrypto 5

Assets & Ecosystem

The game’s ecosystem has a few parts to it. Firstly, let us cover the NFTs. It is important that the heroes have fixed supply and all starter NFTs are priced at 10 $BCOIN and 10 $SEN. More powerful heroes can be bought or sold on the integrated marketplace. Houses for recharging faster can be bought on the marketplace, as they cannot be minted any more.

Then the tokens used in BombCrypto are twofold. SEN and BCOIN. BCOIN is used solely for BombCrypto, where SEN can be used as a base for more projects. 

$SEN 80 is minted per active user on the Chain by a proprietary programme. Of this about 83% goes to the community, 7% to marketing and development, and 10% to the team, with a 2 year unlock period.

BombCrypto 6

$BCOIN BCOIN on the other hand, is the in-game token. It is required to play some game modes and to do upgrades. All tokens used in the game will come back to the treasury in three ways. 80% returns to the community treasury and will be given out as rewards again. 10% goes to marketing and 10% goes to the reserve treasury for further development. 

The team created a clear overview for us to show where the BCOIN has been placed during the first steps of development. Most BCOIN is being used for the community as rewards. The second-biggest use case is to support the team and their research & development. 

BombCrypto 7

And lastly, because the different mechanics and uses for SEN and BCOIN could take up a whole page of writing, it is easier to show. As we can see, SEN is mainly used to start the game, after which you can start harvesting BCOIN. You will need this in order to participate in most game modes etc. 

BombCrypto 8

How to get started

Buy SEN or BCOIN on Pancakeswap.

BombCrypto 9

Mint one or more heroes on the Bombcrypto dApp

BombCrypto 10

Start mining or playing if you have enough heroes.

BombCrypto 11


BombCrypto seems to be an interesting action game with strategy elements for both PvP and PvE. It also has a clear passive way of generating $BCOIN and $SEN, creating options for all types of players, while staying true to the original Bomberman feeling. The tokenomics are aimed at keeping the game affordable for you to start, which also keeps the game scalable over the longer term.

DateDate21 Jun 2022